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Margin London Preview

by Margin London on February 4, 2013

Regular Hide Your Arms readers will have spotted our recent posts highlighting a few of the brands exhibiting at Margin London on the 10th & 11th February.

With just six days to go until the show opens to buyers and press, here’s a preview of some more of the labels making their tradeshow debut at the exhibition.

We thought we’d better not post any more in-depth profiles otherwise the Hide Your Arms crew wouldn’t have any exclusives to report on when they visit the show!

Here are some images to whet the appetite and look forward to the Hide Your Arms reports after the show.

For information about exhibiting at or visiting Margin, get in touch via the website.


LATIN LOVER, a new t-shirt label from Columbia for men & women, with great illustrations & graphics:

Latin Lover at Margin London

Latin Lover at Margin London


EVIL, the first-season from this new menswear range will be debuted at Margin. The collection features a whole range of clothing (shirting, trousers, chinos, denim) and printed tees & sweatshirts:

Evil at Margin London Evil at Margin London Evil at Margin London


SLANG, a new men’s and women’s t-shirt brand from Portugal, drawing influences from art, music, and skate, and making their debut at Margin:

Slang at Margin London Slang at Margin London Slang at Margin London


NETTY RATTI, adorable cross-stitched designs in this range of ethical women’s tops and tees:

Netty Ratti at Margin London Netty Ratti at Margin London Netty Ratti at Margin London


OUT OF PRINT first made their debut at Margin in August 2011 and have exhibited at every edition since. They’re back again in February 2013 to unveil their latest tees featuring artwork from classic books:

Out of Print at Margin London Out of Print at Margin London


OURS at Margin London

by Margin London on February 1, 2013

Ours at Margin London
Fresh from California comes this new range of menswear by Ours. With tailoring alongside premium streetwear, the range should appeal to a wide range of men looking for quality relaxed clothing.

Blending 1980?s Caribbean influences with New England tailoring, Ours could be summed up as “Island Prep”. The range of laidback surf-inspired menswear consists of a full roster of clothing including shirts, trousers, shorts, caps, vests, and unique illustrated tees.

As Hide Your Arms is all about the tees, we’re featuring images of Ours’ t-shirts, but you can see more images with the clothing at their website.

We love the beach-inspired hand-drawn illustrations coupled with text and retro imagery simply coloured in.

Ours at Margin London

Following their debut at Agenda in Long Beach, Ours will be making their European debut in February 2013. Margin London is the only show in Europe to see this first season by new Californian brand Ours when their European distributors, Boy Parker, exhibit the range.

Renowned amongst key buyers and press as the launchpad for new brands, Margin has been providing an affordable platform for new brands since 2002 and will be the only trade exhibition across Europe to see the range of bags in person.

Ours at Margin London

Since the exhibitions first started back in 2002, Margin can lay claim to providing the UK launching point of overseas brands such as Upper Playground, Diamond Supply Co, Stereo Sound Agency, Double Goose, Loreak Mendian, Syndrome, Nooka, Mimobots, Qwstion, Hixsept (now Etudes Studio), and many others, who all made their European or UK trade debuts at Margin, which celebrated 10 years of exhibitions in 2012.

Ours will be exhibiting at Margin in February 2013 which takes place on the 10th & 11th, and you can find OursBoy Parker, and Margin on Facebook.

Ours at Margin London Ours at Margin London Ours at Margin London Ours at Margin London


Less Clothing at Margin London

by Margin London on January 31, 2013


Exciting times lie ahead for young streetwear brand Less Clothing.

As well as just launching their new website, Less will be making their trade show debut at Margin, the longest-running independent exhibition in London.


Handcrafted in London, Less Clothing produce men’s and women’s streetwear with a sharp attention to detail, from the signature cuffs to the embossed leather labels.


We love the vibe of the label and their lookbook, the sun-drenched images and their association with musicians and DJs give the brand a real “Ibiza” vibe that we’re happy to buy into for some sunshine (especially during such a cold grey winter!).

Renowned amongst key buyers and press as the launchpad for new brands, Margin has been providing an affordable platform for new brands since 2002.


Men’s and women’s labels such as 1ina100, Lazy Oaf, Supremebeing, Eva Evanovitch, Sugarhill Boutique, Ruby Rocks, Diamond Supply Co, Ashley Marc Hovelle, King Apparel, My Yard, New Love Club, Your Eyes Lie, Seventyseven, Emily & Fin, and Long Clothing, all made their UK trade debuts at Margin, which celebrated 10 years of exhibitions in 2012.

