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Happy 5th birthday, Hide Your Arms!

by Andy on January 20, 2011

Hide Your Arms

I realise that Hide Your Arms turning five years old doesn’t really mean an awful lot to anyone other than me, but I think it’s cool that I’ve run a website pretty much continually (I think the longest break was a month back in 2009 when I was touring LA-Vegas-Death Valley-Yosemite-San Francisco-LA), make new friends, help a lot of brands, learn a lot about a lot of things, and share my love of t-shirts.

I’ve got quite a lot of very HYA-centric posts coming up today, so hopefully you’ll all indulge me!


How to connect with HYA

by Andy on January 17, 2011


I haven’t done a post like this in a little while, and as we’re at the beginning of a big week on HYA (5 year anniversary!) I thought I’d remind you of the many ways that you can get your fix of HYA goodness. Something I’ve been wondering about recently is why the site doesn’t get loads of comments despite having quite a lot of traffic, so in the future I’m going to be trying to encourage a bit more chatter on the site*, feel free to get involved and discuss the tees, hoodies and news that I post, if you don’t like something, let me know, and if you do like it, tell me why!

1. Visit the site directly! Old school, I know, but there is something nice about actually visiting a website every now and again and not relying entirely on Google Reader.

2. RSS! Even I subscribe to the HYA RSS feed, and I know what is going to be on the site before it’s published. Join 5000 other people and make sure you never miss a post.

3. E-mail Subscription! Not many of you have signed up for this (SHAME ON YOU!), but I think it’s pretty cool if you want to get every HYA post delivered to your inbox in a single e-mail at around 11pm (GMT). You get all the posts, all the pictures, all the fun of visiting HYA without the inconvenience of actually having to type in your browser.

4. Twitter! More than 2000 people now follow the HYA twitter feed (thank you!), but I am power mad and want even more of you to get the latest updates when a post is published on HYA, I share a deal or sale (that might not necessarily be blogged about on the main site), or mention how my brother, girlfriend, parents, or anyone in the world anywhere could beat me at Kinect. I have also been running a few Twitter only

5. Facebook! You guys haven’t quite toppled the 2000 fan mark on the HYA Facebook page, which may well just mean that there aren’t 2000 fans of HYA, but having 1800+ is pretty freakin’ sweet anyway. Of course, the Facebook page isn’t just for massaging my ego, I point out my favourite posts of the day/week (making it very useful for the casual HYA fan), and encourage brand owners (and everyone else) to post links and photos.

I’ve got some cool stuff planned for this week with it being the big anniversary celebration. I realise that this website turning 5 years old probably doesn’t mean much to you guys, but it is pretty special to me since I am *quite* involved with HYA and how it has effected the course of my life over the past few years, so I do intend to mark it with more than just a single “hey, isn’t that nice?” kind of post.

* I like nachos, do you?


HYA is the best t-shirt blog of 2010, yay!

by Andy on December 30, 2010

the cravats

You may remember me mentioning the voting for the Everyguyed Network’s ‘Cravat’ awards for several blogging categories, of which HYA was nominated for best t-shirt blog of 2010. Well, I won, with 42% of the vote in the category. It’s awfully nice to win something, though I must admit that the award does ring a bit hollow considering that there were some notable absentees from the list of nominees. Thank you very much to the 123 people that voted for Hide Your Arms, it’s very nice of you, it feels good to have my work recognised, especially when it’s by anonymous people, not just those who write e-mails saying they love my blog… and can I write something about their brand!

Personally, I don’t feel that HYA has been as good as it could be this year, it started out well with the redesign but since then I don’t feel I’ve been able to meet up with my own expectations of how the site should be growing. I feel that this is because of needing to spend time on my other job, which has a tendency to take precedent over HYA. Perhaps I’ve also been a bit too focused on my other websites (some of which are live, some of which are only alive in my head at the moment) when I should have been working hard on the site that I’ve spent almost 5 years building, instead of spreading myself out over ideas that I feel have a lot of potential but maybe just don’t have the time for at the moment.

