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IATT list 31 terrifying Halloween T-shirts

by Andy on October 23, 2012

Post image for IATT list 31 terrifying Halloween T-shirts

It might be getting a little late to order a t-shirt specifically for Halloween, but that doesn’t make this list of “31 Hauntingly Awesome Halloween T-Shirts” any less readable, well, maybe a little bit, but just a little.


Daily Tees & News for November 30th

by Andy on November 30, 2011

daredevil parody t-shirt

That’s how I like to start out the daily roundup, with a muscular naked man, thanks TeeFury!

‘Dead Head’ comes back from the dead at Tilteed.

Oh wow, it’s a Firefly/Serenity reference that I understand from RIPT.

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Daily Tee & News Roundup for November 23rd

by Andy on November 23, 2011

star trek t-shirt

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it’s amazing that there aren’t more Star Trek t-shirts around. $10 today at TeeFury.

I like the name of this shirt, ‘Vinyl Frontier,’ almost as much as I like the design. $10 today at Tilteed.

Very nice Doctor Who t-shirt from Nowhere Bad today.

I’m not sure if this shirt at is a Deadmau5 reference or not, but I like it.

Not my favourite Shirt.Woot design ever but it definitely fits with their style.

I’m fairly sure there are a lot of people that would like this RIPT version of Battlestar Battleship to be a real thing.

Awesome shirt at The Yetee today, who would have thought that “Star Wars x crappy Christmas sweaters” would be such a good concept for a design?

And here I was thinking that all the “people whose names are also a state” had been done, well done 24tee.

TeeRaiders are dropping a Firefly design today.

Loviu really liked The Dark Knight, presumably.

Catch of the Day Tee provide us with our second Doctor Who shirt for Wednesday.

Shirt Punch seem to be the only company that have realised The Muppets are really popular at the moment.

Very pretty design from DBH today.

Let me remind you that Rigu is a thing I launched last week and it would be brilliant if you could check it out.

Glennz has released a desktop calendar for 2012 featuring some of his favourite designs.

80sTees satisfy my thirst for Seinfeld t-shirts with this George Costanza ‘Professional Hand Model’ tee. for $22.

Monsieur Steve is offering 20% off in his store today only with the coupon code onlytoday, though you do have to spend €70 to qualify for the saving.

PLNDR have up to 55% off goods from Mishka NYC.

A few months back on I Am The Trend Monique from Antisparkle featured “3 Affordable and Creative Branded Packaging Ideas” that I’m sure store owners will want to take a look at.

I didn’t mean for this to turn into a daily roundup for store owner resources, but I’ve been finding some good stuff recently, here’s “Five Copywriting Errors That Can Ruin A Company’s Website” from Smashing Magazine.

Mashable have 7 Tips to Make Your Blog Stickier. A lot of shirt brands have a blog that this info can apply to, but it’s important to note that a lot of the tips apply to non-blog content too.

Kissmetrics have a super guide to marketing using Twitter, and also a post with a guy claiming to have a 2% bounce rate which if you know your bounce rates you know is astoundingly low.

I Am The Trend’s Black Friday List is up and it has more than 80 brands on it, crazy! My initial list will be up in a few hours.

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Daily Tees & News Roundup for November 1st

by Andy on November 1, 2011

Zelda t-shirt

Zelda shirt from TeeFury today, nice style and colourway.

Another old design from Tilteed, they don’t seem to have released anything new for a while, I’ll drop them an e-mail to ask what is up.

It’s quite hard to tell from the image above, but the skull in this shirt is made of kisses, thus the name ‘Long Kiss Goodnight.’

This tee from Shirt.Woot is surprisingly Anglo-centric, I didn’t know Americans knew the Guy Fawkes story.

Great Gremlins shirt from RIPT today.

OtherTees have a Portal gun sketch up for the next few days.

As someone who enjoys killing time with Angry Birds, I can appreciate this 24tee shirt.

Once again Barbie is a slut at Loviu.

I feel like the Mario image is a little bit awkward on this Catch of the Day Tee shirt, but I do still like the design overall, and I’m not sure how I’d prefer Mario to look, so it’s a bit of an unfair comment.

Japanese -inspired design from Shirt Punch. Man, I’d love to go back to Japan on another holiday.

Ugmonk have released a premium wooden ampersand (that holds itself to a stainless steel base with a super strong magnet) priced at $299 that makes me wish I knew how to use the very expensive CNC that we have in our workshop (for my other job). As someone who has been around wood for his entire life I feel that it is a bit pricey, but then I’m looking at it as a product rather than art, and with it being a limited first run of 15 pieces I can see how that has pushed up the price.

Neighborhood have released a new expensive t-shirt.

Today only you can get 20% off your order at Glamour Kills with the coupon code TRICKORTREAT.

New blogger on HYA Goodfibres have cut the price of their shirts to £15 until November 7th.

PalmerCash have 20 new shirts in stock, presumably these are two of them.

Storenvy are giving away two signed copies of the Thread’s Not Dead book. IATT have all the details, be sure to enter before November 4th.

