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Say Hello To Acropolis Apparel

by Andy on October 16, 2008

[Here’s another fresh label for you to check out whilst I’m slaving away down in St. Tropez]

About Acropolis Apparel:

Respect. Progress. Achievement. These are the foundations of Acropolis. We find inspiration in our Los Angeles surroundings – notably the street, hip hop and sports culture of Southern California. Our influences come from all aspects of the past, the present and into the future. Coupled with descriptive information, each design aims to be stunning to the eye and opening to the mind.

Acropolis is currently spreading its message to heads with a taste for fly design, detail and insight. The line is available online as well as in limited quantities in streetwear boutiques and skate shops across the country. Our message is simple: stay true, show respect and always strive to improve. Oh yeah, and don’t forget to…

Stay Fly

And here’s their mission statement:

The term Acropolis is defined as the pinnacle of society. We as individuals, and society as a whole, strive to better ourselves through knowledge and information. At Acropolis, our goal is to create designs that are rich in thought and detail on multiple levels that people feel and can relate to. All while staying fresh, creative and innovative. Our influences come from the past, through the present and into the future. Everything from civilizations, inventions, wars and kings to art, science, sports, hip hop and street culture can be seen in our designs. We pay homage to the greats and give respect to our past for all that has led to us. Ancient Remains…Modern Beginnings is our philosophy of continually educating ourselves in attempt to raise our game and reach our pinnacle.

Acropolis Apparel

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