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I got an e-mail from Nestor over at Tolky Monkys about some new hoodies that they’ve got on sale, and I just expected to find their regular designs has been transferred over to a hoodie. That would have been perfectly fine, its what most people do, but TM decided to put a little bit more effort in and have come up with this absolutely awesome collection of hoodies based on three new characters, with a re-editing of an older one called Hikiko Pacman.

Perhaps I’m going a little bit overboard with the hyerbole, but I am seriously impressed with this collection of hoodies, hell, I might even buy one myself.

Check out all four hoodies here and weigh in at under €50 a piece, and click through to the gallery for a boatload of pictures.

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Life’s a bit of a gamble, really

by Andy on July 11, 2006


I’m Karmalooping again, which always feels like I’m taking the easy option, but a good hoodie is a good hoodie, no matter who makes it (though I probably wouldn’t be promoting the HitlerCorp line of hoodies made by children that get paid in bit of broken glass).

Gambling and poker related polo shirts and tees seem to be pretty popular on mainstream indie-chavs here in the UK, but I still think this is a cool looking hoodie, though I can’t quite work out why the King is riding a bike, maybe the people at Triko have some kind of crazy deck of bicycle themed cards. On the subject of the brand, according to this page Triko are non-sweatshop and try to use organic and natural materials wherever they can, so you can look good and feel good about wearing their clothes (just don’t get smug).

Costiness=$88 URL

Want money off? I signed up with the Karmaloop rep programme a while back and forgot to mention it, so you can get 20% off you order if you use my rep code, then 10% off every order after that, at least that’s how I think it works, shout at me if it isn’t. Karmloop Rep Link and my code is AS7594.

*Ryan solves the bike riding king mystery in the comments, thanks Ryan!*


Honey, tie would dye for you

by Andy on June 21, 2006


I don’t know if I’m the edge of starting a trend here by recommending a tie-dye hoodie, but I think it’s pretty cute, so I will acceptr any tie-dye based mockery with good humour, and remember, tie-dye is fun!

The colour really suits the summer, since I’ve generally put away my black tees and started wearing a lot more lighter colours (baby/sky blue rocks my world), and the style of this hoodie has a really summery feel to it, with the patches andn the subtle use of printed shapes (flowers, perhaps?)

Costiness=$46 URL

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