Less will be exhibiting at Margin in February 2013 which takes place on the 10th & 11th.



Dr Popcorn at Margin London

by Margin London on January 28, 2013

DPA + Dr Popcorn Apparel at Margin London

Hailing from Sheffield, DPA, an acronym for Dr Popcorn Apparel, is a new brand producing handcrafted tees for men and women. With a dark edge to the graphics, the range is printed on high-quality, fair-trade garments.

Along with releasing their 22-strong range, DPA are making their trade exhibition debut in February 2013 at Margin London.

DPA + Dr Popcorn Apparel at Margin London

So many streetwear brands concentrate on mens’ items only to it’s refreshing to see that DPA have not forgotten about women’s pieces. These designs would also sit well in a women’s boutique and we can imagine some of these prints looking great under a sharp, tailored jacket.

All items come well-presented in their own hand-printed box which adds a level of detail and care that raises the sinister aesthetic to that of a collectible.

DPA + Dr Popcorn Apparel at Margin London

Renowned amongst key buyers and press as the launchpad for new brands, Margin has been providing an affordable platform for new brands since 2002.

Renowned amongst key buyers and press as the launchpad for new brands, Margin has been providing an affordable platform for new brands since 2002.

DPA + Dr Popcorn Apparel at Margin London

Men’s and women’s labels such as 1ina100, Lazy Oaf, Supremebeing, Eva Evanovitch, Sugarhill Boutique, Ruby Rocks, Diamond Supply Co, Ashley Marc Hovelle, King Apparel, My Yard, New Love Club, Your Eyes Lie, Seventyseven, Emily & Fin, and Long Clothing, all made their UK trade debuts at Margin, which celebrated 10 years of exhibitions in 2012.

DPA will be exhibiting at Margin in February 2013 which takes place on the 10th & 11th.

DPA + Dr Popcorn Apparel at Margin London


A Year of T-shirts

by Mr Four Fingers on January 27, 2013

A year of t-shirts

Well it has been almost a year since I joined Hide Your Arms and I figured, hell, why not recap on the t-shirts that have entered my wonky wardrobe since I  joined. These are a combination of reviews and tees I have bought for myself (what’s the world coming to). It has been great to meet new folk and learn about them and their brand journey, seeing what works and what needs work.

Best wishes for 2013 and I hope to do many more. My thanks goes out to you!

In no specific order (there are a few missing):


Colus Hunter t-shirtcolus t-shirt

One of the coolest designers I have had the pleasure of meeting (well via the web). I always get comments when I wear one of his designs. You can read a review of Colus here.

1st Tee – Hunter $26

2nd Tee – Amour Propre $26


Danse Macabre

Danse Macabre t-shirt

This is one of the weirdest t-shirts in my collection and also one of my favourites. The guys at my work did not notice the design until I showed it to them properly. Now every time I wear this Tee they can’t look at me. Indirectly via a mirror maybe. Danse Macabre have since closed their doors and started a new brand called Wood & Nails. There is a review of this t-shirt if you are interested even though you can’t buy it.


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The Illustrated Mind at Margin London

by Margin London on January 23, 2013

The Illustrated Mind by Boy Parker at Margin London
There are many t-shirt brands out there, with new ones launching every week it seems, but not all can say they have their own focus group and testing ground. Boy Parker, the independent store in Brighton on the Sussex coast, can claim just that, as they’re able to get an instant reaction to any new design from the stream of on-trend students that frequent the seaside town.

Having perfectly honed their season’s collection, Boy Parker then unleash their brand The Illustrated Mind, which brings together the work of artists from diverse backgrounds, and offer it to other stores to carry safe in the knowledge the range contains the best selling designs.

Their quirky prints and unique illustrations add a well-received surrealism to their range and distinguishes The Illustrated Mind from many other brands.

The Illustrated Mind started in 2011 and has steadily built their range, their group of collaborating artists, and their stockists ever since.

The Illustrated Mind by Boy Parker at Margin London

The new season’s range will be on display to buyers and press exclusively at Margin, the London trade exhibition in February 2013. The Illustrated Mind first debuted their range at Margin back in February 2011 and are returning in February 2013 to unveil their latest designs.

