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storm in a teacup t-shirt

Last week I posted this tee when it was on TeeFury and as usual I was bemoaning the way that you guys may have visited HYA several hours or days after it ceased to be available at the tee a day site. Fortunately, artist Ross Robinson has made the design available on POD site MySoti, yes, it’s not the bargain $9 it was last week, but at least you’ll be able to actually buy it rather than going “… wish I’d got that on TeeFury last week.”

Costiness=£18.24 Available at MySoti

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Hokusai’s great wave… in a teacup

by Andy on March 2, 2010

hokusai t-shirt

This tee is at TeeFury, so there is a chance that by the time you read this unfortunately it won’t be available, which is the only problem I have with “tee a day” sites and why I don’t mentioned them much on HYA. If you’re after daily updates on those kind of sites, popculturetees and teemagnet will treat you well.

Regular readers will know that I have quite a large soft spot for Hokusai inspired designs, and I think that this is one of the finer examples that I’ve seen. At $11/$14 shipped (US/International) you can’t really go wrong.




There will never be enough tees of Hokusai’s The Great Wave, and this one has skulls on it!

Costiness=$30 Available from Faded Line Clothing [via Rumplo]

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Even though the design isn’t entirely related to it (thought there is more than a passing resemblance), I instantly liked this design because of the use of Hokusai as the background to the promo pics. That said, it is a good design in it’s own right, I really like that way that the wave almost looks like a hand preparing to grab the boat and drag down to the murky depths, and the print is a nice big size too, which is always good to see.

Costiness=$19 Available from Springleap

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Namicon by Proteus Apparel

by Andy on July 8, 2009


Well, I say that this design is by Proteus Apparel in the title, but I think it would be a lot more fair to say that it was by Hokusai (incidentally, HYA is the #1 result on Google for misspelling that name as Hokkusai), still, I do love to see that Great Wave at every opportunity (it’s the gelaskin on the back of my iPhone), and I really love the placement of the print on this tee… I would be interested to see where the print ends though, because the description calls it a “one-sided all over print” which is a little confusing, how can it be an all-over print if it’s on one side?

Costiness=$22 Available from Proteus Apparel


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