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Daily Tees and News for November 5th

by Andy on November 5, 2011

coffee-aid t-shirt

Oh yeah! TeeFury

Were Tilteed not selling this design just a couple of weeks ago?

Nice Zelda shirt (right reference?) at Shirt.Woot today.

RIPT bring us a Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure mashup today.

It always amazes me how few Simpsons t-shirts there are out there. The Yetee.

Was someone else selling this Buffy the Vampire Slayer t-shirt recently? No matter, it’s available at OtherTees now.

I don’t know what or if there is a reference on this 24tee shirt, but it’s a pretty cool design either way.

A quick Google tells me that this TeeRaiders ‘Miranda Reavers’ design is something to do with Firefly.

At first I was like, “oh, that’s nice” then I looked at this Loviu design a little closer.

Oh man, I’d just written a whole thing about not getting the reference on this Shirt Punch tee, then it hit me, Marty McFly from Back To The Future?

Coty of fame has a new-ish site called Exploration Hawaii all about hiking around Hawaii. We have some stunning walks around where I live (it may be called the Lake District, but there are hills around all those lakes), but the places he’s going look amazing. He’s running a little competition to win a $25 gift certificate from Threadless that I’m sure you’ll want to enter before November 10th.

Kissmetrics have a viral marketing cheat sheet that brand owners may want to check out.

Cuppa-T have put up their Christmas shipping dates.

PalmerCash are doing their bit for Movember.

Urban Outfitters (in the UK/Europe at least) are offering free shipping this weekend.

Hot Topic have updated their monthly coupon code, you can get 20% off with HTA20NOV providing you spend at least $60. Coupon expires December 2nd.

HYA blogger Sleepy Dan has added some snap back hats to his store, expect a behind the scenes look at how they were printed here in the next day or so.

Threadless have added some gorgeous (and massive) graphics to their partnership with Blik.

Make Believe have released a short but delightful video that really captures the spirit of their brand.

Terratag have got a grab bag offer going on that I think gives really good value. They’re mystery tees or sweats/hoodies, so you’ll have to be a big fan of Terratag, but since they have a fairly cohesive range, I think if you like one of their shirts you’ll probably like most of them.

Shirt designers always need more textures right? Apparently this free texture pack at Mintees is mighty fine.

Looks like Mintees are going to be opening a marketplace, which is going to be another nail in the coffin of ShirtHive (another idea I had but couldn’t find the time for).

There’s a really funny interview with former HYA blogger Randyotter at TheShirtList.


“Aloha Junky” by Surfer Eric

by Andy on September 27, 2011

aloha junky t-shirt

I’m not entirely sure whether there is a reference behind this shirt from Hawaiian brand Surfer Eric. My first thought was “are there big problems with drugs in Hawaii?” A little googling suggests that yes, there is, but that seems like a kind of dark thing to put on a shirt that seems fairly upbeat. So, I don’t get it, but I like it.

Costiness=$25 Buy it at Surfer Eric

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erik blair year of living humorously

A lot of people have New Year Resolutions (as the DBH competition has shown, get your entry in now, the comp closes in 16 hours!) and whilst most of them are quite selfish (not that there’s anything wrong with that), sometimes people are more altruistic. Erik Blair is one of those people.

He’s intending to wear a different shirt every day this year, provided that the t-shirt is from a business or person that does good and gives back to their community. Every three months he will auction off 90 t-shirts and the proceeds will go to the Maui Food Bank (Erik is from Kihei, Hawaii). I like the idea and hope that Erik raises a lot of money to help the Maui Food Bank. I feel like his web design skills could use a bit of work though to make it look a bit more modern, and that there should be a bit more commentary on each days t-shirt post rather than just links to the business and their Facebook page if he wants this project to take off, perhaps he could talk about the business and how they give back to the community. Also, I can’t see a quick way on the front page to donate to the Maui Food Bank, I know that he’s focused on the tees, but some people might want to throw a dollar in the hat, so to speak.

You’re probably thinking it’s a bit harsh that I’m critiquing Erik’s site in this way, but I just want it to do well, and if I think I can help by offering my insight it would be wrong of me not to mention it. Erik has already got quite a lot of business involved with his year of t-shirts, but I’m sure he’d appreciate more, so if you’d like to help out (and you have a 3XL/2XL tee to send) be sure to get in touch with him.


Ben Affleck is totally into surfing and stuff

by Andy on October 27, 2008

Wondering why there are so many celebrity posts on HYA today? Look here for an explanation.

Usually, whenever I see a celebrity wearing a tee which promotes a random little company (“Eddie’s Auto Parts” or “Big Willy’s Burger Shack” for example), I usually get annoyed because the company doesn’t actually exist, and what’s the point of a retro tee not referencing something that exists?

Fair play to Ben Affleck though, I’m pretty sure the Hanalei Surf Shop on his tee is actually this one, so I’d like to think that Ben himself actually bought this rather than his stylist/PA putting it on him because it would be good for his public image.


You’d think I’d be pretty skeptical of an exhibition where the only art on display is t-shirts with stains on them, but I guess that two and a half years of writing about t-shirts has changed my perspective on what art is.

Just so we’re clear, these aren’t necessarily ink stains either, some of the ‘inks’ used are made from henna, wheat grass, fish guts, and delicious ice lollies. Dirty Laundry invited artists to stain t-shirts with a medium of their choice to be exhibited in the Nuuanu Gallery in Honolulu, Hawaii. The idea behind it is to make you question whether its possible to actually ruin a t-shirt, someone spills wine on your tee? Pour more wine on it! It’s not a ruined t-shirt, its art!

The exhibition runs from now until September 20th.

Dirty Laundry


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