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Post image for release a massive IT crowd t-shirt infographic have made a bit of a habit of creating infographics based upon geeky TV shows, and when someone suggested a few weeks back that they should do an IT Crowd infographic I thought it would be a winner, especially since guys like me had already done most of the legwork in terms of finding which shirts were available to be bought and where. It’s a real pity that there’s not going to be more episodes made (I think I read somewhere that a Christmas special was a possibility, but I’ve heard nothing about that for a while), but better to go out on a high than to drag things out until the show is past it’s sell-by date.

Roy’s T-Shirts from The IT Crowd


Post image for More than you wanted to know about Sheldon from Big Bang Theory’s t-shirts have put together this fantastic infograhpic detailing the shirts worn by Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory. This is definitely a step up from their previous infographics and it would be cool to see more like it.

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Highly Accurate T-shirt Lifecycle Infographic

by Andy on January 10, 2011

t-shirt lifecycle infographic

It’s almost scary just how much this infographic (large, readable version here) reflects what happens to my t-shirt collection, even if it’s only mentally categorised in this way rather than actually placed on different shelves in my wardrobe.

sleepinginmyhead: Tshirt Lifecycle

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