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Post image for The ‘Heart Pocket’ tee from Clee Clothing that doesn’t have a pocket

To be honest, I don’t care one jot that this design from Clee Clothing doesn’t actually have a pocket on it since to me the pockets are just there for aesthetics anyway, it’s not like anyone really puts stuff in there, so having a printed outline of a pocket is pretty fun, and the stitched on button helps take the illusion that little bit further.

Costiness=£20 White T-shirt, Grey T-shirt (they will customise the tees to turn them into tank tops as pictured above) / £25 Grey Sweatshirt


“Hearts” by Walk In Love

by Andy on May 1, 2011

two hearts t-shirt

I actually found this brand via the latest Threadbird newsletter, and I’m glad I did. Walk in Love have a few nice, simple, positive tees, of which I think this Venn diagram styled tee is probably my favourite. They make it pretty clear in their about page that they love God and that is something that is reflected in the clothing they produce. We all know how I feel about religion, but I this tee has nothing to do with God, it’s about people, at least that’s the way I like to look at it, so I wouldn’t feel like a hypocrite if I were to wear it.

Costiness=$17 Buy it at Walk In Love

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valentines t-shirt

It’s a bit late to buy this for the special person in your life, but that doesn’t stop it from being a good looking shirt the rest of the year too.

Costiness=$20 Buy it FAQ Clothing


space invaders parody t-shirt

I know this is a little late for Valentines, but restricitng romance to one day a year is ridiculous, I’m not a believer in Valnetine’s Day and all the cliche’s around it, but it does work quite well as an excuse to go over the top showering your loved one with sweet gifts.

Also, Space Invaders parody shirts are always cool.

Costiness=$24.50 Buy it at RedBubble

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Red Sparkle Heart Tee by Wildfox Couture

by Andy on November 5, 2009




I may not be that excited by the t-shirt (though it is cute), or the $64 price tag, but hot-damn they’ve done some cool product shots for this tee.

Costiness=$64 Available from Wildfox Couture [via Rumplo]

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Popsicles by Backseat Kiss Clothing

by Andy on September 29, 2009


I don’t know why I find this design cute, it’s just some hand drawn popsicles (also known as ice lollies to those of us that drink tea with milk in it), but I do.

Costiness=$19 Available from Backseat Kiss Clothing


Bleeding Heart by Christopher

by Andy on September 23, 2009

C H R I S T O P H E R bleeding heart gold foil_1253645307279

You all know that I’m a sucker for a gold foil design, it’s a weakness of mine, but at least I’m addicted to cool looking tees with shiny prints on them, instead of something like crack, because then I’d probably sell my computer to get another hit, you would stop being told about cool tees (and hoodies, per your requests), and I’d probably have a pretty horrible life…… so, gold foil, good thing!

Costiness=$34 Available from Christopher (also available in different colorways and for girls)

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Bull Fights On Acid by PalmerCash

by Andy on September 22, 2009


I know this is a fairly simple tee, but I think it would work really well for someone going for a vintage look, which I assume to be just about everyone that shops at PalmerCash. Also, Bull Fights on Acid sounds like the coolest band in the world ever: “yo, you head the new Bull Fights on Acid CD?” “Oh yeah bro totally, they kick so much more ass than Mustache Mafia it’s ridiculous.”

Oh, and this tee is damn cheap.

Costiness=$9.97 Available from PalmerCash


A Monkey Holding a Camera by Graniph

by Andy on March 2, 2009


Apparently “you can’t buy it Sunday” doesn’t just happen on a Sunday, since I was looking around the Graniph site, and I can’t see this one on sale.

Obviously I took the pictures back in England, but I do remember the tee having that high-level of quality that I’ve come to expect from Graniph. Also, these pictures aren’t too impressive, I had to take pictures of 10 tees in a mad rush before leaving for the airport, so these haven’t had the usual work that I like to put into the gallery pictures, sorry.

More average photos after the jump

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I keep seeing totally lame ads and signs around Philly about Valentine’s Day, usually promoting really lame gift ideas, almost all of which run with the slogan “nothing says I love you like… .”

