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Label profile: Danger of Death

by Chris_S on November 12, 2012

Danger of Death class themselves as being aimed at a “more alternative audience”, but as co-owner Nick explains – and I agree with – fans of top-quality illustration might still find something here for them.

The company’s been a year in the making, and they seem keen to do things right. Often, the sort of t-shirts you see at rock shows and clubs can be cheap, faded and poorly illustrated things. Jim and Nick have commissioned some great artists to put out some quality illustrations on tees, hoodies and sweatshirts for their debut line.

A lot of the time with alternative t-shirt designs, you’d feel ashamed to wear them out on the street or in shopping malls. But Danger of Death’s designs just toe inside the line of being too outlandish, while not compromising on the scene’s ideals. They’re not toned down in any way: they’re just admirable illustrations that ordinary people will look on with interest, rather than looking on askance.

Plus, the t-shirts, at £18 each, aren’t that badly priced. We’re going to be getting a review up of the shirts themselves once we get our hands on the product in a week or so. If Danger of Death have caught your eye, keep checking back with HYA to see how they stand up in the flesh.


Post image for Mechanic Industries combines magic and gambling

Most people I know have a sideline these days. It might be that they clean cars on weekends from their day job; others might enjoy going to horse tracks and becoming a part-time professional gambler. So it’s encouraging to see a t-shirt designer who has a sideline too. We got an email from Jimmy K at Mechanic Industries explaining how his day job parlayed into a sideline (which then transformed into a tee brand. Stick with me!):

A Mechanic is a card cheat that utilizes advanced sleight-of-hand techniques to gain advantage over their opponents. Mechanic Industries give magicians the competitive edge with an arsenal of premium products. This advanced product line taps into the very essence of what Magic & Gambling is all about – advantage.
Appearing in June of 2012, Mechanic Industries Ltd is based in the UK and specializes in the design and production of the highest quality gaming & gambling products for use by magicians, flourishers, poker enthusiasts and avid gambling fans alike. We are fanatical card magicians, poker players and leading designers. It is our aim to become the premium retailer for all things magic and gaming. 
So of course it makes perfect sense for them to start designing t-shirts too. There’s only the one design at the minute (‘Work Wear’, £24.99) but I like it, and it comes in three different colours. These guys might be a brand to watch in the future.


bookshelves print t-shirt

I’m sure that looking at this rather clever t-shirt (I’m not sure if it was printed or painted) I’m sure a lot of you are reminded of Liu Bolin, the Chinese artist who has become famous across the globe for being the ‘Invisible Man’. I don’t know where this photo originated from or who took it, but I found it on a Tumblr called enjoythesilence.

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Barber Shop Window: cool wrestling t-shirts?

by Chris_S on April 19, 2012

barber shop window t-shirts

I don’t want to alarm you or anything, but the three words “cool wrestling t-shirts” can in fact be used in the same sentence without the world exploding. Seriously, it’s not a contradiction in terms. Admittedly, professional wrestling hasn’t been cool since about 1997, but that almost doesn’t matter. I haven’t watched wrestling since I was 16 – these things called girls got in the way – but I can still appreciate the smart, snarky designs which are a mile away from the stuff the WWE (apparently the WWF had to change their name after the World Wildlife Fund sued them) produce.

Barber Shop Window has a simple motto: “to create shirts that wrestling fans enjoy, would want to own, and wouldn’t be embarassed to wear to the bar.” I’d argue they go further. These things can be worn by non- or lapsed wrestling fans like me.

They take an increasingly standard model of selling. Shirts are available for a limited time period and on a short print run, before being taken off-sale. Any leftovers (usually in odd sizes) can be picked up for about $25 (first-run shirts usually run $20). The shirt stock’s good, the printing lasts and is clear. I’m currently wearing the ‘Monsoon-Heenan 2012′ shirt pictured above; it combines my favourite commentary team from my formative years with my love of American politics (fuelled by The West Wing). I wish I had the Fuji Vice t-shirt, based on this…unique vignette from the 1980s. If you’re nerdy like me, the chances are you’ll find something here for you.


how do clothing companies get their names

Adam over at IATT has come up trumps again with another interesting article, this time around he has asked 28 popular clothing companies how they got their names. Some of the stories are more interesting than others, but if you’re interested in the business behind the tees the article is worth a minute or two of your time.


unabomber hoodie

I am aware that this post might be perceived as being a little bit tasteless as Ted Kaczynski (better known as The Unabomber) is responsible for the death of three people (and injuries to many others), but at the same time it is quite rare that I see a hoodie that is of historical value for ‘sale’, so I thought that it would be worth posting about. I was aware that the US government sold and auctioned off seized goods from criminals, but I didn’t realise that items from ‘famous’ criminals were ever released for sale, I’d have expected that these items were either permanently locked away, or destroyed, rather than create the possibility of copy-cat criminals by letting the evidence out into the public, as there is probably some crazy individual out there that thinks Ted made some good points.

At the time of writing the hoodie (and many pairs of aviator sunglasses) has not yet come up for auction, but that will be starting today with a starting price of $25, ending on June 2nd, and all the proceeds are going to his victim’s families. I can’t provide a URL to the auction, but if you go to and do a search for ‘unabomber’ the hoodie will come up (along with some other lots).
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A hoodie with a horizontal zip?

by Andy on March 22, 2011

sideways zip hoodie by wrongwroks

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a hoodie like this one from Wrongwroks, have you ever seen a hoodie with a zip that goes sideways across the hood?

Not sure that I’d actually want to wear it but there’s no denying that this is an interesting hoodie.

Costiness=$130 Buy it at Wrongwroks


Black Double Hoodie by Y-3

by Andy on September 16, 2008

Even though it barely feels as if we had summer here in the UK, I think its fair to say that summer has well and truly gone, and that means its time for me to start getting back into what HYA is all about… the hoodies.

What better way to get back in the swing of things than with a hoodie that has 2 hoods? Yup, as you may have gathered from the photos, there is one hood on the outside, a black knit which fits with the rest of the hoodie, and then you unzip the first hood and a black nylon hood is revealed. I don’t know why you’d want to have two hoods on a hoodie, but I still this its pretty cool, and Y-3 make fantastic looking clothes, I remember trying to convince one of my friends why they’re so cool when we spotted the Y-3 store in Roppongi, Tokyo… I failed.

Costiness=$278 (out of stock, but you weren’t going to buy it at that price anyway, right?) Find it here at Oak NYC [via ThisNext]


Not a t-shirt blog: Zenorschnitzel

by Andy on August 11, 2006


I don’t know when this blog was taken over by Mr. Listy McListerson, but here goes anyway.1. Zenorschnitzel is a great name.

2. The owner isn’t a tee artist, she’s an architect fresh out of college, but don’t all designers love putting things on soft soft cotton?

3. Firing a shotgun at a t-shirt sounds kinda stupid (and Gil Grissom will probably bust your ass for something… somehow), but I think it’s awesome, and produces a unique effect, although I’d probably prefer it if the animal prints were slightly bigger.

4. I like the idea of putting a map of America on a tee and telling me to fill colour in the states as I travel through them, it inspires the part of me that’s wanted to go on “The Great American Road Trip” (TM) since I was 18. It’s nicely designed and actually has an idea behind it, which I like to see, someone pushing the envelope (or at least trying to use a different type of envelope).

5. All the best lists have 5 parts to them.



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