I didn’t really want this post to turn into a retrospective of the year and how I’ve just been too damn busy, but the coming of a new year tends to make you think about the past, and also about the future, in which I hope to actually deliver on promises more often than I have this year. 2011 will mark HYAs 5th year of existence, which does make it rather old in internet years, but hopefully I’ll be able to inject some youthful vigour and deliver our best year so far.

As ever, thanks for reading, thanks for subscribing, thanks for buying tees, and thanks for sending in all the news tips.


£5 HYA tees until Monday!

by Andy on November 26, 2010

hide your arms black friday 2010

I couldn’t go through all these Black Friday posts without getting in on the action myself, so I’ve put the HYA tee on sale at 50% off for £5 from now until Monday evening, let’s call it midnight GMT, though I’ll probably forget so you’re safe until Tuesday morning.

I’m running pretty low on sizes, all out of mens S,M,XL & XXL, which leaves just size large for the fellas. The ladies have a bit more choice, with S,L & XL still being available, there is one medium left but it has a print error on it, so I’m not going to sell it even at this bargain basement price. UK shipping is £2, and international is £3 (that’s as low as I can go with the shipping), so pick one up before they’re gone, I’m not sure if I’ll be doing another print run in this style/colourway for a long time, so this might be your last chance to grab a piece of history (a fairly insignificant piece of history, but a piece nevertheless).

Also, if you’re thinking “hey, that’s a weird product shot,” it’s not really a product shot, just a photo of one of my buddies enjoying their HYA shirt on a skiing holiday.


Where to get your HYA fix!

by Andy on November 12, 2010

warehouse project manchester

…. and that’s another week!

Some pretty good posts, tees and hoodies this week I think, hopefully you agree. This weekend I’m heading to the Warehouse Porject in Manchester to see MIA (gig/clubbing under a train station? Yes please!), if perhcance any HYAers are going to be there and spot me, say hello and I’ll give you a free HYA button, also, because it would be soooo awesome if I were recognised at an event, I’d probably end up buying you a drink, even at Warehouse Project prices!

I thought it might be an opportune time to remind you about other places to find HYA around the web. There is of course the Hide Your Arms twitter account, which auto-updates every time a new post goes on the blog, so join more than 1800 other people and follow me. If you want to ‘like’ HYA on Facebook that would be very much appreciated, I don’t use the page too often to sedn out updates because I hate spam as much as the next guy, though recently I have been trying a ‘post of the day’ update that people have seemed to like (and the post isn’t always from HYA either, I’m trying to spread the love). The FB Page is over 1600 likes now which I’m really proud of, thanks to everyone for taking time to press that button and share the site with your friends. A couple of months ago I switched on e-mail subscriptions for the site, in which you receive a daily digest of everything that was posted to HYA that day, if you don’t use an RSS reader and want to make sure you miss nothing I think it’s a pretty good solution, and you can always just delete it or unsubscribe if you don’t like it.

Lastly, there is of course the Hide Your Arms shop, which at the moment only has two items in it, the HYA logo tee (some sizes sold out and others running low) and the button pack. I’m considering having some stickers produced, and screenprinted posters, not necessarily to sell since I can’t see them being that popular (no one loves HYA as much as me and I’m cool with that), but if there’s anything you guys want the HYA logo put onto, and similarly, if you designers ever want to play around with the logo get in touch and I’ll send over the illustrator file.

Enjoy your weekend, and I *might* have a special surprise for you next week!

[Picture by fussy onion]

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Post image for Has anyone else been ripped off by 5quidink?

Yes, that title is slightly incendiary, but I feel that in this case it is more-than-likely warranted.

Regular readers of HYA may have seen that a few months ago 5quidink were advertising on the site. I was happy to have them there, they were a new tee-a-day site with good designs from well known designers, priced attractively, and they seemed like an all-round good bunch of people. One of the things about HYA is that when it comes to my advertisers, I like to have good people on here, brands that I’m proud to have advertising with me, and when I saw an upstart like 5quidink, I thought they showed a lot of potential and were doing things right.

Then they stopped paying their bills, and stopped answering e-mails. At HYA I charge advertising based on how many views an ad has received over the course of a month, so I get no money up front and advertisers get sent a bill at the end of the month. It’s a system that I feel is fair to the advertiser (they pay for what they get), and it does require some trust on my part, but like I said, I tend to have good advertisers that are happy to pay their bills, and do so on time.

