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HYA Posters on sale, pick some up now!

by Andy on June 10, 2011

hide your arms posters

I’ve dropped the price of the 5th Anniversary HYA posters from £4 each to £2.50 each with the three-pack costing a mere £6. They are currently marked as being ‘on sale’ in the HYA store but I think that I might make this a permanent deal, we’ll see, hopefully this will persuade a few of you to get some of my lovely prints.

No reduction in shipping prices sorry, my postage charge is often at a loss at the moment anyway, so I really can’t lower them any more than I already have.


hide your arms coupon code

It’s really quite humbling when Hide Your Arms hits a milestone in terms of popularity, and 2,500 fans on Facebook sounds pretty damn cool to me. You guys are awesome, thank you so much for liking HYA on Facebook, I really appreciate it.

I said on the FB page that when we hit 2,500 people I would make a code for 25% off in the HYA store, and I’m a man of my word. Use the coupon code FBAWESOME to get 25% off anything in the Hide Your Arms Big Cartel store. I don’t know when I’ll be turning that code off, but it will probably be on Monday, giving you guys the weekend seems like enough time to take advantage of my generosity!

Oh, and I might give you another treat when we hit 3,000 folllowers on Twitter


advertising on Hide Your Arms

As I mentioned last week the advertising here on HYA is now being handled by BuySellAds. I haven’t moved over every advertising space yet, but there are a couple of zones that have been moved over to the new platform and are now available for new advertisers to take the space.

There are 3 spaces available at $30 each for the RSS advertising. These ads go directly into the RSS feed and are seen by the 5000+ people who subscribe to Hide Your Arms by RSS every time that they view a HYA post in their feed reader.

There is 1 space available on the sidebar skyscraper position which is priced at $70 per month, which will receive an estimated 65,000 . It’s a good sized position that is well shaped for showing off your designs.

Check out HYA’s listing on BuySellAds if you’re interested in purchasing some space (but ignore the impressions statistics, with the spaces being new they aren’t right yet, HYA gets around 130,000 pageviews a month). If you have any questions drop me an e-mail or tweet and I’ll try and help out.

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The HYA Tri-blend t-shirts arrived last week and I must say I am very impressed. To be honest it’s quite hard to mess up the combination of “grey tri-blend + dark 1-colour print” but I’m still really happy with the way these tees came out. They’re in the HYA store now priced at £18 + shipping, which I admit is a little steep for our American friends with the current harshness of the exchange rate (highest it’s been for a few years at the moment), but tri-blends cost a bit more in the UK as there isn’t much call for them (something I presume is based purely on lack of awareness, tri-blends are fantastic). You *might* be able to soften the blow if you visit ShirtDeck and hunt for a Hide Your Arms coupon though.

I have taken pictures of the tee, of course, but I thought it would be fun to put together a quick video of the momentous occasion when the box was opened up, and you’ll get a decent look at the shirt too. The music is Seasun by Delorean and I think it’s lovely. I haven’t sought permission to use the music, but hopefully the band (or more likely their label) will be cool enough to let it slide because I’m just some guy trying to show off the t-shirt he’s excited about.

I only had 30 of the shirts printed, and 7 of them have gone already from the pre-orders and my friends wanting them, so get your orders in now before they run out!

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hideyourarms t-shirt

One of the things that I really get a kick out of is seeing people happy with the stuff from the HYA store that they have received, so I thought I’d show off the two latest images sent my way from happy customers. The headless lady at the top of this post is my buddy Meghan that was an intern at the same company as me when I was in Philly. See that thumbs up? It means she likes it! There are still a few ladies HYA tees available in various sizes, whereas the fellas only have the option of large left, and even then in very low numbers. I wish I could have another print run of them done but I just don’t think that there is the demand. Hopefully I’ll be able to share pictures of the new HYA shirt soon!

The lower photo is of one of the logo poster prints that I launched about a month ago. The photo comes in from Mercedes, or as you may know her, Yema Yema. It’s cool because it’s the first time I’ve seen one of them actually framed and on a wall (my set is framed, but the cheap frames I got off eBay aren’t suitable for hanging, always check eBay descriptions!). If you’re wondering, the other print comes from Sock Monkee and appears to only be available in this bundle.

