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Not a massive release from Portuguese brand Black Thunder for this Summer collection, just a couple of designs on tees and tank tops (€15 each), a tote bag (€5) and a 5 panel hat (€17). At least it’s all killer and no filler with two very wearable designs, and the lookbook ladies do a good job of showing them off to their full potential.


Pretty nice little collection from Sleepy Dan, two solid tee designs and a well put together snapback. If you’re wondering what the white and blue design is at the bottom, that’s a print that you’ll get for free with your order from the new items (while stocks last), I’m not sure what form the print comes in, but hey, free is free.

Dan is a fair and honest guy, so it’s no surprise that the new items are priced reasonably too, at $26 each for the tees and the hat.


You’re probably thinking, hey, there’s a lot of stuff up there, and you’d be right, but that’s actually not even the whole collection, you can check out the rest of the range here.

These items haven’t hit the store yet, but be sure to head over to the webstore on Wednesday is something has grabbed your attention.


When they were first on HYA I gave Thirdworld Apparel a bit of a chewing out, and with good reason I felt, so it’s great to see them keep coming back and improving every time, even rounding out there product selection with the addition of the beanie. I’m not personally a massive fan of pocket tees but I know they’re a bit market in the UK and they’ve gone with a pretty cool image to contrast with the white shirt.


It’s quite a small collection from Black Thunder, but at least they’ve managed a bit of variety by releasing a tee, a polo shirt and a custom snapback. Getting down to brass tacks (what does that actually mean?) you’re looking at €28 for the hat, €22 for the polo (available in male and female cuts), and a very reasonable €15 for the tee.


Rawvault SS13 Lookbook and Video

by Andy on April 27, 2013

SS13 Lookbook Video from Rawvault on Vimeo.

I like lookbook videos, especially when they come from brands that I haven’t heard of before, it’s a really good visual introduction and helps give a good feeling for what the brand are about. However, in this case it also brought up a fairly large error from the outset which distracted me for the rest of the video. Just after the title splash we can see the front of one of their new hats (best view at 10 seconds), with Rawvault in large text and the phrase “Get What Your Given” embroidered on it. Unfortunately, I haven’t made the typo in that phrase, they have, as if should be “Get What You’re Given.” As the range is not yet on sale on their site (though lots of other cool stuff is from their own brand and others, nice to see The Quiet Life in there) hopefully that means it’s samples in the lookbook and they can have the correct spelling on the full run because I wouldn’t buy something if I knew there was an error on it as Iwouldn’t want to wear something that would lead to know-it-alls like myself correcting the spelling on my clothing. Or maybe it’s meant to be spelled wrong, that seems like something that cool brands might do.


Hollow Clothing released this little lot on April 1st and I have managed to forget to write about it on an almost daily basis so my apologies to them and you on that one, because whilst they call it a mini-range it’s actually pretty substantial and there’s some really nice pieces in the collection. I usually say that brands who only release stuff with their own logo on it are going to struggle to gain followers, but Hollow have been around long enough now that they’ve got a very solid base and this kind of quality presentation of their items is going to definitely help them to pick more up.


You know what? I don’t like these hats, they aren’t my style and that’s completely fine, different people are allowed to like different things and Dream But Do Not Sleep clearly have louder tastes in headwear than I do. What I do like is that these new goods are made in the UK, I think that’s brilliant, I didn’t even know that there was anyone on our collection of islands that was producing hats like this, I knew that shirts were still made in the UK but I thought it was more of a bespoke thing that would push the cost sky high, the £50 for a shirt that they charge is pretty reasonable to me. I don’t know much about DBNS but so far I am very impressed and looking forward to seeing what they come up with next.


Akomplice’s Magic Plant Lookbook

by Andy on March 20, 2013

I guess that if you’re going to put (presumably magic) mushrooms on a t-shirt then your lookbook is going to need to look pretty weird.



Yes, there’s quite a lot of pictures up there, but there’s also quite a lot of new stuff in this Spring collection (dubbed ‘Occupy Minds’) from Still Proud.

…our Spring release has dropped complete with 4 new graphic t’s (including 2 girl prints), 2 raglans, a windbreaker, snapback & our very first polo!

It’s a solid collection,and it really is a collection, all the pieces work well together and give a cohesive look. I really like that polo shirt too (you don’t hear that from me often), the fist is a nice punk twist on what you would usually expect from the usually horse and crocodile filled world of polo shirts.


MKNK, founded in Turkey last year, just dropped a hoodie in a couple of colourways and a couple of snapback hats too. Very cool to see Derin’s brand expanding it’s range and offering a wider variety. You’re looking at $60 for a hoodie (limited to 70 pieces in each colour) and $35 for a snapback (limited to 50 pieces of each design). For the next two weeks you can get $5 off your order with the coupon code HIFIVE too, which is just lovely.


Anything Goes seem to have had a meteoric rise over the past year (and it has been exactly a year since they released their first design), let’s see what they’ve got for us in this collection:

The range consists of Daddy’s Girls tees in dark heather and navy, Axes & Arrows pocket tee in white, new colour-ways for our So Gangsta and Set Sail tees,
new colour-ways for our Day Of The Dead beanies, a brand new Set Sail hoodie printed on American Apparel two tone hoodies and two collaborations on jewellery
based on previous Anything Goes designs.

As I write this their store is currently down for maintenance in prep for the release, so I can’t give you any pricing info, but it certainly is a strong looking release.


Bey, Jay and a whole lot more at atslopes

by Andy on February 26, 2013

obey beyonce t-shirt at atslopes

Pretty big release over at atslopes. It’s surprising that no one has come up with the Obey connection before, but if they have I’ve never seen it.


Last time Thirdworldapparel were on HYA I was pretty blunt about not being a massive fan, and gave them a few pointers. They took it on the chin and have come back for more, and I’m much more impressed. It’s good to see brands moving forward and improving with every release, it’ll be interesting to see what they come up with next. You can pick up a hat or tee for £20 each, or get them both together for £30.


kiss pattern quickstrike hat

The notion of a streetwear company releasing a hat specifically because of Valentine’s Day does make me laugh, but it’s a cool hat so I’m not going to dwell on it for too long.

Hat=$30 Limited to 65 pieces at Akomplice Pocket Tees=$30 Buy them here


Post image for New shirts and old camo at Johnny Cupcakes

It feels like a long time since I’ve written about Johnny Cupcakes, probably because it’s been a while since I wrote about most brands after the holiday break. The camo shirts are a re-release, not sure when they were last available, but I am really impressed by that constellation design, it riffs on a very familiar JC theme but that star twist is really fresh.

Tee are $35.99 in men’s and women’s fits, and the beanie is $19.99.


pop culture beanie hats from snorg

Not a vintage week (again) at Snorg, the boobies and bacon shirts are a bit ‘crazy uncle’ for me, but the dinosaur shirt is pretty fun. Shirts $5 off this week as usual making them $14.95.


Post image for Prohect A Apparel’s mini Winter Release and Sexy Photoshoot

Project A Apparel, Dublins longest running streetwear label showcases its mini Winter drop in an intimate shoot with the lovely Laura O’Neill. Shot on location in the brands hometown the lookbook features a new grey five panel with custom woven patch and tshirt designed by street artist Friz. This small collection acts as an extension of the brands horror themed Autumn/Winter and also a move to quarterly drops. Everything as always is extremely limited and available here.

I can’t actually see the new hat listed in the store but I’m sure it will turn up there soon. More photos after the jump.
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