5quidink closed down a few months ago, apparently to get some quality issues worked out before relaunching and starting anew. Apparently this closing down means leaving customers without their shirts, possibly with some of their artists unpaid, and handsome t-shirt bloggers unpaid too. The site has disappeared now, with attempts to access it receiving a ‘server not found’ message, and every so often a GoDaddy parked domain page. When I was e-mailing them a few months ago about the unpaid bills they said that they’d had issues with their PayPal account and that I would be paid soon, fair enough I thought, you hear lots of stories about people having their PayPal accounts suspended and holds being put in place, they seem like good people, Ill wait it out. The last e-mail I received from them was on June 6th that ended with the following line:

We’ll settle our debt to you soon Andy.

As I’m sure will be no surprise to you, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this post, they have not settled those debts, and they haven’t responded to e-mails (or Facebook messages). I’m not owed that much money by them, but it’s the principle, they chose to advertise with me knowing that advertising with me costs money, businesses shouldn’t just shut down and leave people in the lurch, it’s not fair and it’s not right. If they do come back after sorting out their issues, I certainly won’t be writing about them, how could I knowing that you guys might not get the t-shirts you ordered? This post isn’t meant to be a hit job, it probably sounds a bit petty, and I know it isn’t the classiest post I’ll ever write, but 5quidink have been given more than enough opportunities to explain the situation and clear the air, but instead they’ve chosen to ignore me, and other people by the sounds of it, and I’m hoping that a post like this might provoke a response from them or be seen by other people who can shed some light on the situation.


Did you guys know HYA is on Tumblr?

by Andy on July 5, 2010

atomium in Brussels

That’s me last weekend stood in front of the Atomium building in Brussels, it’s nuts.

A few months ago I set up, not with the intent of doing anything special with it, but just to give you guys another means of getting the latest site posts. I’m not to au fait with Tumblr as I just use it as a repository of cool pictures I’ve found on the internet, but as I understand it people use Tumblr kind of like RSS feeds, yes? I thought that some of the people that do that might also read HYA, so why not give them the option of reading it through Tumblr?

One of the problems with the WordPress theme that I use with Hide Your Arms is that it will not show you the top picture of each post when you’re viewing it on Tumblr (e.g., if you were to look at this post on Tumblr it would just be text, that picture above wouldn’t be visible), so entries look a bit boring. This isn’t too much of an issue if you’re just getting some quick coupon code news, and there’s always the option to click through to the original article if you would like. All other images (other images in posts and the galleries) work fine.

Hide Your Arms on Tumblr


Hide Your Arms t-shirt sale because England really sucked last night

I was really hoping that I wouldn’t have to write this post, but because Rooney and co. displayed about as much passion last night as I do when it’s time to do the vacuuming, they once again failed to register a win in the World Cup, so the HYA tee remains on sale.

To tempt you into a purchase even more, I’ve dropped the price (even though I said I never would, ha!) by 50p, making it £7.50 ($11) for the tee, let’s be honest, that price is ridiculous, especially for a quality American Apparel t-shirt with a 4 colour print on it. It’d be great to ship out a few more to fans this week, and hopefully the sale will be ending on Wednesday when hopefully England live up to some of their potential and manage to beat Slovenia.


Hide Your Arms hits new heights!

by Andy on June 15, 2010

Hide Your Arms on Toubkal Mountain

No, this isn’t a post about record breaking traffic numbers (though things are looking mighty healthy according to the stats software), this post is about my brother wearing a Hide Your Arms tee (in the previously unseen kelly green colourway) on top of Toubkal, a 4,167m (13,671 ft) tall mountain in Morocco. As you can tell by what other people were wearing on the summit, it was chilly, so I’m glad he braved the cold to show off the tee.

The t-shirt shown now belongs to a Berber guide that led the trek, so I can now say that Hide Your Arms has reached Africa, not many continents to go now, maybe with the clearance sale I’ve got going on at the moment I can tick a couple more off the list!