Wrongwroks have had a big release in their webstore, not many tees so I didn’t think I should give them their own post.

And lastly, your daily reading for t-shirt store owners from Mashable, “How to Time Your Facebook Posts to Reach the Most Fans“.

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Apparently this is old news, it was old news when Adam posted it over at IATT, got a bit older by the time I read it, and it’s even older now that I’m posting it. Still, if you haven’t seen it before, it might as well be new.

Along with these two new shirts Made With Awesome have also launched a new stripped back website that I feel might be a little bit too minimal for my tastes, but at least it puts the product front-and-centre, and that’s the most important thing.

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Adam over at I Am The Trend is really churning out the videos at the moment, meaning that this post is a double including two episodes of IAMTHETRENDTV.

First up is a short vid taking a look at a new print from Dance Party Massacre. I guess then when you’re looking at a piece of paper there’s not as much to discuss as a shirt. They’re well priced at $14.95 for a 3-colour screenprint, check out what Adam has to say.

Up next is a review of a clothing line I haven’t heard of before, Maintenance Clothing. In this video we find out if they have hit the ground running with their first shirt design.

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anchor t-shirts

To be honest, I don’t think that there has been a lot of call for a a list of t-shirts with anchors on them, but as I look through this list of 60 anchor-inspired t-shirts that Adam has put together, I realise that is is a really cool design element and that there are a fantastic shirts in the list, well worth checking out.


IAMTHETREND TV: Adam review Eternal CLothing

by Andy on September 24, 2011

Another solid review by Adam over at I Am The Trend, would you guys like to see me getting into video reviews? I don’t think of myself as being all that comfortable in front of the camera, but the only way to get better is practise, right?

IAMTHETREND TV: Eternal Clothing | I Am The Trend


IAMTHETRENDTV: Adam reviews Gnar City [Video]

by Andy on September 20, 2011

Another solid review from Adam over at IAMTHETREND, wish I was that comfortable in front of the camera!

IAMTHETREND TV: Gnar City T-Shirt Review


What’s up HYA readers? I’m Blake and I’ll be routinely putting together a short list of t-shirt related links on the web for you to check out. It will hopefully introduce you to some cool t-shirts, great content and t-shirt related news that you might have missed on the web. Here are the first five shoutouts in what hopes to be many more to come:

I Am The Trend Shark Week T-Shirt Sale
The 24 Hour Shirt Attack by IAMTHETREND
Another year, another Shark Week….and it appears Shark Week and t-shirt sales go hand in hand. Adam from IATT brings you a monster list of Shark Week related sales for you to take advantage of.

Olly Moss Collection at Threadless by Rude Retro
The Olly Moss Collection at Threadless by Rude Retro
Olly Moss designs like a boss at Threadless and that is why he gets his own collection. Definitely worth a look or two. Thanks to Rude Retro for bringing this one to our attention.

Tee Addicts Review of Acropolis Apparel
Tee Review of Acropolis Apparel Ft. Yema Yema, La Muerta, DTA at TeeAddicts
T-shirt reviews are getting popular with the t-shirt bloggers and for very good reason. It is great exposure for a t-shirt line to send their wears to these guys so people can see them move in real life and get an expert’s attention.

Coty Gonzales' Huge List of Superhero Tees
101 Superhero T-Shirts for the Comic Book Fan by Coty Gonzales
This is Coty being typical Coty. And by typical I mean awesome. I can’t imagine the amount of time it took to procure a 101 piece list of Superhero t-shirts but Coty did it! As always, he put it together in an easy to digest format for you to enjoy.

Captain Canada at Cottonable
Captain Canada Does Exist by Cottonable
With all the hype of Captain America in the movie theaters, it is easy to forget about Captain Canada. He does exist and you can find him on Cottonable. :)

This t-shirt shoutout was a guest blog written by Blake from You Design It where you can get custom t-shirt printing.

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rob dobi fullbleed interview

Dobi is always good value in an interview and this one conducted by I Am The Trend is no exception. It covers the Series 11 release from Fullbleed, the launch, growth and evolution of Mintees (his replacement for Emptees), and also offers advice for people thinking about running their own lines, and if there’s anyone that you should be getting advice from, it’s Rob.


how do clothing companies get their names

Adam over at IATT has come up trumps again with another interesting article, this time around he has asked 28 popular clothing companies how they got their names. Some of the stories are more interesting than others, but if you’re interested in the business behind the tees the article is worth a minute or two of your time.


20 Awesome Big Cartel Stores

by Andy on March 5, 2011

good big cartel stores

It feels like I link to something cool Adam has written every week, but that’s probably because he does write about something link-worthy every week. This time around he’s created a collection of interesting and well thought out Big Cartel stores. For anyone who is unaware, Big Cartel is a storefront operator that makes it easy to sell your good on the internet without necessarily having to get your hands dirty designing a store. Of course, if you know your way around a CSS stylesheet (yes, I know that last ‘stylesheet’ is a bit redundant), you can create something really quite wonderful, and that’s what these people have done.

