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I’m a bit of a fan of clothing and technology being brought together in some kinda crazy meeting of fashion and science (fashience? scishion?), and when it can actually have a practical application that’s even better. The t-shirt above, which LiveScience charitably describe as ‘pretty cool-looking’, can monitor a persons vital signs, which would probably be pretty good for people in hospitals, those being rehabilitated at home, and athletes. One version of the t-shirt collects data on an SD card for later analysis, and another version can be synced up with a smartphone or PDA. I think it would be really cool if the shirt had GPS, and then you’d be able to monitor how your body reacted at different points during the day, I know that’s probably information overload for a lot of people, but it could be a pretty interesting project.

T-Shirt Monitors Heart Rate @ LiveScience [via TeeBurst]


Coffee Lovers by FFee Clothing

by Andy on March 17, 2008

Coffee Lovers by FFee Clothing

I’ve never been one of those ‘wake up, drink coffee’ kinds of people. Maybe that’s why I’m always so tired? Or maybe that’s because I haven’t been to bed before 1AM for a few years. I’ve been getting into jasmine and green tea thanks to my Asian adventures, so maybe one day I will join the ranks of the perma-buzzed.

Even if I don’t have a coffee addiction I can still appreciate this tee. I really like the concept, I’m just not so sure about how they’ve mixed the two illustration styles, the way that the heart looks fairly realistic whereas the coffee pot looks like a sign in an airport.

Costiness=$25 Link


Polyphonic Spree x Turtlehead tees

by Andy on February 17, 2008

Polyphonic Spree x Turtlehead t-shirt range

Last Monday when I was rushing through the To Be Confirmed tradeshow to make sure I could get to the train station in time, I somehow managed to miss Turtlehead, who were exhibiting at the show. When I was looking through the show press literature on my journey home that they were located in an area I’d missed out entirely, which sucks, because not only could I have met an advertiser and thank them for their support, but also check out their latest releases, including the collaboration with the Polyphonic Spree. I’ll let Turtlehead explain it:
Polyphonic Spree x Turtlehead t-shirt range Polyphonic Spree x Turtlehead t-shirt range

We are launching 3 t-shirts in the “FRAGILE ARMY” series. For these designs we joined forces with The Polyphonic Spree.

If don’t know them – The Polyphonic Spree are a self-described “choral symphonic rock” group from Dallas, Texas. The band is made up of anything from between 10 and 23 members playing everything from drums, bass, guitar, flute keyboards, trumpets and violins.

These designs are all based on the name of their latest album – Fragile Army. There are 3 different designs available in guys and girls styles and a very very limited edition silver design limited to 50 t-shirts worldwide. Check out the album too – it’s amazing.

Polyphonic Spree x Turtlehead t-shirt range

Oh dang, they’re covered in hearts, why wasn’t this one of my Valentine’s posts!Turtlehead


14 Tees That You Should Wear on Valentines

by Andy on February 6, 2008

If you’ve got a date for Valentine’s Day (not me… sigh) then you’ve got to be very careful about what you wear. I guess if you guys are taking your girl to a fancy restaurant then t-shirts might not necessarily be part of your dress code, but some of you might be taking the more casual approach, in which case one of these tees might be right up your alley. As usual for my lists, they aren’t in any particular order, and I know there’s a lot more romantic tees out there but I really thought it would be best to keep this list to the appropriate figure of 14 items. Affiliate links are marked with a *.

puppet in love by threadless

1. Only a few left at time of writing but a damned nice design. $15 Link*


2. Come on, it’s Ralph! $17.99 Link*

infinite love t-shirt by nuda tees

3. Here’s one for those of you that love math, and really, who doesn’t love math? $12 Link

free hugs t-shirt by snorg tees

4. Admittedly, this one is kinda on the edge, perhaps best worn if you haven’t got a date but are just desperate for a sweet embrace from a stranger. $13.95 Link*


5. As they say “nothing says friendship and commitment like a t-shirt …seriously, nothing.” $10 Link

secret kisses glow in the dark t-shirt by diesel sweeties

6. This is probably the best use of glow-in-the-dark ink that I’ve ever seen, a heart shaped speech-bubble during the day, a not-as-cheesy-as-you’d-expect line at night. $18 Link


7. A cactus and a balloon; if they really love each other, I’m sure they can work it out. $15 Link*


8. Great idea from the La Fraise team, and they’d probably look pretty good as single tees too (more designs for couples are in their shop). €22 Mens/Womens

let’s bee friends by snorg tees

9. Clearly, I’m a sucker for tees based upon anything that has come out of the mouth of Ralph Wiggum! $14.95 Link*

heartis tee by penny arcade

10. A heart made out of tetris pieces? Awesome! $17.99 Link


11. Since most of the tees I’ve picked tend to be a bit cutesy, I thought I’d rock it up a bit with this detailed design from FFee Clothing. $25 Link


12. A really great idea from the ThinkGeek crew, the closer the two tees are the more hearts light up. Unfortunately these are sold out until about March/April, but I just had to put them on the list. $24.99 (each) Link


13. Simple, but pretty funny, it could do with some ThinkGeek trickery to make it change depending on your mood though. $12 Link


14. It just wouldn’t be a decent list if I didn’t give the emo kids some love with this design from Rob Dobi’s Fullbleed. $16 Link

Now go out there and make some magic happen!


