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Grafitee new eshop: Our top 3 brands

by Benedicte on August 13, 2016

Maybe you’ve heard already but our friends at Grafitee have decided to take a new road and added a marketplace to their blog.

Hopefully this will be great for the indie tee world! To wish them success in this new adventure, we’ve decided to talk about three brands picked in their marketplace. To make it funnier, we picked three brands that you’ve never heard of on HYA yet.

Maybe you’ll find some inspiration there, and maybe you’ll find your next tee!

1. Unionwell

Based in Indonesia, this brand is inspired with great vintage hand lettering and US old school style. Tees are perfect for bikers and mechanics fans. Bikes, tigers, speed, adventure, their universe is pretty great and the tees are printed with water-based inks on a 100% cotton canvas. Great cuts and great basics for the Goodness in ride.





2. Fresh Kaufee

In a completely different universe, this is a brand inspired with the effects of cafein on our bodies. What’s really interesting here is that everything from design to packaging has been based on this coffee universe. Tees even come into small coffee bags. This texan brand really has some nice pieces.





Our number three is an indie brand from Brooklyn trying to raise political and social consciousness. The indie brand has created strong, colorful and powerful geometrical designs with many independent street artists that share their values.




Go check Grafitee marketplace and let us know about your top 3 !


Take a Look: Four Eye Designs

by Carlos J. Morales on May 10, 2013

In fashion, it is easy to over analyze concept and branding. Four Eye Designs shows us that a brand can start by accident. Matt Ulery, owner of Four Eye Designs, is a man who fell in love with t-shirt printing after a six week class. Before he knew it, he was printing t-shirts that were inspired by his interaction with family and friends. Matt was nice enough to send me a few t-shirts (and then some) to review and I can not thank him enough.


After opening the package, I was immediately impressed by the quality of the print. I personally have a weak spot for American Apparel shirts, but it is always unfortunate when the print is “caked on”. Not only is it uncomfortable, it is guaranteed to crack after a handful of washes. Matt uses water-based inks because it provides a fade free, vibrant, and extremely soft print. With that being said, each t-shirt felt comfortable to wear and was a bit a loose fitting – something I enjoy.  The designs themselves were simple and straightforward, which was refreshing.


Plant Sex Makes Me Sneeze – It is sad how relevant this design is right now. There are millions of allergy suffers in the world, why not wear a shirt that bands us together? I personally enjoy the dandelion usage. Disclaimer: be careful what you wish for.


Four Ever and a Day - As a writer and a typography enthusiast, I love this shirt. The colorway is attractive and let’s be honest for a second, you can not go wrong with a classic saying on a t-shirt. The switch of for with four was an effective way to add a bit of branding in the mix.


Logo – While the colorway is not my cup of tea, it is perfect for the warmer months in New York City. This shirt is not available in the store and is included randomly in orders. The logo shirt is always a bit basic, which is a good thing. It is represents the vision of the owner and is probably the most important t-shirt you can wear for a brand.


Overall, I think Four Eyed Designs is a brand for those who appreciate life and all of its quirkiness. While the designs may not stand out conceptually, the available collection is simple and clean.


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Ichie Apparel Makes Its Splash

by Carlos J. Morales on April 4, 2013

There are a lot of brands in the world with various principle focuses; food, typography, dinosaurs, etc. You name a topic and there is probably a brand dedicated to it. In the sea that is independent apparel, Toronto’s own Ichie Apparel tries to make its splash by focusing on artistry and quality. Their mission is simple and honest – inspire creative minds by showcasing creativity in their designs.