I think I’m going to make this my last post until Tuesday (Britain is on holiday for the long Easter weekend, so why shouldn’t I be?). Here’s a few bits for me to nag you about before you go and enjoy the weekend too:

If you haven’t done it yet, check out ShirtDeck and post your t-shirt coupon codes (all submissions are instantly placed on the site and tweeted by @shirtdeck), it’s going along quite nicely, the database is slowly growing with coupon codes for all your favourite shops and probably some you’ve never heard of too.

Join more than 2,500 other and follow me on Twitter, this weekend I mostly expect to be complaining about traffic on Britain’s roads, how awesome my homemade ginger beer is, and maybe something about t-shirts (on a non-holiday weekend it’s mostly tees though). I’m not exactly a member of #teamfollowback but if your tweets look interesting (and English, I have nothing against foreigners, but there’s not much point me following what I can’t read) then I’ll probably follow you back.

Help inflate my ego by liking Hide Your Arms on Facebook. I post less than once a day pointing out cool HYA posts and other people’s work, so I’m not spamming you, because I hate it when brand’s over-post too.

Hide Your Arms advertising will be switching over to BuySellAds over the next couple of weeks. This will mean nothing to most of you looking at the site, the ad blocks and sizes won’t be changing, but maybe there will be new people filling them as BSA provides a much simpler platform for buying ad space than the current model that was quite time and labour intensive for me as I did it all myself. The upshot as a reader is that the site should be snappier as it will no longer be serving 25,000 ads per day, and that I should have more time to write blog posts because I will be spending less time on the advertising side of things. When it’s all setup and ready I’ll let you know so that clothing companies can check out the rates and maybe take some of the ad space or put their name on the waiting list.

Have a great weekend!


Logo Tri-blend now on pre-order!

by Andy on April 15, 2011

Hide Your Arms tri-blend mockup

A couple of hours ago I put the new HYA logo outline tri-blend t-shirt into the HYA store for pre-order, mega yay!

I expect the shirts to arrive at Hide Your Arms HQ and be shipping by the end of the month (barring any hold ups), so if you want to make sure you get one put your order in now. I’ve only ordered 30 or this shirt, and I’m having one, and my girlfriend will be having one, and I’ve already had a couple of pre-orders from friends, so that’s got us down to 26 shirts left already, factor in that those 26 are split across 5 different sizes and it’s pretty clear that stock will run low on certain sizes pretty soon (especially XXL, only 2 of them are being produced). Is that enough hype for you? If so, I suggest that you suspend all brain functions, especially the ones related to rational thought, head over the the tri-blend pre-order page and make your purchase as soon as possible.

The tees are £16 + shipping at the moment (rising to £18 + shipping after the pre-order phase) and you can save yourself at further 10% by using the coupon code TRIBLENDISMYBLEND which is good for 10% off anything in the store, not just the pre-order tri-blend. The shirts are American Apparel TR401 tri-blends in athletic grey with a soft dark grey print for the logo. As ever all orders will be shipped out by Royal Mail 1st class post, and each package will include one free pin badge, one free die cut sticker, and probably a small packet of Haribo so that you get a sugar high, making you more excited about your purchase than you probably should be.

Obviously I don’t have it in hand to say how awesome it is, but I have a really good feeling about this shirt, mostly because I know it will feel amazing because it’s very hard to go wrong with a tri-blend and I know that the colourway is going to work really well.


palmercash japanese charity tees

This is really incredible stuff, I’m very impressed. PalmerCash released some of the coolest looking Japanese Relief tees that have come onto the market since the tragedy last month, designs that you’d want to wear whether they supported a charity or not (which I think is key to getting people to buy them), and they have raised a whopping $15,000 which is going straight to the Japanese Red Cross. They still have a few of the tees left is you want to contribute and buy some sweet tees at the same time.

By contrast, my little promotion of giving 50% of poster sales to charity has resulted in a £17 donation to the Red Cross which I have round up to £20 because I’m really not going to miss £3 compared to someone that’s living in a school gymnasium. Clearly my figure seems insignificant when you put it next to that of Palmer Cash or other people like Seibei (David raised $1000 with his relief tee, way to go!), but I’m still proud that we were able to do something and help even if it only helps a couple of people.


A Special 5th Anniversary HYA Pin Badge

by Andy on March 31, 2011

hide your arms pin badges

I needed to restock on HYA badges recently after someone in Germany picked up three sets, which is fairly unusual, and whilst I was stocking up again anyway (all orders in the HYA store receive a free button, remember) I thought I’d whip up something quick to recognise that this is HYA 5th year of operation. Looks good, no?

