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RSI Apparel

by Mr Four Fingers on July 25, 2015

RSI_Apparel_LOOKBOOK-IMAGE-5 RSI_Apparel_21GRAMS-BLACK-FRONT-560x560 RSI_Apparel_Image-15-Edit RSI_Apparel_LOOKBOOK-IMAGE-1 RSI_Apparel_LOOKBOOK-IMAGE-3

I have definitely been away from Hide Your Arms for far too long. But now I’m back and I bring you RSI Apparel. I’m not sure how I found these guys but I now follow them in/on the haze of Instagram.

I recently bought a tee from them and oh yeah it’s fine. Being a massive Iain Macarthur fan, I was stalking his website one night gawking and slobbering in equal measures until I found ‘Rumpus Face’. An Indonesian style crazy ass face. Not a technical term of course. This screenprinted t-shirt beauty belonged to the online store of RSI Apparel. Insta buy. Done.




The parcel arrived with the great touches of a caring brand. Things like a personal note and stickers that never fail to impress. The design itself is great and matched perfectly with gold paint /inks on black fabric. Some of the fabric texture breaks through a little, though this could be intentional. The result is that the design is not metallic shiny and ‘heavy’ like foil print but rather a little softer with medium hand.

Being a designer I found it almost strange that the tag was gold foil blocked for an online order. It may not seem like much but it says that these guys are investing into their brand and due their credit.

If you want a cool design, not slim fit but somewhere in the middle (for me at least), at a great price then check out the amazing range at RSI Apparel. Oh yeah I failed to mention that their grossly talented artist roster includes Paul Jackson, Godmachine and Tony Graystone to name but a few.

Yeah, worth a visit I would say.




Dynamic Style Clothing – Review

by Mr Four Fingers on October 8, 2012

Dynamic Style Clothing

With a name like Dynamic-Style Clothing you are setting yourself up for something good and in this case these guys are definitely not letting anyone down. I was first introduced to Dynamic Style clothing after seeing some of their designs printed by Digisin and it just so happens that one of these designs is this very t-shirt, ‘DS X Luca Battles’. Other designs that also caught my eye with the ferocity of a flying fish hook were those of Iain Macarthur who is a blady legend! [click to continue…]


itchy & scratchy simpsons t-shirt

It’s at time like this that I feel I must reiterate myself, why aren’t there loads of Simpsons t-shirts out there?

Considering that it is one of the most popular TV shows of all time it doesn’t seem to get all that much love from the t-shirt world, anyone got a good idea as to why that might be?

I love this design, but that’s hardly surprising since most designs Iain Macarthur touches are gold.

Costiness=€35 Buy it at Be Street (available in the colours shown on the lower left of the image)


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