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“Notifications” t-shirt by Glennz

by Andy on October 31, 2012

Post image for “Notifications” t-shirt by Glennz

Ahhh, classic Glennz.

Costiness=$21.95 Buy it at Glennz


life in plastiq iphone case review

Time for something a little bit different from the usual cotton-based items that we see on HYA, iPhone cases. You may be cocking an eyebrow and wondering if I chose to take this review just because I wanted a new case for my beloved iPhone, but there’s actually a lot more crossover here than you would think. Much like t-shirts, a few companies dominate the iPhone case marketplace, and many of those cases tend to be utilitarian and not particularly inspiring when it comes to design, which is why it’s good that there are people out there like Life in Plastiq who are making really interesting cases with attractive and arty designs on them. And yeah, I thought it would be cool to have something to jazz up my phone!

Life in Plastiq are hunting out designers that they like (often designers from the t-shirt world, they have a couple of Threadless alumni in their catalogue), but they do also operate a design competition to find new talent and designs to go on their cases. Winning designers are paid $200 upfront and then 15% off sales up to a cap of $1,500. With the success of design competitions in the clothing world it’s hardly surprising that someone has seen a gap in the market with a design contest for iPhone cases since they are perfectly sized for artwork and as something that people carry around with them just about 24/7 they are something that people want to customise to express themselves.

The cases themselves add little bulk to the phone, made of a hard plastic that I think it would take a decent amount of effort to break when off your phone (I did bend one with my hands but it just felt wrong to try and break it, and it did spring right back into shape), if it’s on your phone I don’t see any way in which it could break. Fitment is nice and tight, there’s no small gaps at any point around the edges, which means it does a good job of not letting dust in, after a couple of weeks in my pocket when I switched from one case to the other there wasn’t much dust back there, much less than with my Griffin case. The dock connector isn’t obstructed, and nor is the headphone jack in the top, which is a problem I had with the case for the GoPano, which was a bit annoying that every time I wanted to use my headphones (and the only time I do that is the gym or in my car, and the gym is a fairly high risk area for phone droppage), so it’s good that this case doesn’t require removal for any normal usage of the phone.

If you want something that will make for a shockproof you have to go up to a much larger case but that is of course going to be something to consider with any case of this style which doesn’t add too much to the form factor of the phone. Personally, I feel that it provides enough protection, I’m a bit clumsy and have dropped it on the wooden floor in my house a couple of times and whilst my heart was in my mouth there was not visible damage to the phone and it’s still working fine, which is all you can hope for from a case as far as I can tell. With the cases being high gloss they can get small scratches on them. After a couple of weeks with mine in my pocket (the same pocket as my keys) it has developed some small scratches. You have to look for them, and they aren’t deep at all, but it’s worth mentioning that over time that they could become noticeable on the sparser designs, the patterned designs will show up any scratches much less. This isn’t an issue that’s specific to LiP cases, very few cases are scratch resistant, and of course the case is there so that it gets scratched and not your expensive iPhone.

The designs are completely subjective, different strokes for different folks and all that, but I think that if you’re the kind of person to visit and read Hide Your Arms then you would find something to like amongst the designs which are available at the moment. Hopefully that speaks a lot of the quality of artists they’ve been attracting in these early days and is something that they can maintain as the move along.

Price wise you are looking at $19 for a case, and that includes free worldwide shipping, which I think is about right considering that with every sale there is money going to the artist, and I do like that connection that when you buy something you support an independent artist even though you’re buying from a larger company (not that Life in Plastiq are huge, but you know what I mean). However, at the moment they’re actually running a massive sale which they just extended to July 8th, in which everything in store is half price, so you can have an artist designed case for your iPhone 4/4S for $9.50 all in, which seems like a pretty great deal to me.


New Range from Anything Goes Apparel

by Andy on May 30, 2012

anything goes apparel

Pretty impressive stuff from Anything Goes, looks like they’ve put together some really nice quality products, and it’s cool to see them branching out to the bamboo iPhone case as well.


glennz funny iphone cases

Glennz designs are the good fit for the back of an iPhone, though I do feel that $34.95 is quite a lot for a case, than again I’m pretty cheap and I’m still using the Griffin one that Apple sent me when they had the handling issues during the launch phase of the iPhone 4.


T-shirt News Roundup for January 16th

by Andy on January 16, 2012

mythbusters t-shirt

Dexter’s Laboratory meets Mythbusters in this shirt from Teefury.