Not a t-shirt blog: The Unknown t-shirt

by Andy on August 16, 2006

llama lovin model.jpg
Now, I’m sure that Nate from The Unknown T-shirt would be the first to admit that he doesn’t own the flashiest website in the world, but this guy is an artist, and I like his tees, so I ain’t going to rag on his site.

A lot of the tees have some kind of an animal theme to them, with a comic/cartoon style, and usually with a hand drawn look. There’s a lot of fun designs on show here, even if I don’t completely understand most of them ( maybe that’s the point?), and they’re offerend at a price that might persuade you that you don’t need another tee from Threadless.

The tee’s are printed on Gildan stock, which I personally like because it tends to be a bit heavier than AA (and the summer days are certainly getting shorter), and I’ve got a Gildan tee which is 4/5 years old and hasn’t got out of shape or faded at all.

Costiness=$12 (via Paypal) URL

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I thought I had the key

by Andy on June 27, 2006

Hmmmm, two hot girls in my promo pics for the Monday and Tuesday posts, eh? Looks like I’m really getting desperate for hits! I’m just kidding, I guess clothing companies are just using attractive people to advertise their products, revolutionary…

Oh, and there isn’t a heart theme this week either, I just thought that this hoodie looked really cool, I liked the grouping and placement of the hearts, and the key-hole shapes really topped it off for me, I was almost in emo-ecstasy. I don’t know if there’s anything on the front, but I’d guess not since there isn’t a second pic of the front on the product page.

Costiness=$29.99 (down from $65.99) URL


Do Robots Dream of Electric Love?

by Andy on June 26, 2006

Backseat Kiss Clothing‘ may well be as good of a name for a clothing company as ‘Cute Is What We Aim For‘ is for a band, but I’m sure there’s a self-referential meaning behind it which makes my mockery merely mean, so I’ll just get right onto the hood.

So… its a heart, on a robot, placed on a heart, nice and simple with some decent solid lines, though I don’t know if I would personally wear pink on black, I’ve only just become accustomed to wearing the luminous pink ink from the Handsome Sausage.

The hoodie is printed on American Apparel stock and is available for both guys and girls. Sizing is a bit limited though, with S, M & L for the ladies and M + L for the dudes.

Costiness=$39 URL


For the love of emo!

by Andy on March 24, 2006


She is actually wearing her heart(s) on her sleeve(s), on her sleeve(s)!Joking aside it’s cool to see Red Canary breaking away from the norm and producing something out of the ordinary. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a hoody which had nothing on the torso and printed sleeves, but then again I have only been blogging hoodies for two months. The hearts are pixelated too, so it’s a bit retro too, I guess it might make you feel as if your arms are 1UP icons from a NES game, and by hugging someone you give them more life? Did I work out the meaning Red Canary? Was I even close?

They also do a sumo version which is arguably more of a design triumph, but writing about hearts is so much easier.

Costiness=$60 heart hoody here.


My facade is brilliant

by Andy on March 6, 2006

only you copy

It’s Monday again, so you (might) know what that means, time for another designer/blogger to do all my work for me. This week it’s Josh Naive Clothing, who was able to help out even though he recently became an uncle (that’s right Josh, I flickr stalk, big-time!).

It combines embroidery as well as screen printing and some awesomely well done small print which you can read on the web site. These guys are truly an inspiration to us at Naive Clothing. We love the creativity they come up with in their designs, the combination of embrodery and screen printing is great. I do not own the hoodie cause they don’t have my size but if they did I would own it.

Hope that helps man!
Joshua Martin

It’s a good choice, some people might want to avoid the religious text for personal reasons, but I think it’s a decent quote, from a company that have plenty of excellent wearables in their store.

Costiness=$45, URL here



by Andy on January 26, 2006

fredflaredotcom queen of heartsMaybe I’m posting too many hearts, maybe I’m posting too much girls stuff, either way, I’m digging the amount of awesome hoodies on the internet nowadays. has been on my bookmarks list for an age, but like most webstores I like, I’ve never bought anything from them, just swooned over the variety of goods on offer. I haven’t exactly been swooning over this ‘Queen of Hearts’ girls’ hoody, but I do like its look. This thing is all about the love, first off, it’s red, the zipper tag has a heart print on it, there’s the obligatory heart over your physical heart, and you also get a heart button. Hearts are taking over the world!

Costiness=$44 dollars, less than $3 per heart (by my ridiculous attempt at counting the zipper tag).

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Mighty-Morphin’ Emo Boy

by Andy on January 24, 2006

Broken Heart Hoody

I may be treading on dangerous ground with this, perhaps showing my true emo colours (I’m about to go and see The Junior Varsity, Panic! At The Disco and The Academy Is… in about 20 minutes), but you can’t deny the simple style of placing a broken heart, in blue (for when you’re feeling down), on the left breast.

Then again, the blue they use, is baby blue! Sunshine and lollipops for all!

Now I know there’s plenty of broken heart merchandise out there, but this is slightly different, it’s cheap as hell, costiness=$16.99, I’m no mathematician, but I’m pretty sure you earn money by buying this hoody. Yah, pretty sure…

Check it out, y’all.
*Extra money saving tip* You get $5 off your first order if you join the mailing list.


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