Renowned amongst key buyers and press as the launchpad for new brands, Margin has been providing an affordable platform for new brands since 2002.

Boy Parker is an independent store in Brighton, Sussex, that specialises in tees from brands including Lazy Oaf, Threadless, Brandt, My Yard, Paper Root, DeadBuryDead, and many others.

For more info and a look around the store, watch the Boy Parker Shop Tour Video created by Margin.

The Illustrated Mind will be exhibiting at Margin in February 2013 which takes place on the 10th & 11th, and you can find Boy Parker who distribute the range on Facebook here.


Margin London at HideYourArms

by Margin London on December 17, 2012

Margin London at HideYourArms

Margin London has been kindly invited to contribute to HideYourArms. We’ll be posting some news about up-and-coming labels that will be exhibiting at Margin in February 2013, which takes place on the 10th & 11th, but firstly we think we should introduce ourselves.

Started back in 2002 as an affordable platform for new designers, Margin is the longest-running independent trade exhibition in London. The show presents designer women’s and men’s tailoring and accessories, as well as streetwear for men and women, to invited store buyers and press.

The humble tee has long been a starting point for numerous labels, and we’ve seen many an exhibitor start off with a t-shirt offering which has grown over the seasons to include a full range of clothing. Supremebeing, Lazy Oaf, Seventyseven, Dephect, YourEyesLie, and many others all started at Margin with tees before growing their stockist base and extending their range to include clothing, bags, jewellery (or jewelry for Americans!), and hats.

Margin has been providing a launchpad for brands to meet with key buyers and press for 10 years to date, and 2012 marked a decade of exhibitions.

Margin London Streetwear Fashion Tradeshow Exhibition 10 Year Book

To commemorate the occasion, a limited-edition 10 year book was printed for visitors to the show, but it’s also available to download as a PDF or as a super-interactive book for iPad. The iPad version features extensive galleries of previous seasons, as well as videos, and can be downloaded here.

Margin London Streetwear Fashion Tradeshow Exhibition 10 Year Book for iPad

Here’s the link to posts where HideYourArms mentions Margin including brand updates from when they last visited (well overdue for a revisit but Andy & the HideYourArms London correspondent are returning in February 2013!).

Margin is an intimate showroom exhibition in a white gallery space in the heart of Central London, and the only tradeshow in the UK where buyers and press can discover new & emerging design talent (most making their debut launch).  When we say “NEW”, we don’t just mean new to Margin, we mean brand-spanking, never-been-seen-before, new!

Margin London Streetwear Fashion Tradeshow Exhibition

Since the exhibitions first started back in 2002, Margin can lay claim to providing the successful trade launch-pad for many brands such as Chateau Roux, Your Eyes Lie, Supremebeing, Dephect, Emily & Fin, Miyson, 1 in a 100, Missmilne, Worn By, Ashley Marc Hovelle, Humdrum, Worn Free, Sugarhill, King Apparel, Terratag, Lazy Oaf, Famous Forever, and Ruby Rocks, as well as the UK launching point of overseas brands including Silas, Upper Playground, Tank Theory, Eastpak Apparel, Loreak Mendian, Syndrome, Al & Alicia, Gama-Go, Mimobots, Double Goose, Stereo Sound Agency, Diamond Supply Co, Urban Originals, and Uzi amongst many others.

Margin London at HideYourArmsMargin has welcomed key stores to the exhibitions since first launching in 2002; from online players like ASOS, My-Wardrobe, and Urban Industry; multiples such as Ark, Joy, Beams, and Ships; department stores, such as Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Liberty, House of Fraser, Psyche, Fenwick, El Corte Ingles, Galleries Lafayette, & Engelhorn Trendhaus; as well as the key independents Margin is renowned for, including Colette, Hip, Sakis, Wood, Royal Cheese, Natterjacks, 290sqm, Coggles, Market, Atoo, My Yard, Donuts, Caliroots, and Get Cutie, to name a few.

Margin has welcomed numerous stylists and fashion editors from magazines including Vogue, Wad, Elle, Wallpaper, Arena, i-D, FHM, Esquire, Cosmopolitan, Vice, DJ, Flux, WWD, Drapers, Sportswear International, and Sport & Street; as well as contributors from directional blogs such as BNTL, Coolhunting, Hypequest, Slamxhype, Hypebeast, and, of course, Hideyourarms.