Pick up a set of badges in the HYA store, or if you make an order instead of getting a random one thrown in your order send me a message (can you leave notes at checkout on Big Cartel?) with your chosen colourway of badge and I’ll do my best to include it.


The next Hide Your Arms t-shirt?

by Andy on March 30, 2011

hide your arms heather grey

Sorry to post about internal HYA business twice in a row, but I couldn’t hold this one in any longer. I’ve been thinking that since the HYA hoodies have been selling fairly well I might take the plunge and have the above mockup printed.

American Apparel Tri-blends are amongst my favourite t-shirt blanks, they’re super soft, wear well, last a long time without fading, and provide a great canvas overall for a print. I also really like the one-colour outline print on the HYA hoodies, so I thought I’d check out what it would look liked mocked onto a dark heather grey, and I think you’ll agrees that it looks pretty sweet.

I need your feedback if I’m going to print this, I might even do a pre-order sale (at a discount, of course), I want to know if I’ve used up the good will of readers supporting the site by buying t-shirts/hoodies/posters/pins/stickers or if you really do like the logo and actually want to buy it. At the time of writing the tee has 13 likes on Facebook, if lots more people were to ‘like’ it that would be a good indicator to me that people actually want it.

So yeah, gimme feedback, gimme your likes, and hopefully I’ll be able to release another tee and then think about what’s next as far as the HYA store is concerned.


HYA charity posters

To be completely honest, the response to my ‘buy a HYA poster and I’ll give 50% to the Red Cross‘ promo hasn’t been that spectacular, so either you guys don’t like the posters or you don’t like Japan, there’s literally no other way that the lack of sales can be interpreted.

I really appreciate the people that have picked up a poster or two, they’ve been sent all the way around the world which is very cool and the feedback I’ve been getting has been great, but of course I’d like to sell more of them and send a nice big donation to the Red Cross. I’m going to be running the charity drive until the end of March (hell, I’ll even make it midhnight PST so that it’s the end of March for just about everyone), so if you were at all considering getting a HYA poster, now is the time to do it, because you’ll be getting the poster and helping the people of Japan at the same time. Oh, and there’s the coupon code TWITTER that will give you 10% off anything in the HYA store too.


if you see something, say something

Over the past few weeks HYA has been struggling a bit to keep up with the pace and to perform to a standard I’m happen with. There were regular outages and the site was regularly at capacity, so what did I do? Stepped up and switched HYA over to a dedicated server which should hopefully make such issues a thing of the past, at least until HYA hits the next level when it comes to popularity and traffic.

From what I can tell everything has transitioned over quite nicely (the moving process is handled almost entirely by Dreamhost, it’s quite brilliant actually), but like the picture that I took in NYC says, if you see something, say something, because it would be practically impossible for me to check everything and test different configurations, so please leave a comment on this post or tweet me.

There will be no new posts on HYA over the weekend for two reasons. One, I’m going to be tweaking the setup of HYA to get things running as fast as possible and since I’m not an expert in these things it will likely take so long that I won’t find the time to write anything. Two, it looks like it’s going to be a beautiful weekend weather-wise, so I’m going to leave the office and get some fresh air.

Quick reminders about connecting with HYA. I’m on Twitter, here’s the Facebook page (which is updated less than once a day usually, I’m no spammer), here’s the RSS feed, and if you want to submit a post (of your brand, or perhaps a picture of you in your HYA gear from the HYA store) you can do that here. Have a great weekend everyone!


Hide Your Arms posters are on sale!

by Andy on March 3, 2011

hide your arms posters

I am very excited about this, I had a feeling that the 5th anniversary posters were going to look good, but when I opened up the box of prints last night after a bit of an epic day I couldn’t believe how much I liked them. I look at stuff on a computer screen every day, and seeing designs like this on thick paper reminds me why print will (probably) never die, because it’s lovely.

I had hoped that I would be releasing 4 designs at the same time, but there has been an understandable delay with the 4th poster design, so I thought I would go ahead and release the first three because I’m an impatient man and if I waited much longer these would be the 6th anniversary posters.

