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Electric MVMT Light-Up Hoodie Review

by Amy_F on February 18, 2013

I’ve never been more excited upon receiving an email to do a review of a light-up hoodie.  Electric MVMT has designed an original glow-in-the-dark, light-up hoodie in several color schemes.  I received my package from them very fast and got to playing around with it this weekend.


At first I wasn’t sure what to think about how this thing was even going to operate.  Upon opening the package, which arrived in a simple brown box with the product packaged in a clear bag inside, I unzipped the sweatshirt to find a battery pack inserted in an inside small Velcro pocket.  I instantaneously started laughing and the only thought that came to mind was, “wow, I’m totally gonna get electrocuted if I wear this in the rain.”


The wires are strategically connected from the battery pack to the colored light-up tubing that runs along the length of the zipper into the lining of the hood.  It’s quite nifty (yes I totally just said, nifty) how it all is intertwined, sewn inside and connected.  Please note though that the batteries are NOT included.  The sweatshirt requires 2 Double A batteries (AA).


The hoodie I received was perfect; white with pink light-up tubing.  The battery pack inside has 1 button on it, as initially I figured it was one click on, one click off.  To my surprise, however it was not like that at all!  It was 1 click for on, the second click makes the light-up tubing blink slowly AND THEN, a third click will make you feel like you’re at a rave.  The light-up tubing repeatedly blinks very fast and the fourth and final click will turn the lights off.


The sweatshirt is definitely high-quality, as Electric MVMT is selling them for originally $90.00 on their website (currently they’re on sale for $65.00).  They come in Black with Blue Illumination, Black with Pink Illumination, White with Blue Illumination and White with Pink Illumination.  I have to say the truth, I kind of want each color combo!


They’ve taken the time to not only create a glow-in-the-dark, light-up design that is unique and not really seen before, but they’ve also given you the quality of a soft, nice fitting sweatshirt, a custom sewn-in label and a cute little embroidered design on the sleeve of the hoodie which is a circle with 3 lines in the middle – which just happens to be their logo.


I have to say that Electric MVMT really took the time to think out and design a product that is not only creative and most definitely unique, but is also comfortable, stylish and well put together.  They didn’t skimp on any area of the product itself and that’s hard to find these days.  A lot of companies figure if they’re putting the money into one aspect of the design (say the light-up technology Electric MVMT has) then why bother with a custom label or even add the additional embroidered logo.  Overall they’ve done a great job with this sweatshirt and I would recommend anyone to shop with them!


Now, I will not say for sure whether or not the wired technology in the lining is dangerous at all in certain weather conditions, though my Dad has assured me that I will not get electrocuted (lol).  The only thing about the sweatshirt is it’s slightly delicate or at least I feel so to handle with the battery pack in the Velcro pocket.  It’s behind the normal sweatshirt pocket so not really in the way but there’s extra wire hanging out that could possibly snag on something especially if that hoodie is left unzipped when worn.  I don’t find this to be a huge problem or become any sort of disaster if it did snag on something but I’d worry it might mess up the ability to light the sweatshirt up if it did catch.


There is one final thing that leaves me wondering about this product and that’s that there are no washing instructions.  I mean, not that I’m a slob, but you’ve given me a white hoodie here, what if I need to wash it – clearly I cannot throw this thing in the washing machine.  I didn’t expect a tag to have washing instructions because I felt they’ve paid a lot of close attention to detail already, however a print out in the package might have been nice, even to simply state ‘hand-wash’ or perhaps maybe I need to unhook something before doing so.  I’m guessing it’s going to be just a spot treatment type process and assuming they don’t expect you to wear this out every day (though it’d be a lot of fun to) to where you’d dirty it so much, but clothes do need to be washed at some point in time.  But overall, aside from my conscious thoughts on how I’d get this clean IF I did indeed dirty it, I really love this damn thing and I had an impromptu photo-shoot in the dark with my Mom wearing the hoodie AND I even got it on the dog.