Margin London Streetwear Fashion Tradeshow Exhibition

For more info about Margin, visit the website here, find us on Facebook or Twitter, and we’ll be back soon to post about some great new labels that will be exhibiting at Margin in February 2013.


Boston Tee Party Recap Winky Boo Style

by Amy_F on August 19, 2012

Boston Tee Party 2012

Last weekend was a huge weekend for the indie clothing community.  Months of planning lead to the First Annual Boston Tee Party & Artist/Design Expo.  Hosted by Kelly Murphy (owner of Saucewear & The Tee Gazette) and co-hosted by (yours truly) Amy Fiedler (owner of Winky Boo & blogger/contributor for Hide Your Arms), the Tee party took place in where else? Boston, MA!

Brands from all over gathered in Boston to take part in the Boston Tee Party.  From New Jersey, to California, Florida and UK, we all traveled to take part in this extraordinary event that didn’t disappoint.  Starting the day off with 3 guest speakers which then lead us into the shopping and networking part while the live music played.

For the rest of my recap of the First Annual Boston Tee Party and to check out photos from the event head on over to the Winky Boo Blog for a closer look at this outstanding Indie Event!!

Take me to the Winky Boo Blog


hide your arms coupon code

I’d been holding off on this a bit, HYAs Twitter followers had been going a bit up and down over the past week as I attracted a lot of spam followers, so I was waiting for it to level out of an accurate number. However, I think it’s now a good time to mention that HYA has passed a couple of arbitrary milestones, reaching both 4,000 Facebook likes and 4,000 Twitter followers in the same week. It’s a little bit strange that they’ve reached equilibrium, but I suppose it had to happen at some point and I think that the Facebook page will started to command a lead over the next few months, possibly because I do a lot less talking on Facebook compared to Twitter, maybe if I stayed quiet I’d have 10,000 followers by now.

To celebrate such a momentous occasion I’ve decided to create a 40% off coupon for the HYA store. I’ve never gone that big before, and I don’t intend to again (there won’t be 50% off at 5,000 for example, I’m no business expert but I’m not an idiot), so this will be a great chance for you to pick up HYA goods. I’m running low on most of the clothing items now, down to one or two left of most things, and I can’t see myself doing another print run for a long time, so this could be your last chance to pick something up.

USe the coupon code 400040004000 to get 40% off in the Hide Your Arms BigCartel store. You need to spend a minimum of £10 to be eligible to use the code, and it is live from now until midnight on Sunday (GMT).


Hide Your Arms is Six Years Old Today!

by Andy on January 21, 2012

Funny how much in my life has changed because I semi-spontaneously decided to write about t-shirts and hoodies one day when I should have been studying for my exams.

Thank you very much to anyone that has ever blogged for HYA, visited the site, linked to an article, commented, advertised, followed on Twitter, liked on Facebook, anything. Anything that anyone does to help this site helps keep me behind these monitors doing something I love instead of some soul destroying job in a cubicle or outside in the cold, and I truly do appreciate it all.


Daily T-shirt News Roundup for January 13th

by Andy on January 13, 2012

exorcist rolling stones t-shirt

This shirt at TeeFury is a mashup of The Exorcist and the Rolling Stones, which is pretty appropriate for Friday the 13th, it’s almost like they planned it!

I’m fairly sure that I’ve seen this Firefly shirt somewhere else before it docked at Qwertee.

Shirt.Woot have the kind of shirt I would put on a level with Three Wolf Moon, except with no ironic redemption.

RIPT are getting into the Hobbit spirit a little early.

TeeMinus24 must have been watching LOTR too.

This 24tee shirt doesn’t really work with my British mind.

One for the Star Wars fans at TeeRaiders.

An Ozzy Osbourne/Iron Man parody for you today at Shirt Punch.

Now that’s an angry bear at DBH (who I notice have made a few little tweaks to their homepage).

Loviu are doing mystery tees for 7€ from now until the end of the month. The text says “order 3 mystery tees only 7 euros each” but I think that three is the maximum for one transaction, not the minimum, as I was able to add one tee to the cart when I gave it at go.

BustedTees have got their Hunger Games t-shirt on sale for $11.99 instead of $20 for the rest of today.

