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Daily Tees & News for December 7th

by Andy on December 7, 2011

cheap t-shirts at Teefury

Looks like you’ve got another day to pick up random shirts for $6 at TeeFury.

RIPT have a Doctor Who t-shirt.

Qwertee keep things nice and British with a tea-based Call of Duty pun.

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Daily Tees & News for November 14th

by Andy on November 14, 2011

doctor who t-shirt

Just a bit too much meme in this shirt for me at TeeFury today.

Don’t think that there’s any reference to this shirt at Qwertee, I think it’s just one for s[ace fans.

Another oldie-but-goodie from Tilteed.

Random tees for $6.66 at Shirt.Woot today.

Major League Quidditch Harry Potter t-shirt at RIPT today. Can you imagine if Quidditch was real? It would be AWESOME. All other I can’t imagine wanting to watch another non-flying based sport if Quidditch was an option.

I may well need assistance in identifying the reference on this shirt from The Yetee.

TeeMinus24 have dropped a Battlefield shirt here, right? I’m just about to run through the single-player on Bad Company 2, then I might relent and get in on the BF3 action, it looks pretty incredible.

I know that this is a song by Kansas, but a quick bit of Googling suggests that this shirt from OtherTees is also a reference to the TV show Supernatural.

I’m surprised that there haven’t been more rage face shirts turning up on daily sites, like this one from 24tee.

I just don’t have the inclination to watch gory movies like Saw anymore, they just don’t appeal to me. TeeRaiders

Star Wars design this week from GraphicLab.

Really lovely design from Loviu today.

Doctor Who x The Smurfs, of course, thanks for making this happen Catch of the Day Tee.

I’m not all that depressed that I’ve never drank Kool-Aid. Shirt Punch.

Tshirt Contest have a shirt on preorder based on my favourite movie, Blade Runner.

Really cool new design from DBH today.

It turns out that the Daily Deal (which is on there for more than a day usually) isn’t always for tees at BustedTees, sometimes it’s a spatula that looks like someone throwing the horns, which may suggest that this item ($12 down from $20) wasn’t quite as popular with the buying public as they’d hoped.

It’s sale week at Glennz so all shirts are $15.

Urban Industry have a list of their currently available deals (usually free stuff when you order a certain brand.

Gilt are offering free shipping (for US folks) today.

Two really nice shirts from laFraise today. At first I thought that the astronaut one was my favourite, and then I noticed the glow in the dark part of the white shirt. Delightful!

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Daily Tee Roundup Oct. 3rd

by Andy on October 3, 2011

star wars cantina band t-shirt

Nothing like starting the week off with a Star Wars design from TeeFury. I watched Paul last night, I enjoyed it, and I enjoyed the Star Wars references too.

Random shirts for $6.66 at Shirt.Woot today.

You ain’t my friend, guy! You ain’t my guy, buddy! You ain’t my buddy, pal! I wouldn’t necessarily want to wear this t-shirt from RIPT, but I do think it’s funny.

Very nice shirt from Tilteed this weekend (there’s only a few hours left to pick it up), it would fit in nicely on Wall Street right about now.

Very likable design from Nowhere Bad, simple but cute.

When I see the word Nimbus I don’t think of Harry Potter, instead I think of Brannigan’s ship from Futurama, but I’ll admit I’m probably in the minority. Shirt available from Qwertee.

And another Harry Potter shirt from OtherTees, not long left to pick this one up.

“Dia De Los Skeletor” from GraphicLab considering it was such a high show when I was growing up it’s surprising how little the tee community does with He-Man. We can expect to see more Halloween/horror themed shirts from GraphicLab this month.

Not bad from TeeMinus24, though I’m not entirely sure why MJ has been turned into a Lego man.

I’ve featured this Yanmos design before, when he was selling it on MySoti, I liked it then and I like it now that it’s at Loviu.


glorious bastards t-shirt

This tee celebrates these fatherless protagonists who go onto achieve glory. Other members of the group include Batman, Conan and Rusty Venture.

I think that this is my favourite Nowhere Bad release in a while, I like the style to the design. Shirt available for $12 for the next 3 days.


harry potter doctor who t-shirt

I still haven’t got to see the latest/last Harry Potter movie, I think I will now probably have to wait for the DVD release since everyone I know has already seen it. I doubt I’ll be able to dodge spoilers until then, but I’m not that involved with the series anyway, so if I find out that Ron dies after butter beer poisoning then so be it.