I can not thank Richard Park, owner of Ichie Apparel, enough for the t-shirt and letter. A personal note is never a bad thing to receive with your t-shirt, so I appreciate the humbling gesture. The design that arrived at my doorstep is known as Kishi Kashi ($34)  and is described in their webstore as the struggle of life and death. When trying on the t-shirt I was pleasantly surprised on how soft the fabric was. I am not sure if it is an American Apparel blank, but Park promises that the shirt is 100% cotton, and sweatshop free. The fit was a little bit snug, but not too tight. I would totally feel comfortable wearing it out and about. The design itself was a vinyl print which holds up fairly well after a few washes and if you have the slightest bit of peeling, Ichie Apparel will replace it for you! I do not know about you, but that is a plus in my book. It is the little things that help you stand out and good customer service sure is one of them. As far as the aesthetics of the design, it seemed pretty basic in comparison to some of the other designs available (my favorites being Geisha and Dragon). However, basic most certainly does not mean bad. While the helmet covering the half mask half skull represents the struggle of life and death well, I would have liked a bit more detail to help the design stand out.


Overall, Ichie Apparel has strong theme of Japanese culture featured in their t-shirts. Personally, I think this direction can lead to a beautiful collection and Ichie Apparel will sure get there. In regards to pricing while $34 may seem steep think about the facts; the material is comfortable, the print will not scratch or peel (and will be replace if it does), and the designs are hand drawn by artists who want to inspire you with their works. Now think about the price tag when you include all of those factors in… I thought so. I look forward to seeing this brand expand its collection and plan on picking up shirts in the future.


Boston Tee Party Recap Winky Boo Style

by Amy_F on August 19, 2012

Boston Tee Party 2012

Last weekend was a huge weekend for the indie clothing community.  Months of planning lead to the First Annual Boston Tee Party & Artist/Design Expo.  Hosted by Kelly Murphy (owner of Saucewear & The Tee Gazette) and co-hosted by (yours truly) Amy Fiedler (owner of Winky Boo & blogger/contributor for Hide Your Arms), the Tee party took place in where else? Boston, MA!

Brands from all over gathered in Boston to take part in the Boston Tee Party.  From New Jersey, to California, Florida and UK, we all traveled to take part in this extraordinary event that didn’t disappoint.  Starting the day off with 3 guest speakers which then lead us into the shopping and networking part while the live music played.

For the rest of my recap of the First Annual Boston Tee Party and to check out photos from the event head on over to the Winky Boo Blog for a closer look at this outstanding Indie Event!!

Take me to the Winky Boo Blog


Black Thunder are a first for HYA

by Chris_S on July 7, 2012

Post image for Black Thunder are a first for HYA

Portgual hasn’t given a lot to the world, to be honest. You’ve got a lot of salt cod (but that’s also popular – and more associated – with Scandinavian countries), and Christiano Ronaldo (who isn’t necessarily the best face you want to put forward). But now there’s another thing to add that Portugal has contributed to the world: Black Thunder Clothing Company.

Black Thunder was founded in 2008 by the graphic designer and illustrator André Silva, and they put out a variety of brash and bold t-shirts which would look great on the streets of Lisbon or some other continental city. Oversized illustrations and ballsy type make this the sort of thing you wear if you want to get noticed, but it’s quite hedonistic (especially their lookbook for the Summer ’12 line). We’re pleased to say that they’re Portgual’s first entry on HYA, and we’re happy to welcome them.

If this sort of thing’s your style, then the shirts are priced fairly competitively, from €12.50 to €15. It’s maybe not the sort of thing I’d wear (I like my designs more subtle), but there’s definitely a market for this sort of shirt when done well – and to my eyes it seems that Black Thunder are doing precisely that.

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I Am The Trend gets more trendy

by Andy on March 15, 2009


It seems like lots of people are dropping new sites at the moment, maybe HYA needs a new lick of paint too? Gosh, maybe even an actual logo?

I Am The Trend‘s new site looks pretty damned sexy, here’s what’s changed:

Anyways we just relaunched our site complete with a ton of new features:
-Forum w/facebook connect
-Weekly Video Blog
-Free Swag
-More concentration on Music, Art, Products
-Guest Articles
-Larger product pictures

Check it out, hopefully this can propel IATT on greater things, I think that the indie clothing world needs a well-run directory (though it’s cool they’re covering music & art too), and they’re well on the way to coming through on that potential. Now, any chance we can do something about that ridiculous 2 star review of mine?

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