Hey look, Tilteed, are selling ‘Expansion II’ again.

Details of Graniph‘s design award have been announced. Submissions open on February 1st, and the top prize is 500,000 yen, which is probably a lot of money.

Graniph are also having their winter sale at the moment, loads of goods marked down by as much as 50%.

Turista Clothing have a 35% off coupon code at the moment, HPY2012, that will be live until January 15th. They also have some new tees you many want to check out. [via TTG]

Kid Robot have a decent sale on, with 50% off all of last year’s designs.

The first of Obey’s Spring 2012 line has dropped at Urban Industry.

I think that only a mother could love these (recently restocked) barcode hoodies at Methods NYC, but the coupon code of BRICK getting you 25% off your order on anything in the store until tomorrow at midnight (EST, presumably) is a lot more tantalising.

Taken Clothing have got everything on sale for $20 until January 17th. I’m not sure how much things cost before the sale, but presumably it was more than $20.

Get 13% off your order at Trust No One with the coupon code UNLUCKYFORSOME until 9am tomorrow UK time.

Own the Night Clothing have a sale on until midnight UK time. [via TTG]

Complex list the 50 greatest pop culture reference in streetwear.

Tee Gazette have an interview with Twin SRPNT.

20% off everything at Sin Star Clothing with the coupon code 13 today only.

Oh No Berlin now have a brand store at A Better Tomorrow.

Dephect’s January sale is still going on with t-shirts as low as £9.99.

Antique Clothing also have a sale going on with item as low as £15. [via TTG]

HYA tri-blend tees in the HYA store are £13 for today only, a saving of £3, limited quantities available pick them up before they sell out.

There’s up to 35% off in the big sale at Human Empire.

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hide your arms coupon code

The Hide Your Arms Facebook page hit 3500 likes today, which is really quite humbling, so I thought I’d give you guys the treat of 35% off anything in the HYA store until midnight tomorrow (November 18th). Use the coupon code 3500FBLIKES to receive the discount on t-shirts, posters, hoodies, stickers and buttons. At those prices I will be making a loss on some items, but as I’ve said before I’d rather they were being enjoyed by you guys rather than sitting in my office.


hideyourarms posters

I’ve decided to lower the price of the HYA posters because I’d rather have them on your walls than in my office, and I’m trying to clear a lot of room for a new venture that I have been teasing about on Twitter and will fully explain in good time (so expect other random things to be in the HYA store soon too). Individual posters are £1.50 each, which is ridiculously cheap because they are genuinely a quality item, A3-sized and printed by Awesome Merchandise. If you want to buy the 3-pack you can save even more, as it weighs in at a mere £4. There are postage costs on top of that, but please be aware that I am merely breaking even on all postage costs, and in some cases I even make a loss.

Remember, there are other cool things in the HYA store too, most of which are unlikely to ever be printed again. I don’t know how long I’ll keep the prices like this for the posters, probably until I run out of stock, like I say, there’s no use me having them all, I have my set framed and I’m proud, it’s time to spread HYA across the globe.


Andrew Bowness

I turn 27 years old today, so I thought it was only fair that on my birthday you guys got a treat, no rambling posts from me (in fact no posts at all today… other than this one), and a coupon code for 27% off in the HYA store. Use the coupon code HAPPYBIRTHDAY to receive 27% off your order, the coupon will be live as long as it’s my birthday (aka until midnight tonight).

Oh, and why would I choose a picture like that to accompany my birthday post? Well, there are definitely more attractive pictures of me out there, but this picture was taken about a minute after I climbed out the water when I knocked 8 minutes off my open water mile time (down to 32 and a bit), which I know isn’t exactly world record pace, but I don’t think it’s bad for my 3rd event and I’d regard it as one of my biggest achievements of the year. So whilst there are nicer photos, that’s me, no photoshop, tired, panting for breath, shocked, after spending 40 minutes in 60 degree water.


hide your arms coupon code

I know that 3,000 isn’t a particularly poignant milestone, but I think that’s it’s pretty cool that there are so many people out there that are willing to click on a little box to say that they like this website I’ve been running (largely on my own) for the past five and a bit years. Thanks everyone, I truly do appreciate it.

