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The Blueprint by Huzzah Goods

by Andy on August 11, 2009


The history of Russian architecture dates back to the grand churches of the Kievan Rus, with its monumental structures heavily influenced by the Byzantines, and continues on to the Italian Renaissance-influenced Kremlin cathedrals of the Early Muscovite Period, the Baroque stylings of Imperial Russia, the Constructivist design of the Post-Revolution, and the conservative monumentalism of the postwar Soviet Union.

It wasn’t until the 1980s that the Falling Block school of architecture was unveiled. This innovative technique involved blocks (actually structures made of four identically-sized cubes) being dropped inside of a transparent well and manipulated in mid-air before they reach their destination. Hailed for its juxtaposition of simplicity and chaotic unpredictability, the style quickly spread to America and Japan and enjoys worldwide popularity to this day.

When Huzzah Goods can write a product description that good why should I even bother? Because I should be professional? Heck no!

Costiness=$25 Available from Huzzah Goods


Johnny Cupcakes

No cupcakes, what the hell were they thinking?!I think this is the first time that HYA has ever had someone actually do a bit of reporting that isn’t me. I found out that Huzzah Goods were going to be taking a peak at the line snaking out of 279 Newbury Street, asked if they could snap a few pictures, they said they could, and they did. My God I love the internet.

I’ve always thought that my coverage of Johnny Cupcakes was a bit excessive, I do mention them/him quite a lot, but apparently my interest in JC is nothing compared to the dedication of the people that actually camped outside of the store a couple of days before they were even released. Seriously, they spent two days on a pavement just to buy a t-shirt that was limited to 100 pieces.

Click on through for a load of pictures of the line, and an image that I roughly photoshopped of most of the summer range, which is available right now from, minus the in-store exclusives, obviously.

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