Electric MVMT does not currently sell any other products, but it looks as if they plan on including some accessories in the near future.  They are in several retail stores that you can find on their website and they explain that their hoodies have you covered for every occasion from, “Out at the club, on a bike, hitting the bars, or recovering from a rough night with an early morning jog.”  Hey, think of it this way, now people don’t have to wear those goofy reflector vests when they go for a run at night, just hit up Electric MVMT for a nice glow-in-the-dark, light-up hoodie!  You’ve heard it here first – I think they should make some glow-in-the-dark animal clothing next. Just saying!


Electric MVMT, “the best thing to happen to clothing since the invention of the button.”  Check them out on Facebook and on their Website while the hoodies are still on sale!  I’ll definitely be heading back to pick up a few more for myself too!

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Post image for LOTS of New Tees, Hoodies, and More Over at Venus Fallen!

Venus Fallen added 33 new items into their shop, wow, what a selection of products AND styles. A wide variety including tees (of course), long sleeved crewnecks, pull-overs, hoodies, baseball tees, sweatshirts, belts, wallets, buttons – it’s a lot, I’m telling you! It was hard for me to pick only a few to show you, so go take a look in the shop for the whole selection.

Also, the popular and obviously fun Science Gives Me A Hadron tee (that was even shared by the one and only, George Takei) has been made into a zip-up, neat!

Keep in touch with Venus Fallen: Facebook, Twitter


Post image for United Colours of Avengers t-shirt is awesome


I haven’t yet seen The Avengers. I haven’t yet seen half of the films which acted as 90-minute trailers for The Avengers Assemble. But yet I want this t-shirt. It’s a big deal, and it’s the sort of thing which is going to cross over into the mainstream from sheer nerdy geek chic. You’ve got to be careful with things that start in geekdom, though: often, what geeks wear isn’t what most of us (even though we’re at heart a similar breed) would wear in public.

But ‘United Colours of Avengers’ by Somethinggeeky does seem to bridge the gap. It comes in a t-shirt and hoodie, and at a smidgen under £12 it’s what I’d class as a bargain. Some people who know about The Avengers will get this; others who don’t will just see it as a cool, bold and colourful design. Whack it in your shopping basket and get it in your wardrobe rotation: that’s my assessment.

Costliness = £11.99/£19.99


Post image for Venus Fallen Clothing Launches New Line – Eleven New Tees and Two Zip-ups!

Venus Fallen Clothing is new – very new – barely a year old, and when I came across this brand I was (without a doubt) very excited and eager to explore… and that I did! Once you explore what Venus Fallen offers, you can tell there is a lot of personality, passion, and dedication that goes into the creation of this brand from it’s owner, Matt Haydu. The designs to me are very reminiscent of the style and quality of that of Miles to Go, but of course, Venus Fallen has it’s own style and speaks especially to the progressive thinker with it’s science, space, and futurism themed designs. Matt Haydu refers to Venus Fallen as his baby and he is nothing but excited and positive about his work – so that tells me this guy is dedicated and that the brand will only get better and better.

Now moving on to the tees! Venus Fallen just launched a new line with an impressive eleven new tees and two new zip-up hoodies! All printed on American Apparel, Venus Fallen offers a variety of blends with 50/50 cotton/poly blends, tri-blends, as well as a variety of styles: tees, raglan, zip-ups and from the previous lines: tanks, a cardigan, pullover, jacket, polo and long sleeve are available – So much to choose from, you’re bound to fall in love with something. (I surely did!)

Posted above are just two of the many tees that are available at Venus Fallen. What attracts me most is the color, as well as the big, detailed prints and the vintage/sketchy style that accompanies a lot of the designs offered. Also, I can’t help but smile knowing they are all printed on nice blanks and at a really great price at that. I can’t say I am a person that is knowledgeable or interested in the wonders of science and things of that nature (sadly I am far too dense for that), but the good thing is that doesn’t stop me from being really interested in the themes and style of Venus Fallen’s new line – actually it’s quite the opposite.

Another smile-inducing moment came when I read what Matt Haydu had to say about his Venus Fallen:

Living in a world where most people follow the norm makes it difficult for those to step out of comfort zones and enter truth and individuality. I created VF so that I could connect with others emotionally, positively, and creatively on a level that is scientifically awe inspiring. This truly is more than clothing to any fan that wishes to join the global think tank and transcend the human mind.