I can’t help but feel that when TeeFury saw this design they started rubbing their hands together. Do you think that a shirt like this could receive massive sales because it has two popular franchises on it, or it actually works the opposite way and cuts down it’s potential audience because the buyers will generally be fans of both Harry Potter and Doctor Who?

Shirt on sale for today only remember!


bustedtees coupon code

From now until August 14th (next Sunday) you can get 20% off your order at BustedTees, providing you spend a minimum of $50, with the coupon code BT20OFF50.

Rather predictably, after the final Harry Potter movie has been released the amount of interest in Harry Potter t-shirts has diminished somewhat, so they have knocked 35% off all of their ‘non-specific wizard’ t-shirts, making them a piffling $12.99 each (and of course if you bought enough of them you could get 20% off too).


Cool Harry Potter t-shirts by Uniqlo

by Andy on July 19, 2011

Did any of you guys see the movie at the weekend? What did you think? No spoilers in the comments please, I know it’s the book has been out for ages, but don’t ruin the fun for people that only watch the movies.

Uniqlo are always good value (literally and figuratively) when it comes to t-shirt designs, and these Harry Potter shirts are no exception. Here’s the Harry Potter tees in the Uniqlo UK store for £10 each, but I would presume that they’re available in Unqilo stores and local websites across the globe.


horcrux harry potter t-shirt

I’ve been really impressed with the quality of Harry Potter shirts that are being released at the moment, much better than most of the ones that I included in my list of Harry Potter t-shirts. I don’t think that you’ll be able to get the Horcux t-shirt from 604Republic in time for wearing it this weekend when you’re watching the film, but I know the appeal of Harry Potter will run far beyond the final film.

I’m sure that I’ve seen the ‘Snakes on A Cane‘ design somewhere before, was this House referencing design previously a TeeFury shirt of the day?


harry potter t-shirts

Almost miraculously, and I’m sure to the chagrin of many SEO loving t-shirt shops, HYA has found it at the top (or very near) of Google searches for ‘Harry Potter t-shirts’. This isn’t as much of a cha-ching moment as you’d expect, but it’s still pretty cool.

BustedTees are clearly trying to capitalise on on the Harry Potter movie being released this weekend by offering their Harry Potter t-shirts on a ‘buy 2 and get 1 free’ deal, or ‘buy 3 and get a 4th for free and free shipping’. Use the coupon code TRIWIZARD to take advantage of the offer, but be quick, because that coupon will expire tomorrow.


johnny cupcakes harry potter t-shirt

I like both of these designs, and I am wholly aware that the Johnny Cupcakes Harry Potter shirt is a parody, but I can’t help but feel that there is a slight mount of hypocrisy between the Harry Potter shirt and the times when Johnny has been ripped in the past. The rips Johnny has had to deal with in the past have frequently been very blatant, and this is a much more subtle case, but it leaves me slightly uneasy because there’s no denying that this shirt would not exist if the Harry Potter film wasn’t being released this week. I frequently post things that are on dubious ground when it comes to intellectual property, but I feel like since JC is such a fighter when it comes to people stealing his intellectual property after he has worked so hard to build up his brand that he should be held to a higher standard than other brands. Bloody cool shirt though, isn’t it?


harry potter t-shirt

I’ve actually already ordered (and received) my t-shirt to wear when I go to watch Harry Potter (even though I’m not a big fan, I just want to get in the spirit of things with my friends), so these shirts are of little use to me, bu I’m sure that there will be a lot of excitement growing with some Harry Potter fans about the film being released next week. They’re all available from BustedTees now, and my personal pick of the bunch is the Hogwarts Alumni shirt.


harry potter t-shirt

Even though I’m not a fan of the Harry Potter series, I am getting quite excited about the last film, possibly because as I haven’t read the books I don’t know how it ends, so I can enjoy the film rather than obsess about whether the film is true to the books. Pick up this tee at TeeFury today for $10 + shipping.


harry potter ziggy stardust t-shirt

I wonder if there are enough t-shirts in this style for me to make a list of them? It would be a pretty random list, but in my experience shirts aping on the Ziggy Stardust look tend to be pretty cool.