To say thanks in a way that means something to you and not just me, I’ve set up the coupon code of AWWWYEAH that will get you 30% off in the HYA store. I’ve never publicly released a 30% off coupon code, and I can’t see myself ever releasing anything bigger than that, so now is a great opportunity to pick up Hide Your Arms goods at a their lowest prices ever. Clear me out, friends!

To keep things interesting, I’m letting you guys decide how long this coupon code will be active for. Go over to this Facebook post and give it a like, for every like that it gets I will keep the coupon alive for another day, so seven likes would give you a week to get your order in using the coupon code.


hide your arms tri-blend t-shirt

After the success of putting the HYA hoodies on sale in the HYA store last week I thought I’d offer the super soft tri-blend t-shirts on sale this week.

I understand that £16 is quite a lot to ask you to pay for a t-shirt when I’m writing about shirts that are cheaper every day from places like Shirt.Woot, Tilteed, TeeFury and RIPT, and lots of other places that aren’t daily sites but just running a standard line at less than that price, but I promise I’m not gouging you guys. I don’t get many shirts printed, I have them printed in the UK, and these particular shirts are American Apparel tri-blends, a shirt that isn’t particularly common in the UK. Those three things all push the price up. I’ve put the shirts on sale for £12 this week (until midnight on Sunday), at that price I’m actually making a loss on every t-shirt sold. Seriously, that’s how much I had to pay per shirt to have them produced, but I love these shirts, I don’t care that I won’t make profit on them because I just want people to be wearing them, enjoying them, and telling your friends about HYA. T-shirts are meant to be worn, not kept in a box in my bedroom.

As ever, all orders will receive a Hide Your Arms pin badge and a die-cut sticker. Availability is fairly limited, I have a few left of most sizes but that situation could quickly change.


hide your arms hoodie

I put a post on the HYA Facebook page a couple of days ago asking what people would like me to discount in the HYA store; hoodies, t-shirts, or posters. There wasn’t much feedback (6 responses from almost 3000 fans), but hoodies did receive the most interest, so true to my word I have put the hoodies on sale at £25, which is a saving of £10.

The hoodies will be on reduced price until next Friday (August 19th), and even though I’d destroyed any notion of a profit margin with the price cut, I will still be including a HYA sticker and pin badge in every order. Sizes are genuinely limited, I’m down to singles in some sizes, and once they are gone it will probably be quite a long time until I restock, so if you want one, get it now, it’ll be winter soon and these hoodies are ridiculously fluffy and warm and awesome. I know I’m meant to hype my own product, but I love these hoodies and I hope that more brands out there print on them because they are really high quality for the price.

Hide Your Arms Hoodies (in both pullover and zip-up style)


Off to Belfast, back Monday

by Andy on July 7, 2011

and wih his awesome white camera

Quick note to let you know that I’m going to Northern Ireland for the weekend so please have even less expectation than usual for me to reply to e-mails. I’m going to have posts written up for the weekend as usual, and the new bloggers will be giving their posts as well so you should have plenty to keep you entertained.

No new site updates to tell you about (I did add some quick tags to make formatting and adding links to comments easier, but it’s barely worth mentioning), but HYAs growth is not slowing, and I will have even more bloggers to tell you about next week, hopefully.


PLNDR competition

I have teamed up with PLNDR, the daily-deal site offering premium streetwear at up to 80% off, to give away $150 of PLNDR cash to spend on their site any way you choose!

Yes, that’s free clothing, just for sending out a tweet and signing up to PLNDR with this special link. You have to use the special link otherwise PLNDR won’t be able to track who has signed up because of this competition, so make sure you use this link otherwise your entry will not be counted. The tweet that you need to send out is the following:

I want to win $150 of @plndrmembers cash thanks to @hideyourarms! Pls RT

I signed up to take a look at PLNDR and you know what? They have got some really good stuff on sale, and it’s so cheap that even I might buy something, and I almost never buy clothes. Usually when a site claims to have 80% off that is a very, very rare occurrence, but I have found a few 80% off items, and a lot of 77% off items (which is close enough), so these guys are the real deal (and they’re affiliated with Karmaloop, so you know they’re legit). I’m going to have to keep a closer eye on PLNDR and post about them more in the future because I’m really impressed with the goods available at prices that a too hard to pass up.