Keep up with Venus Fallen: Facebook, Twitter, Site


Sleepy Dan : Customized Hood Sweatie

by Sleepy Dan on January 29, 2012

Sleepy Dan hood sweaties released in December, I had to release one cut n sew project for the first year so you can be sure there will be some more customized designs for the upcoming years! I can not emphasize enough, process is the most important part of any project. The rugby style hoodie is a design just recently hitting trend so I had to make some comfortable enough to bear the Sleepy Dan brand! In my day job as an apparel designer, I have learned how to work with embroidery shops to create apparel patterns, but sometimes several of the finishing steps have to be done on your own to save on cost. That’s how I was able to make these hoodies so affordable.

Coming from the manufacturer, I had to make some custom modifications past adding the logo embroidery appliques and the new custom neck labels for outerwear… This hoodie has several exposed cover stitch seams, so you can easily see it’s custom made, but the excess seam fabric had to be trimmed up a little more to be finished.

After finishing, the logo embroidery appliques are hand stitched to the garment, then the size labels are machine stitched into the neck seam. What makes this hoodie so special is the herringbone cotton twill neck seam, rugby placket, and hood seam edge. The time invested to this project is longer than a t-shirt design, but the fan and blogger reviews of the hood sweatie are amazing for the first cut n sew design. Research and development are a key role in the process of a successful project, so don’t overlook your process at any stage! Hope you got one before they sold out…


free your mind

I like the style of the graphic on this sweater & hoodie from Dawn Clothing (a Belgian brand), there’s a kind of graphic novel feel to it that lends itself to the design. Here’s some info about the item from Dawn themselves:

- The hoodie/sweater itself is made of 100% organic fair trade cotton, so it’s good for both man and earth.
– it is printed with environmental friendly water-based inks.
– I really focused on getting the best blanks I could this time, ensuring that they would be super soft,
warm and fit nicely. And at the same time not only carry a message of change with the brand
and it’s designs, but actually have an impact myself by using organic and fair trade products.
– The design is about having a close-minded or limited view on the world/life. I thought that a person
wearing blinkers would be a cool metaphor for this message. If you look a bit closer you will
see that this character is holding a pair of scissors, trying to cut the blinkers and freeing himself
from his own narrow mind.

Costiness=60€ Buy it at Dawn Clothing: Sweater / Hoodie


Terratag Laughing Man Hoodie

by Andy on June 27, 2011

terratag laughing man hoodie

I’ll reiterate once again that I’m not an anime fan, but that doesn’t stop me from liking this graphic. Don’t forget to use that Terratag coupon code to get 30% off your order.

Costiness=£38.99 Buy it at Terratag


Life|Death hoody by stheart

by Andy on January 17, 2011

stheart hoodie

You know what would be nice from a company that has a really cool website and more than 10,000 fans on Facebook? The ability to see a picture of their product that is more than 300 pixels wide.

Costiness=$29.95 Buy it at stheart


wool hoody

Sure, it’s not cheap, but I can guarantee that it would keep you nice and warm, whilst looking seriously cool.

Costiness=£150 Buy it at The Bureau


Heavyweight Zip Hoody by Woodlands Supply Co.

by Andy on January 15, 2011

woodland supply co. hoodie

It’s a simple looking hoodie, has some interesting accents and details, and it’s only available in XL (but I’m posting it anyway since I’m an XL).

Costiness=$145 Buy it at Woodland Supply Co.



Adam from I Am The Trend posted a massive list of 70 great hoodies that will keep you warm this Winter, provided you live somewhere moderately temperate. I know that when Winter really hits I won’t be stepping out without…

my beaver onesie and polar bear slippers, yes its white slippers after labour day, but thats just who I am, I like dressing up as two animals at once and rolling around on the floor whilst eating cheese and ham toasties.

My brother wrote that when I stepped out of the room, usually I’d just delete it and write something that makes slightly more sense, but it was his birthday yesterday, so why not just let him have this one?

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The chances of you seeing me wearing this hoodie from 80sTees are on the lower end of ‘slim to none’, but that doesn’t stop me thinking that it’s awesome, and that it would be a good go-to for a costume if you only had a few hours notice for a fancy dress party. Can you imagine just walking down the street wearing this?

