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Post image for release a massive IT crowd t-shirt infographic have made a bit of a habit of creating infographics based upon geeky TV shows, and when someone suggested a few weeks back that they should do an IT Crowd infographic I thought it would be a winner, especially since guys like me had already done most of the legwork in terms of finding which shirts were available to be bought and where. It’s a real pity that there’s not going to be more episodes made (I think I read somewhere that a Christmas special was a possibility, but I’ve heard nothing about that for a while), but better to go out on a high than to drag things out until the show is past it’s sell-by date.

Roy’s T-Shirts from The IT Crowd


Daily Tees & News for December 2nd

by Andy on December 2, 2011

teefury highlander t-shirt

When I opened all the daily sites today (21 tabs, Firefox doesn’t care for that much) I wondered whether I’d actually get to see the TeeFury site. Thankfully it turned up, so any possible malware that may have existed yesterday appears to have been removed and all is right with the world again. I remain disappointed by the response from TeeFury about the issue, it took them at least 13 hours to acknowledge any kind of problem (done by their Facebook page), and they only wrote about it after the warning message had been removed. They posted this message on Twitter at the same time as the Facebook message: “If you had trouble reaching earlier, try now! We’ve addressed the issue that was causing problems:″ That link now goes to a 404 page. Frankly, that is not good enough, if you might be exposing your fans to malware via your site you have to tell people by every avenue about the issue and warn them as soon as possible, not when you’ve fixed the problem, and you should make some kind of mention of it when you send out a newsletter that day (presumably to thousands of people). I still like TeeFury and will continue to write about them, but I do not like the way they dealt with this situation.

Nerd joke at RIPT today.

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beatles work schedule t-shirt

I’m sure I’ll catch a lot of flak for this again, but I’m not a fan of The Beatles, I have nothing against them, I just haven’t taken the time to delve into their back catalogue because it has never really appealed to me. However, I know that there are a lot of people that are truly obsessed with the Beatles, which is clearly evident from the shirt at the top. Artist Michael Deal has been exploring the Beatles music through the means of infographics, and the shirt above charts their working schedule from 1963-1966 in a really rather beautiful way.

The lower shirt was created by an Indonesian graphic designer called Myutas who based the design around the phrase “the longer you look back, the farther you can look forward.” I can see a lot of truth in that saying, but to be honest the shirt isn’t really my style.

Both are available from Origin68, Manchester’s finest tee label.


The How To: Festival Shirt is back for the summer! Limited t-shirts detailing how to properly attend a festival, with such classic tips as ‘Don’t eat the cheese’ this shirt will keep you informed on How To do it.

Silk-screen printed on to light weight white ring-spun Gildan shirts in a deep wine coloured ink.

[Andy: I’m pretty sure I mentioned this shirt last year and people dug it. I’m in the hat for free tickets to Radio 1’s Big Weekend and I’ll know by the end of the week if I’ve got tickets (it’s only an hour from me, the most exciting thing to happen to Cumbria for a long time!) so I’ve got a bit of festival fever at the moment… though my mood could change by the weekend.]

This post was submitted by Mike Arnold.

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the hangover t-shirt

I think that I might be losing my edge, because I’ve been looking through the catalogue at 80sTees and they actually have some pretty cool stuff. There’s not much I can say about The Hangover that hasn’t been said by a lot of people already, it’s a funny film, kind of a guilty pleasure since it’s pretty lowbrow, but since everyone seems to like it that makes it ok. I like this tee too, it points out just how much of a catchphrase film the Hangover is, it’s just a pity that the shirt seems to have the larest sleeves I’ve ever seen (even my mighty guns would get lost in them).

Anyone else excited for Hangover 2?

Costiness=$20 Buy it at 80sTees


rocky horror t-shirt

Ian Leino is a frequent name to come up at TeeFury because he’s a master of pop culture designs. He’s also a frequent name to come up on HYA because he really tries to promote his days on TeeFury with promos in his own store, and because he writes nice e-mails to me explaining the design:

It’s a fan-favorite called “Time Warp” and it shows the characters from some of my favorite time travel movies illustrating the dance steps to the “Time Warp” dance from “Rocky Horror” in a classic infographic style. It’s just $9 at TeeFury on Monday, or if you’d prefer it hand screened on American Apparel, it will be available in my shop shortly after.

Once again to coincide with the TeeFury print, I’ll be running a coupon code (FluxCapacitor) good for 15% off of your total order from my shop and will also be giving away goodies through both Facebook and Twitter (with more details available on my blog).

Thanks for making it easy for me to write this post Ian (especially as I’m on a work-related road trip over the next couple of days, Andy + van = lack of time to write posts).



I think this might be the most British t-shirts I’ve ever posted, and even though I’m not much of a tea drinker (though I do enjoy the occasional jasmine or green tea brew), I think it’s hilarious!

Costiness=£25 Available from Teepay


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