However, chocolates are a classic, and you know that if I can shoehorn tees into the mix I’m a happy bunny. If you spend more than $20 at District Cotton on anything, they’ll throw in some chocolates from Sweet Riot for free during the month of February (I’ve never heard of them but am assured they’re good). I don’t really ‘get’ the tee, if you could personalise it somehow maybe then I’d understand it, but as is it just feels incomplete somehow; the cut and vintage-style are a pretty cute look though. Maybe it makes sense to those of you that are in love, because I am seriously contemplating going to watch Monster Trucks on Valentine’s Day (naturally excluding me from the aforementioned category), which I think is hilarious in theory, but would be utterly tragic and depressing in reality.

Costiness=$20 (what a coincidence!) Buy ‘I Heart’ at District Cotton


2 new dark designs at Akumu Ink

by Andy on May 12, 2008


When you look at the designs that Akumu Ink puts out, you’d think that they were a pretty dark and brooding bunch, and yet in their e-mails they’re really nice, they even use smiley emoticons!


AI have dropped two new designs, one featuring broken hearts and one featuring skulls, ahhhh, classic emo design fodder. I really like the placement of the heart design, the way that they rise up from the bottom of the tee, almost as if the wearer was being swallowed up by a sea of misery (umm, I might be reading too much into it). The skull design is a bit hardcore for me, seeing as I’m not a fan of impaling heads on spikes, but I can imagine a lot of people liking it. Both tees are available in mens and womens sizes, printed on American Apparel blanks.

Costiness=$25 Links: Impaled/Shattered


8-Bit Dynamic Life Shirt by ThinkGeek

by Andy on February 2, 2008


These tees are pretty much perfect for valentines, if I wasn’t desperately lonely (…sigh) I’d pick up a couple right now. ThinkGeek do have a penchant for putting tech into tees and making designs that raise a smile, and this is no exception. If the gif above doesn’t make it clear, as the two wearers get closer to each other the amount of hearts lit up on the tee increases, so if you’re quite far away nothing lights up, but if you’re within a couple of metres then they’ll all light up, because you’re with the one you love. I love it, I’m actually smiling as I write this because its so sweet.If you suffer from ‘Andy syndrome’ (devilishly good-looking yet inexplicably single) then you do have an option too, buying a separate transmitter pack ($11.99) that you can place anywhere, which means that you can get the same effect with just one of the tees. I’m sure you could do something incredibly romantic with technology like that, so, people with more balls me, go for it!

Costiness=$24.99 (each) Link [via: Tcritic]


Not a t-shirt blog: The Unknown t-shirt

by Andy on August 16, 2006

llama lovin model.jpg
Now, I’m sure that Nate from The Unknown T-shirt would be the first to admit that he doesn’t own the flashiest website in the world, but this guy is an artist, and I like his tees, so I ain’t going to rag on his site.

A lot of the tees have some kind of an animal theme to them, with a comic/cartoon style, and usually with a hand drawn look. There’s a lot of fun designs on show here, even if I don’t completely understand most of them ( maybe that’s the point?), and they’re offerend at a price that might persuade you that you don’t need another tee from Threadless.

The tee’s are printed on Gildan stock, which I personally like because it tends to be a bit heavier than AA (and the summer days are certainly getting shorter), and I’ve got a Gildan tee which is 4/5 years old and hasn’t got out of shape or faded at all.

Costiness=$12 (via Paypal) URL

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For the love of emo!

by Andy on March 24, 2006


She is actually wearing her heart(s) on her sleeve(s), on her sleeve(s)!Joking aside it’s cool to see Red Canary breaking away from the norm and producing something out of the ordinary. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a hoody which had nothing on the torso and printed sleeves, but then again I have only been blogging hoodies for two months. The hearts are pixelated too, so it’s a bit retro too, I guess it might make you feel as if your arms are 1UP icons from a NES game, and by hugging someone you give them more life? Did I work out the meaning Red Canary? Was I even close?

They also do a sumo version which is arguably more of a design triumph, but writing about hearts is so much easier.

Costiness=$60 heart hoody here.


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