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Rick Nunn x Vapour Photo Series T-shirts

by Andy on September 16, 2011

rick nunn x vapour clothing

photo tees are big right now and I’m not surprised, I imagine that even some of my snaps would make for a good tee, but if you’re a tee brand it probably makes more sense to get someone who knows what they’re doing, such as Rick Nunn who produced the artwork on these tees.

Vapour Clothing have launched a ‘featured photographer series‘, which I presume to mean that there will be more photographers and more t-shirts being released in the future. Really cool shirts as I’m sure you can tell, although presumably if you don’t like Camden or the London Underground then you aren’t going to that excited about this release. Shirts are £25 a piece and available now.


Headphones by new skool @ fabric8

by Andy on March 18, 2008

Headphones by new skool @ Fabric8

Big headphones around the neck that has been done countless times by countless designers, and whilst I love it as a design concept, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one example that does it exactly how I’d like to see it. There always seems to be too much compromise. Take the hoodie above for example, headphones don’t get worn that low on a person, if they were, they’d fall to the ground, why not actually print something that is faithful to what the image would actually look like? Perhaps when you do that it doesn’t looks far too messy and people can’t tell that its headphones, but I’d like to see someone try and put some reality into the illusion.Costiness=$50 Link


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