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Hide Your Arms T-shirt Sale

I was so, so, so confident that England were going to win against the USA in the World Cup group game at the weekend, I guess I got what I deserved for believing that England might play as well as they should, but they managed to stick to regular form and mess things up in spite of themselves. They damn near ruined the big BBQ that I had at my house (the Weber got a lot of use). I was feeling genuinely deflated after the game, which is strange because I’m well aware that the way England play has no direct bearing upon my life. Still, we’ll win the World Cup no matter what, so I’m not too concerned about this little bump in the road.

Another reason why I was depressed during and after the England game. ITV. Or more specifically, ITV HD. I invited all my friends around to watch the match at my house because we have a beautiful 52″ tv, and a HD Sky subscription. What happened three minutes into the England match? ITV HD ‘accidentally’ cut to a car commercial, the screen went black, we all screamed, and when the game came back, England had scored and were celebrating. I was robbed of that moment of joy when my team scored their first goal of the World Cup.

I’d said on Facebook and Twitter that “when England won…” I would put the HYA tee on sale, as a way to console American readers who would clearly feel crushed by the defeat dealt to them by their former colonial masters. Now, I need cheering up, and there are few things that cheer me up more than getting an e-mail saying I’ve received an order for a Hide Your Arms t-shirt. I also said that the sale would be crazy, and it is, £8. I really can’t make it any cheaper than this, and I won’t. Ever.

The tee will remain at £8 (and HYA badge packs are on sale too, at £1.25 for 5 badges) until England win a game. Their next game is against current Group C leaders Slovenia on Friday, and then their last group game is against Algeria on June 23rd. If they don’t win either of those games they won’t be going through to the kockout stages, and I’ll have to leave the tee on sale until the next international England play, so hopefully Rooney will sort it out and bang some goals in on Friday!


I heart HYA, well, of course I do!

by Andy on February 23, 2010

I Heart HYA t-shirt

Greek t-shirt designer yanmos, who has already been mentioned on HYA three times this year, is clearly a fan of the site, seeing as how he whipped up this mockup of a tee that combines two things I love, “I Heart…” tees and myself Hide Your Arms. Seeing thing like this makes me wonder if it might be a good idea to go down the ATshirtBlog and route and have a HYA shop setup at a print on demand site, where you could buy items like this that may have interest to a few fans but wouldn’t be popular enough to warrant me getting a load printed. Thoughts?


HYA Tee £10 Until 7PM GMT

by Andy on February 16, 2010

tigg wearing the Hide Your Arms logo tee

Snap Sale! The HYA tee is going to be £10 (that’s a saving of £3 or around $5) for the next hour and a half until 6pm GMT. If you see this post late and miss out, sorry, I might do another short 1 hour sale later at night at some other point during the week or next week. Go! Go! Go!

*UPDATE* I thought I’d keep it going for another hour since sales have gone quite well, I am now sold out of XXL and S mens tees, still M, L, and XL available for the guys and S,M,L,XL, for the ladies.


hide your arms designer toy

So much for me trying to stop this blog being so HYA-centric at the moment, but when you release your own tee (still on sale folks!), get mentioned in a respected magazine, and have your logo turned into a pair of cufflinks these things need to be mentioned.

The lady in my life made this figure out of clay for me in the official HYA colours, so now the site has a mini-mascot. I had been thinking a few days ago that it would be cool if I could get a Dunny painted up with the HYA logo… it’s like she can read my mind!

Naturally, this is 1-of-1 and it ain’t going on sale, though if you’re willing to pay $10,000 for one I could probably persuade her to make another.

[click to continue…]


Oh yeah, HYA was in Digital Arts Magazine!

by Andy on February 13, 2010

Post image for Oh yeah, HYA was in Digital Arts Magazine!

I actually got this magazine last week (after it took more than a month to be delivered by Digital Arts, which is pretty poor) and shared it on Twitter and Facebook, but somehow forgot to mention it here. It’s only a small mention, seeing as it is literally just the URL and tagline of the site, but it’s very cool to see my site in print for a second time.

And yes, they mis-spelled Emptees.


The first HYA tee fan photo!

by Andy on January 28, 2010

Post image for The first HYA tee fan photo!

I don’t want to ram the HYA tee down your throats too much, but I am still very excited about it and amazed that people like it and are buying it (tees sent to the UK, US, Norway and Greece so far), so I hope you’ll forgive me for posting the first ever fan photo of someone I’ve never met wearing a HYA tee.