The HYA store hasn’t made it, but maybe one day.


miles to go halloween t-shirt

I probably shouldn’t be giving so much love to my tee blogging competitiors/compatriots, but when they do good work I feel like I should mention it, and I’m certainly not in much of a ghoulish mood, so I’ll leave the Halloween tee roundups to Adam from I Am The Trend, who has written up a short list of some cool horror shirts.

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Adam from I Am The Trend posted a massive list of 70 great hoodies that will keep you warm this Winter, provided you live somewhere moderately temperate. I know that when Winter really hits I won’t be stepping out without…

my beaver onesie and polar bear slippers, yes its white slippers after labour day, but thats just who I am, I like dressing up as two animals at once and rolling around on the floor whilst eating cheese and ham toasties.

My brother wrote that when I stepped out of the room, usually I’d just delete it and write something that makes slightly more sense, but it was his birthday yesterday, so why not just let him have this one?

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It is pretty easy to stereotype Beer Pong players into a role of meat heads, that only wear Ed Hardy, drink PBR, and dont think any further than have far they can throw their ping pong ball.

But Pong Deck is out to change that stereotype, with a tee that actually is stylish and lands outside of the typical lameness of most Beer Pong based Tees.

The tee was designed by artist Mike Gaboury, who is most known for his line Cherry Sauce Clothing.

Aside from Mike’s killer artwork, the tee is printed on American Apparel White and Black tees, as well as American Apparel Tri-Blend Heather Grey for $18.

Show up to your next beer pong event in style!

[Andy: Pong Deck is a new company from fellow blogger Adam of I Am The Trend fame, good luck with the project!

This post was submitted by Adam.

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shirt launch

Ironically, I should have posted about this site a few weeks ago, which illustrates my point perfectly. I can’t write about everything all the time, I need to sleep (even if that doesn’t always work out), and that frequently means that there are companies I’d love to write about that get slid into the queue, and sometimes they get stuck in there like a 100km long line of Chinese traffic.

Shirt Launch is pretty much the opposite, instead of e-mailing someone to then post about their new line, the brands can just post about it themselves, letting people know when their new shirts will be released and where you can buy them. It’s a well put together site, which is hardly surprising since I Am The Trend are behind it, and seems to be getting some decent support from brands, which is good because without brands submitting their lines there wouldn’t be any point visiting the site. Am I worried about Shirt Launch destroying HYA? Of course not, you guys visit because of my witty banter and insight, right?…. I’m doomed!



You guys know I’m a fan of Lowdtown, but I’m also a fan of sales, so this one works out great for me. In addition to the sale, get 10% off FOREVER (not just until the end of the sale) with the coupon code hya.


15% off at eco-friendly OMUNKY from now until December 18th with the coupon code MerryMUNKY.

Streetwear und Sneakers im LIMITEES Onlineshop_1260786069479

The e-mail was in German so I struggled to understand it, but I think that Limitees have 25% off all or some of their shirts from now until December 31st… or something like that.

Holiday Sale

Hypnic are doing the pre-Christmas sale thing with 30% off all their tees until Sunday (12/20), making them $16.99 a pop.


The Made With Awesome sale is now on, with up to 40% off items, so tees are $15, posters $14, and totes $5.


15% off everything at much-praised Holebrain, no need for a coupon code, prices are already discounted.

    Not deals but kind of newsworthy

buyindieclothing1I Am The Trend,

The I Am The Trend crew let you know why you should be buying indie clothing this festive season rather than heading out to the mall.


I Am The Trend also give you a rundown of hot models in the indie tee world. Note to my girlfriend, this kind of thing disgusts me… ummm, anyone believe that?

Spreadshirt are a pretty well-known in Germany, when I was in Berlin I remember more than one person telling me about how CEO Jana Eggers was ‘kind of a big deal’ for what she’d done with Spreadshirt (and creating jobs within the country rather than outsourcing), and clearly they’re continuing to grow because now they’re running ads on German TV. The embedded video above has no sound, presumably because of copyright on the music and because the German voice-over would have been confusing, but I think it looks good and gets over what Spreadshirt do. I’m thinking I might use Spreadshirt to test out a few ideas for HYA products so that I can get a single item made before ordering a whole bunch.

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I Am The Trend » Huge List of Black Friday Clothing Sales!_1259147980267

There’s about 40 deals on the list that they’ve compiled, some of which I have already covered, some of which I haven’t, so give it a peep for yet more bargain madness, especially as we’re now at the point when it’s Black Friday in all-but-one American state (not long to go now Coty!).


I Am The Trend hits 3.0

by Andy on November 3, 2009

I Am The Trend – Your Guide For All Thing Independent_1257184142280

The I Am The Trend crew released the latest iteration of their guide to all things independent last week and I must say that it looks great. Unless I’m missing something they seem to have dropped the directory nature of the site (this may have happened a while ago?), so I guess they’re a competitor now… so I should probably be doing some trash talking, but you know HYA is too nice to stoop to that level!


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