Costiness=$60 Available from 80sTees

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Space Invader Hoodie(!) by Split Reason

by Andy on January 7, 2010



As you can tell from that exclamation mark, I’m a little bit excited about this hoodie, so clearly my Space Invaders addiction shows no sign of being alleviated.

The big sewn-on Space Invader graphic on the front doesn’t actually do a whole lot for me, it’s rather normal, though as I am a fan I would still probably wear it. For me, the best part of this hoodie can be found inside the hood, where there’s that wonderful patterned lining. There’s also a custom zipper pull that’s cool, I would have preferred to see a cut-out of an invader, though that’s probably not particularly practical.

Costiness=$69.95 Buy the Re-Invaded Zip hoody @


French hoodie by Commune at Need Supply Co.

by Andy on September 9, 2009


Is it a little sad that it’s almost a shock when I post a hoodie nowadays? Hopefully that will be changing when the days start getting shorter, the nights colder, and companies start releasig their Autumn/Winter lines (which should have some sleeved goods if they know what’s good for them).

I found this hoodie on NOTCouture, so I expected the pricetag to be heart-attack inducingly high, but in reality it’s actually very reasonable, especially considering that it’s clearly no ordinary hoodie.

Costiness=$72 Available from Need Supply Co.

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Star Wars x Marc Ecko Darth Vader Hoodie

by Andy on August 18, 2009


This Darth Vader hoodie (and the other hoodies in this series, including Darth Maul, Clone Trooper, X Wing Pilot, Trooper, and Storm Trooper, all of which can be seen in the gallery) aren’t actually going to be shipping until October 1st, but with this being a collaboration between a streetwear manufacturer and a supremely popular movie franchise, it’s a fair bet that they’ll sell out before that date arrives, so if you want it, get your order in now and prepare to be patient.

I can’t actually decide if I like this, on the one hand, they’re a lot of fun, but on the other, I can’t help but think I’d look like a bit of a tool if I ever wore one, and the novelty effect of the full-zip would tire pretty quickly, and that amount of vinyl on a hoodie could be a touch uncomfortable, but I’m sure such practical concerns aren’t important to the kind of people that are ordering this hoodie.

If you’re still game, prepare to lay down between $98 and $150 for your emergency outfit at fancy-dress parties for the next few years.

Marc Ecko x Star Wars Hoodies

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Batman Costume Hoodie from NerdyShirts

by Andy on July 21, 2009


Okay, so this clearly isn’t as badass as anything from The Dark Knight, but I think that when you’re wearing a novelty/costume hoodie that you need it to be more than a little bit tongue in cheek, otherwise it’s just not going to work. The fact that this hoodie comes with a cape is pretty awesome, but it’s far more awesome that you can remove the cape for those frequent times when you don’t particularly feel like being continually mocked. You can also fold the mask into the hood, so whilst this hoodie looks as if it’s a bit of a joke initially, you can tone it down so that it’s still a bit of fun but is actually pretty wearable, good work NerdyShirts!

Costiness=$50 Available from NerdyShirts

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Underwater Kate by NY Illustration

by Andy on July 12, 2009


This hoodie is actually sold out, but there’s loads of other cool hoodies, tees, skirts (some of which have this same design on) and other stuff in the NY Illustration Etsy store.

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Hey Andy,

Wanted to let you know about the new Ugmonk hoody ($52) that I just released. It based on Ugmonk’s best-seller “And Then I Woke Up” and is printed on zinc* AA zip-up fleece. I have also added an extra touch with custom Ugmonk woven hem tags.

Thanks in advance!


I know some of you don’t like tags, but that one on the bottom hem is so hot (/paris).

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I don’t think I’ve ever featured a hoodie dress produced by American Apparel before. It pretty much looks like a regular hoodie, I presume it must just be longer than a normal one. Any ladies in the audience own a hoodie dress? And if so, why?

Costiness=€64.90 Buy it at Yackfou

Close-ups of the franken-hoodie after the break


An asymmetric hoodie by Shades of Greige

by Andy on November 18, 2008

I know that this is a fairly simple looking hoodie, but I quite like the whole idea of asymmetric clothing.

Costiness=$135 Buy it at Matthew Izzo [via Notcouture]


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