Much like the HYA hoodies, I am very proud of these posters. I know they’re a bit outside the boundaries of what HYA stands for, but posters are cool, and these ones will look great on your wall. Milk & Eggs Co. were responsible for the two non-logo designs, “Five” & “Come Rain, Come Shine”, and I think they’ve done a very good job. I didn’t really give them much of a design brief other than to produce a design that related to Hide Your Arms in some way and might use the HYA colourway of blue and red, and somehow from that they managed to gleam enough inspiration to create these designs (and some others too, but these two are my favourites). I have decided that in this form the posters by Milk & Eggs Co. will be limited to a print run of 100 pieces each, it’s possible that I might use the designs for something else in the future because I really do like them, but as they are now they’ll be kept to 100 posters maximum per design. The logo poster is an open-ended print run, though at the end of this year if I print it again I’ll remove the 5th anniversary shield that is printed on the bottom right corner of that poster, so in that respect this version of the logo poster is limited to 2011.

The designs are digitally printed onto using nice and thick A3 sized 300gsm matt card stock. The three designs are available individually in the HYA store for what I believe is a very reasonable £4 each, or you can purchase all three together for £10, which for the mathematically challenged/lazy out there will give you a £2 saving over buying the posters individually.

All the posters will be rolled up and shipped in poster tubes as I feel this is the best way to minimise the chance of damage during transit. Thankfully due to the light weight of such a product it isn’t prohibitively expensive to ship the posters outside the EU, so hopefully I’ll be sending posters all over the world over the next few weeks. If you purchase one or more posters individually, or more than one pack (why not get one for a friend!), you will only be charged for shipping on the first poster/pack, so y’know… buy lots of posters in the HYA store.

As ever, your feedback is much appreciated, so please check out the posters in the store. If you have any questions let me know via your favourite social channel (comments on here, Twitter, or Facebook) and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.


Coupon code for 21% off in the HYA Store!

by Andy on February 25, 2011

Hide Your Arms Space Invader

I have a problem when it comes to trying to raise the profile of Hide Your Arms. I don’t like spam, and I don’t want to spam you guys. I see brands talking about themselves 24/7 and it can get a little embarrassing, and I don’t want to be that, so when I launched the Facebook Likes Promotion last week I did it with some hesitation. I know this is the nature of the game, you have to tell people things repeatedly to perhaps get them to suggest Hide Your Arms to their friends on Facebook, but it’s not something I’m particularly comfortable with since I rarely do it myself, hell I don’t like to ask my own friends to like HYA on Facebook, so why should I expect people I don’t know to do it?

If you helped HYA gain some new fans I am very, very grateful, thank you for helping this site grow and reach more people, the bigger it gets, the more time I can afford to spend working on HYA and putting together those ridiculous lists that inevitably make the site crash. If you didn’t help by suggesting HYA to your friends, that’s cool too, like I said above, I understand, and I appreciate you taking the time to visit the site regularly.

So the promotion wasn’t hugely successful, though I was pretty proud that we broke the 2,000 likes barrier, it was sitting under that number which gave me the idea to even have this promo push, so at least we achieved that, and I was probably a bit deluded thinking that the amount of fans would jump up by hundreds simply because there aren’t that many fans, though if I keep coming up with articles like the Scott Pilgrim one earlier in the week then I’m sure that the fan base will grow.

Okay, enough teasing, I promised you a coupon code and that’s what I’m going to give you. Use the coupon code HYALOVESYOU to receive a 21% discount in the Hide Your Arms store on any of the items, hoodies, t-shirts (the stock is low though, remember), pin badges and stickers. This coupon code will be live until Sunday at midnight GMT… unless I forget to turn it off, in which it will be some random time after that.

I’m going to a medieval wedding this weekend (you read that right), and them I’m off on another work trip on Monday/Tuesday, so all orders placed using this coupon code in the Hide Your Arms store will be shipped out by 1st class Royal Mail on Wednesday. Next week I expect to finally have the 5th anniversary posters in the store, I did some test prints on a photocopier to test sizes, and even in terrible resolution and in grayscale print they looked good, so I can’t begin to imagine how mindblowingly nice the real thing will be!


A HYA Hoodie Gif to give you a headache

by Andy on February 20, 2011

HYA hoodie gif

Quick update about the hoodies, I’m now sold out of medium sized pullovers, and have limited quantities available in all other sizes. That isn’t me trying to over-hype them, it’s just that I only did a limited run, so quantities were fairly limited to begin with.

I know the posters are running later than you’d have wanted, especially as people seem quite excited about them, but I will hopefully be getting the first shipment in within a week.

Check out the HYA store, and remember, there will be a sizeable coupon code coming up next weekend, and you can make it bigger by liking Hide Your Arms on Facebook and suggesting the FB page to your friends.