This competition is open for one week from today until Monday July 11th Friday July 15th* at midnight GMT, is limited to one entry per person, and can be entered by anyone living in a country that PLNDR ship to (list here), you can enter if you don’t live in those countries, but there isn’t much point since you wouldn’t be able to buy any of the clothes. Only PLNDR signups through this special link will count as an entry to this competition. This winner will be decided by PLNDR, their decision is final.

* Competition extended due to me not being able to give the competition the attention it deserved.



Over the past few months HYA has been growing, and this is a good thing, but I am just one man, and I can’t expand the amount of hours in the day that I can sit in front of my screen typing about t-shirts and handling the surprising amount of admin that comes with running a t-shirt blog.

It hasn’t been long since HYA stepped up from having a VPS to having it’s own dedicated server in a datacenter in Los Angeles, but now we have stepped up again to a content delivery network (CDN). CDNs are essentially clusters of servers all over the world that have copies of Hide Your Arms stored on them, so if you’re in Korea and trying to access HYA you’ll get be downloading the pages from a server located in Asia, but if I try and access pages they will be downloaded from a server in Europe (London in my case). This means that when you access HYA pages will be downloaded quicker, more people will be able to visit the site at a time (which has been an issue recently, darn this popularity), and overall everyone should be happy.

As well as expanding the amount of servers powering HYA, I am also expanding the amount of people that will be writing for Hide Your Arms on a regular basis. I am and always will be the main blogger, I’m not bringing in anyone expecting them to put out the same 6+ daily posts that I do, that would be too much. The new bloggers will be adding a post or two per week, providing a different viewpoint to mine, uncovering coll brands that I have missed, and providing more in-depth analysis of brands like Threadless and Design By Humans that I write about frequently, but want to cover a lot more comprehensively. Over the past couple of years I haven’t been able to dedicate as much time as I’d like to providing photo reviews of shirts that have been sent to me, with these new bloggers coming along that have a lot of experience with t-shirts (as both producers and consumers) companies can now have their samples sent to the new bloggers for a review by someone who knows what they’re talking about, which will hopefully help HYA become the go to place for finding out how good the quality of t-shirt brands.

Dee has been covering Threadless news on HYA for the past 3 weeks now, so you should be getting used to her posts on a Monday and Thursday providing news of all Threadless’ releases.

Matt is a 26 year old lover of life from Philadelphia, PA. He is the Art Director for the Ropeadope Design Collective, a limited edition t-shirt line put out by Ropeadope Records. Matt is also very involved in the Philadelphia music scene. He previously booked and promoted live music at the legendary North Star Bar and currently manages a up-and-coming rock band called Carousel. Other than t-shirts and music, Matt enjoys eating out at new restaurants, trying new beers (especially those of the wheat variety), collecting dunnys, and hanging out with his 4 year old pug, Oliver.

Matt will be posting every week covering releases from Design By Humans. I’m a big Design By Humans fan but haven’t been giving them the attention they deserve, so Matt will be plugging that gap, and providing some general posts here and there too. Also, he’s from Philly, so we know that this dude’s legit.

Abigail is from Birmingham and has a general blogging role, something of a free-reign to help expand our horizons beyond what I usually post. She is part of the Treacle Clothing team, which I think will provide a lot of good experience and knowledge for this position. I still don’t know a lot about inks and the nitty-gritty of t-shirt production, so hopefully Abigail will provide us with another perspective on the quality of a t-shirt in reviews. She is also passionate about street art and streetwear, so I’m really looking forward to what she will be blogging in the future.

The final addition to the team (for the moment, at least) is Jeremiah, and he put together a quick bio:

Hello, my name is Jeremiah Johnson, I love t-shirts and have a large beard! ( Yes, I am painfully aware that the is a movie titled Jeremiah Johnson about a mountain man with a big beard. )
I have a Bachelors of Art – but thats a piece of paper, and nothing teaches like experience and actually trying. I am a fan of all Art in general, but t-shirts are my main love because it is Art that I can carry with me. I have worked at a local t-shirt shop for 5 plus years and have recently started to branch out on my own with All things lead back to t-shirts for me. Glad to be on board.

I was unaware of the movie, but that is pretty awesome, not as awesome as that beard, but still pretty cool. Jeremiah will also be in a general blogging role, hunting down cool shirts & sites.

Please give a hearty hello to all the new bloggers and make them welcome. If you are interested in being a blogger on HYA please leave a comment on this post (and mention a few of your favourite brands too) and I will get back to you when I get the chance.


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