And of course, they are still available to buy if you want to look as good as Darren.

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Happy 4th birthday Hide Your Arms

by Andy on January 20, 2010

Woop! Four years! I wonder f there’s anyone out there that has been reading since the first year? I don’t expect anyone to be reading since day one, as I was the only person to visit this site four years ago, when I should have probably been revising for exams.

As Twitter followers and Facebook fans will be aware by now, the HYA tess have arrived, and I’m hoping to get them on sale later today. I’ve also been spending almost all my time over the past week staring at my monitors trying to get the redesign finished, and it’s a long and frustrating process for someone like me who doesn’t do this on a regular basis and refuses to accept help from people, but I think today will be the day that the new HYA will be coming online, so if the site looks weird over the next day or two it’s because I’m still tweaking and fixing things, as problems usually don’t become obvious until you’ve gona live and people start saying “hey Andy, I tried to leave a comment, and then my hair set on fire, any chance you could look into this?”

Picture Courtesy of Cake Wrecks (and yes, I know it’s not a birthdday cake, but it’s hilarious!)


Hide Your Arms Cufflinks. Oh my yes.

by Andy on December 27, 2009


This post could have also easily been titled ‘I have the greatest girlfriend in the world ever’.

As you may well have guessed from that alternate title, I received these custom HYA-logo’d cufflinks from my wonderful girlfriend for Christmas, and I just had to share them. Also, they’re totally pun worthy because when I’m using them I’ll be wearing a shirt, and therefore hiding my arms. Brilliant!

Alas, there’s no intention of producing any more pairs at the moment, so they’ll be staying at 1/1 edition for the foreseeable futue.

On a side note, thanks to all of those that became fans of HYA on Facebook, I encourage you all to do so (naturally!), and if you’re a new reader that isn’t already aware, I can also be found on Twitter too, though I’m not tweeting too much at the moment, it is Christmas afterall.


Hide Your Arms is releasing a t-shirt!

by Andy on December 6, 2009

Post image for Hide Your Arms is releasing a t-shirt!

It was inevitable that after spending almost 4 years writing about t-shirts, hoodies and anything else that I thought was cool and you guys would be interested in, that I would put my money where my mouth is and actually try and release a shirt.

The shirt, mocked-up above, features the brand new Hide Your Arms logo, and this is the first time most of you will be seeing that, it’s a 4 colour print with negative space on the arms (so they’re hidden, get it?), a fairly large print on American Apparel 2001/2102 tees (that means I’m doing sizes cut for men and women). The logo (created by Ray Masaki of Lowdtown fame) will be being used in the upcoming redesign of the site, and general branding. I know what you’re thinking, “Andy, don’t you always complain about people slapping their logo onto a shirt?” It’s true, I am generally not a fan of logo shirts. I’m not entirely against them, which is why we have the logoteesthatdontsuck tag, but I do often feel that brands, and new brands especially, put their logo onto a tee and there isn’t really much to it. I feel that a Hide Your Arms logo tee has a bit more to it because the site is almost four years old, and with around 5000 readers I’d like to think that some of you have developed a fondness for HYA, so the logo tee comes from their already being a brand, rather than trying to build a brand around a logo.

Throughout the process of having the artwork made by Ray (check out his portfolio), picking colours, choosing a printer, working out how many tees to order, and calculating the pricing I’ve been learning an awful lot. I almost wish that I had done this a long time ago so that I had a lot more insight into what all the people I write about do on a daily basis, because you know what? This is hard. I’m sure the first time is the hardest, and I hope I get to repeat the experience again in the future with original artwork by some of my favourite artists, but I think going through this will help to improve HYA because the more I know about the industry the better I can critique designs and provide feedback to clothing companies.

The tee will likely be going on sale on January 21st next year, a day that some of you may recognise as the 4th birthday of Hide Your Arms, so there’s a while to wait before it is available, so I’ll let you know more details closer to that time, but I wanted to let you know now since I’m really excited about this. Your thoughts and feedback are very much appreciated, I’ve spent enough time telling you what I don’t like about tees, so this might be an opportunity for scorned t-shirt companies to get their own back!


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