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Like HYA on Facebook

I would like to thank you loyal HYA fans by offering you a coupon code for the HYA store, as I know most of you are American, and that the exchange rate is making it a bit of a tough ask for you to buy. However, I’d also like there to be more of you to thank, so I’ve come up with a slightly unusual promotion. Brands often celebrate getting a certain amount of fans on Facebook or Twitter by offering a coupon code to their fans, say if you had 1000 fans you’d give 10% off, 2000 fans 20% off. Of course, that’s too simple for me, so I’m going to let you guys decide how big you want the coupon code to be.

The more people ‘like’ Hide Your Arms on Facebook, the larger I will make the coupon code, for every 100 likes, the code will gain another 1% saving, up to a maximum or 30%. For example, at the time of writing the Hide Your Arms Facebook page has 1959 likes, so rounding up (because I’m nice like that), that is twenty hundreds, so the coupon code would be 20%, if 2500 of you like HYA the code will be 25%, 3000+ likes will result in a whopping 30% discount code.

You’ve got from now until this time next Friday (16:00GMT 25th February) to get your likes in and to suggest the page to friends (please don’t spam too much them though, I know how annoying that can be), and then I’ll setup the coupon code to be live all weekend long.


HYA hoodies are on sale (and stickers too)!

by Andy on February 10, 2011

hya hoodie

They’re here, they’re here, they’re finally here! Feels a bit like Christmas, no?

I really am very proud of these hoodies. They feel like such a quality product, really soft, warm, well put together, great fit, they really are impressive, and I’m rather enthusiastic about the hoodies, which is probably obvious due to my overuse of the word ‘really’ in this sentence. I know I’m meant to big them up to you guys since you will (hopefully) be the people buying them, but I am genuinely very happy with the hoodies and hope that you’ll like them too.

The print on the back uses water-based ink, so it’s nice and soft and will only get softer over time, and over the washing cycles it will gain a really nice vintage look, so it doesn’t just look good now, it will look good forever! I decided to go with the one colour print just to keep it simple and hopefully fairly classy, this isn’t a loud hoodie, but I feel it’s very wearable. Of course, I am very biased, I think anything with my logo on is very wearable.

When I first envisioned the hoodies they were going to be purely a pullover affair, but based on your feedback I decided to split the print run between pullovers and zip-up hoodies, to make sure that everyone was happy. The zip-up hoodies do run smaller than the pullover, so if you are really concerned about the size and don’t want a snug fit I would suggest ordering a size up. Due to the order being split that does of course mean that there are limited quantities available of each size in each style.

The contrast coloured laces do add something to the front when compared to the grey laces that the hoodies were shipped with. It’s just a little thing, but I think that the little touch of blue sets it apart from a ‘regular’ hoody, and makes sure that it isn’t all business at the front (no, I have not produced the hoody equivalent of a mullet).

The hoodies are priced at £35 each for either the zip-up or the pullover, which I think is in line with what other British brands are charging for similar products. Shipping in the UK is £3.60, and shipping for everyone else is £7.50, I know that might sound a little steep, but that’s actually less than the post office will charge me to send a hoodie to you (around £10), so I am taking a hit on the shipping for you guys because I couldn’t bring myself to charge more than £10 just to send you a hoodie. Also, since £7.50 is too much for shipping in the European Union (who are also being charged as ‘everyone else’) I have created the coupon code EUROSHIPPING5 which will give you 5% off your order, to take account of the shipping costs. I know it’s a bit awkward, hopefully Big Cartel will implement a European shipping option soon and we can do things the regular way. Of course, there’s nothing to stop non-Europeans using that coupon code either…

Regular readers will notice I’ve also redone the HYA store to make it look quite a lot better and less like a vanilla Big Cartel store front. Will this mean more people buy stuff? I have no idea, but I like looking at it more so I’m happy with that. There are also new images for all the items I’ve got on sale, new and old. I’ve just added the HYA stickers to the store, which are £1.20 for a pack of 5.

Check out the Hide Your Arms store and have a look around, and please let me know what you think, and as usual I request that you be as honest as possible.


HYA hoodies have arrived.

by Andy on February 4, 2011

hide your arms hoody

This blog post is both awesome and terrible. Awesome because in that picture there is a Hide Your Arms hoodie (yeah!), and terrible because I’m letting you know that I’ve got to take a few days off from blogging and HYA stuff because I’m on driving missions for my parent’s business. I’ve already driven 1500 miles this week, and there’s another 600 to do this weekend. I thought I’d be able to write up some covering posts to get me through but it hasn’t worked out that way, and I don’t even have time to schedule the mounting backlog of submitted posts.

