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Who’s honouring me now? Aussie Edition

by Andy on September 22, 2009


Because flattery is awesome, here’s a point all about something great, Hide Your Arms! And by extension, me!

Australian fashion blog and store Fabulous Nobodies (or FABNOB for short) have crowned HYA as their top tee blog. I don’t like to put too much stock into these things, because if I actually got big-headed about these things instead of pretending to be big-headed about these things then I doubt people would enjoy reading this site as much as they do. This is probably a good point to say that there should be big things in this site’s future, I really am working on the redesign (really), and there is a designer working on the new logo, so hopefully the best t-shirt blog will also be the best looking. This won’t be happening immediately as I’m taking my annual trip to the South of France during October, but I do hope to keep the site running on at least a 50% schedule.


Anatomy of a trend, how a tee becomes popular

by Andy on February 23, 2009


Before you say it, I realise just how indulgent this post is, after all, it does feature a screen grab of a HYA post on it, and that is astoundingly meta of me, but Andy from Thunderfrogs noticed something cool and I couldn’t help myself.

So, I posted the zombie Mario tee on February 11th

Then Thunderfrogs posted it on February 12th and linked back to me…

Then Albotas found it on Thunderfrogs on the 12th via Found Item’s Twitter and linked by to Thunderfrogs…

Then Technabob posted it on the 15th having seen it on Albotas…

Then Geekologie posted it on the 18th having seen it on Technabob….

And lastly, for now at least, Militant Geek Shirts posted about the Mario zombie tee on the 18th, having seen it on Geekologie.

I don’t really have much of a point with this post, except perhaps to say how awesome I am at picking tees that people might like, though since this is my first post like this in more than three years I could easily be wrong.


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