By the way, in the last film did anyone else notice that whenever Ron and Harry were talking to each other they were always really passive aggressive (sometimes actually aggressive) and kind of shouting, is that something to do with the book (I’ve never read them and only seen the last 2 films) or do they both just suck at acting? Oh, and if Harry’s so brilliant, why not heat up the water instead of almost freezing to death in it?

Costiness=$24 Buy it at Made with Awesome


harry potter house brawl threadless t-shirt

I will not pretend to know about the Harry Potter universe, I have not read any of the books (as I am an adult), and I only went to see the last film because my girlfriend wanted to see it (and that was in our early days, so she could have invited me to a paint-drying exhibition and I’d have been all over it), so I don’t really understand this design, but whether it was HP related or not I’d think it was a mighty fine shirt by Threadless regulars Alex Solis and Alice X. Zhang, and that is the best thing you can say about any ‘fan’ design in my opinion, that it is able to stand up on its own. It’s aso available as a hoodie with the print on the back.

Oh, and despite not being a fan, I am going to see the new film on Friday, and I get to have an experience most people there won’t, being surprised by the storyline, so I get to enjoy it in my own way.

Costiness=$18 Buy it at Threadless (and maybe use Coty’s Threadless hacks whilst you’re there)



‘Hairy Otter and the Half Bent Pins’ image by Cathie Tranent

Let’s get one thing quite clear, I know extremely little about Harry Potter, I’ve never read one of the books (I always tell my HP-loving friends that I “don’t read children’s books” and then stand back whilst they rant), and I’ve never seen any of the films, though curiously I have seen one of the flying Ford Anglia’s that were used during filming. However, one of my friends (who is OBSESSED with Harry Potter) asked me how come I can spend so much time compiling lists and not mention Harry Potter? Apparently me not knowing anything about the series wasn’t a good enough excuse for her, so I pretty much had to write this list. Unfortunately, it would seem that whilst Harry Potter may have an awful lot of fans, they apparently aren’t graphic designers, which has resulted in this list being populated with more than a few tees that wouldn’t get featured on HYA in a normal post, but hopefully you Harry Potter fans will now have something appropriate to wear next week when the new film comes out.


1. Identity Crisis – Fuzzy Ink – $17.95


2. Harry Is My Homeboy – Snorg Tees – $18.95


3. Levicorpus (reads: “Now you can read this!” on the bacK) – Official WB Shop – $18.95


4. Muggle – Hot Topic – $22


5. Amortentia – Official WB Shop – $18.95


6. Gryffindor Quidditch Practice Jersey (the name on the back can be customised) – CustomizedGirl – $24.97


7. Harry is my homeboy (looks similar to the first one, but is rather cheaper) – Live Shirts – $12.99


8. Spolit – Threadless – $9 (currently sold out in all but XS, and I kept the picture near-unreadable since the design is all about ruining the surprise twists in movies)


9. Fantasy Football – BustedTees – $20 (yes, it’s not explicitly Potter-esque, but it’s funny and has a wizard on it) [via Seibei]


10. Nah, It’s Not Polyjuice Potion… I Always Look This Good – Zazzle – £30.35 (what’s this polyjuice potion and where do I get some?)


11. Spoiler T-shirt explaining the last chapter of the final book – Harry Potter Public Enlightenment Project – £15 (I couldn’t bring myself to ruin it for those that started the books a bit late and don’t know yet… he totally dies though)


12. On All Fours For Gryffindors – Neighborhoodies – $19.99 (it could just be my dirty, dirty mind, but is this tee a little bit naughty?)


13. No Music During Study Hours – Stylin Online – $18


14. DIY Tri-Wizrd Tournament T-shirt Tutorial – Leaky Lounge


15. Gryffindor Shield – Hot Topic – $19


16. Slytherin Babydoll Crest Tee – Stylin Online – $18


17. Malfoy is a douchebag – Cotton Werks – $12


18. Hogwarts V-neck Top – Hot Topic – $22


19. Luna Lovegood 3D specs tee – Hot Topic – $22


20. Don’t Be A Stranger, Hermione Granger – Neighborhoodies – $19.99

If you’re on the hunt for long lists of t-shirts, there is a newer list of 101 Robot t-shirts that I wrote in June 2009. If you’re not entirely robot obsessed please check out this huge collection of t-shirt lists (from lots of different sites, not just this one), or the lists category. Also, if you enjoyed this post, it would be very much appreciated it if you mentioned it on twitter, facebook, or another other form of social media like digg, stumbleupon or delicious.


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