When I get back on Monday I’ll be straight back onto HYA work, so please accept my apologies that I’m not replying to your e-mails, tweets, submissions and requests for marriage (I’m taken ladies!). I am also procuring various blue shoelaces so that I can get the regular grey ones out of the hoodies and replace them with some more exciting blue ones to provide a bit of contrast and detail to the fronts of the hoodies. That does mean it will likely be a few more days before I can make the hoodies available for purchase, but I think it will give us a better product overall. If you’d like one which has the grey drawstring laces, or just don’t want to wait any longer, let me know and I will put one aside for you that won’t have the strings changed.


Hide Your Arms Logo Stickers!

by Andy on February 1, 2011

hide your arms stickers

Ignore the dirt on my desk, look at the sticker, now nice is that!?

I’d been wanting to get stickers made up as soon as I saw the logo more than a year ago, and I finally bit the bullet and sorted the artwork (with a little help as my Twitter followers will know), and thanks to the guys at Awesome Merchandise I received the stickers less than a week after ordering, and they were great to deal with, and at no point got annoyed with my newbie printing questions.

I will add the stickers to the HYA store soon, selling them at only just above cost price as they are a promo item, and hopefully you guys will start covering your towns, cities, notebooks and laptops red & blue in the near future. Of course, if you buy a HYA tee (and soon a HYA hoodie, those are being printed at the moment), you’ll get a free sticker in your order.


hideyourarms posters

This is a project I’ve been working on especially for the 5th anniversary, so there’s no better time to officially announce the “Hide Your Arms Limited Edition Poster Series” than today. Obviously there will be a ‘vanilla’ poster of the HYA logo, and those other two posters above have been created by the team over at Milk & Eggs Co. (they sent some others too but I thought I’d just share those for now because I haven’t decided which will be printed yet).

I really admire their work and was thrilled when they said they would participate in the series, and even happier when I saw the designs they produced. I will announce the other poster and it’s designer as soon as I have the design in my hands/inbox, and the posters will hopefully be on sale (with a couple going as comeptition prizes) within a couple of weeks. I haven’t quite decided on the amount of posters that I’m going to have printed, but it probably won’t be more than 100, but they will be legitimately limted editions (except for the regular logo poster), all numbered, and if I can get my signature to not look goofy I might even sign them too!

I am contemplating making this an ongoing series rather than just for the anniversary period, so if you can think of any designers you’d like to see involved let me know in the comments.

My apologies to this guy for stealing his poster mock, but the only other mockup kit I could find was by Go Media and I wasn’t prepared to drop $35 so I could do 3 mockups.

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hide your arms hoodie

As some of you on Facebook and Twitter will well be aware, I’m going to be releasing a Hide Your Arms hoodie soon, but as you will be the people buying it, I thought I’d let you help me decide which design to release. I know which design I’m leaning towards, but if there is a massive swing of support for one or the other I will follow the will of the masses. Please comment on this post for either hoodie A or hoodie B.

I apologise about the slightly dodgy mockups, but I think they do give you a good idea of what I’m aiming for. Also, in case anyone was going to mention that little rant I had about people not using product photos that were in colour, that actually is a colour photograph, but the snow has a tendency to make things look very black and white outside my house. If you’re worried about having that large amount of black print, don’t, I’ve found a printer I trust, and they’re going to be using water-based ink so you’re barely going to be able to tell that it’s there, and as it gets washed you’re going to have a beautiful vintage fade. The hoodie is going to come from Continental Clothing stock, it’s a really lovely hoodie, one of my favourites, it’s quite heavyweight, and it’s also quite a fashion fit but still forgiving, I think the best way I can describe it is that when I wear it I feel like I’m being lightly hugged. Unfortunately Continental only produce it in S-XL size ranges, which is a bit disappointing, but if you would like an XXL, I will provide with with the files you need to create one via Spreadshirt or any other POD of your choosing.

The front of the hoodie will be blank, although I am trying to source some “HYA blue” coloured laces for the drawstring, as that will provide a bit of contrast and something different from the norm. I think I might prefer it as a pullover hoodie, but if you really would prefer a zip-up please say so in the comments, as it might be possible for me to split the order a bit (perhaps I could do pre-orders for people that want a zip-up?).

Obviously, I want your feedback on this, because hopefully you’ll be the people wearing it, so be honest, and let me know what you think.


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