Y’know, I’ve never seen Donnie Darko, judging by the amount of shirts about it, including this one from Qwertee, I probably should (lots of shirts usually = a good movie).

Shirt.Woot have a delightful 8-bit Ghostbusters design.

Strangely, RIPT also have a Ghostbusters shirt, though with a Muppets twist.

Glow in the dark shirt from The Yetee.

Nowhere Bad have a Portal inspired shirt.

OtherTees have a nice Sherlock design. Did anyone see the last episode of the current run last night? That show is so damn good.

24Tee are selling a familiar stormtrooper design.

TeeRaiders have a Firefly design that I didn’t need to Google to work out what it was.

Quite a pretty Twitter design from

GraphicLab have a Portal shirt on sale all this week.

Tee Mashups is closing, which is unfortunate, though at least they are being up front about things and are sending refunds to people that will not receive their shirts.

Star Wars comes to Shirt Punch today.

Not my kind of tee at DBH today, but interesting nevertheless.

Hey look, Tilteed are selling Greg Abbott’s lovely fox design again.

Glennz has turned five of his designs into iPhone wallpapers (may also work with other smartphones, I’m not sure).

Tony over at Wrongwroks has released a parka jacket in five different colours.

Perception Apparel have put three of their tees on sale for $10.

Halfcut Clothing have released a shirt to celebrate their involvement with the Blind Tiger Collective. Use coupon code hcc10 to get 10% off your order in their store.

The official press release for the Boston Tee Party has been released, it doesn’t cover much new ground but it’s nice to have it all be ‘official’.

Big Cartel let us know about some of their milestones in 2012, such as collective store sales of over $100,000,000 from their almost 200,000 stores.

Mighty Fine are running a competition with Marvel to find an amazing Avengers t-shirt design with the winner receiving up to $2,500.

Johnny Cupcakes has a couple of new tees, and a couple of new hats in his stores.

Here’s Rihanna wearing a Celine t-shirt that probably cost more than my whole outfit.


angry birds t-shirts

I’m not an Angry Birds addict, I have a few of the free apps on my phone and I enjoy them, but I don’t obsess too much about getting three stars on every level. Games are meant to be fun, remember?

Tee Gazette has put together a great post listing some fun and clever Angry Birds t-shirts, they released the list back in February so there’s no guarantees that everything will still be in stock, but it is still worth checking out.

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can't touch this t-shirt

I think that it’s a bit too much of a stretch to associate touchscreen phones with MC Hammer’s 1990 hit “U Can’t Touch This” (did anyone think it didn’t have the U at the start?), so I’m really not feeling this shirt. If I were a meme user I’d called this a C-C-C-C-C-Combo Breaker since A Better Tomorrow are usually brilliant, but thankfully I’m above that kind of thing.

Costiness=€22 Buy it at A Better Tomorrow


Gama Go x UNCOMMON iPhone cases

by Andy on June 7, 2011

Post image for Gama Go x UNCOMMON iPhone cases

This isn’t an iPhone blog, but when Gama Go told me about these cases they were too cute to just leave in my inbox, and they haven’t even been properly released yet! There’s 8 designs and they’ll be getting 10 of each in at the SoMa store in San Francisco soon before the cases are released properly in the summer. Read more about it here.


threadless iphone app

I was going to put together a review of the Official Threadless iPhone app, but to be honest it probably wouldn’t be as good as this review by Coty Gonzales. He has provided a really well balanced and thorough review of the app pointing out the flaws/limitations he’s found and well as the really well implemented aspects of the app.


iphone t-shirt

I think I’ve mentioned my love of the iPhone in the past, in many ways I feel that it has ruined me a bit since I use it as an alarm which inevitably means I’ll spend an hour in bed before I go to sleep answering e-mails and researching stuff, but I still love it, and I’m glad that it’s ubiquitous enough now that people don’t think you’re fancy having an iPhone.

Costiness=€10.95 (inc. free shipping in Spain) Buy it at Lola Camisetas


We’re offering a free Haymaker 3G iPhone slider case with any order on our site:

Just put the code: freecase in the checkout.

[Andy: That would be one badass looking iPhone, thanks for the submission!]

This post was submitted by Dan lachman.


Exploded Hoodies & Polos

by Andy on October 18, 2009


That title just gave me a great idea for a video… now I just need to work out how to blow hoodies and I’ll be a millionaire (an internet millionaire, not an actual millionaire).

The popular Exploded series has expanded from tees to putting a couple of designs on hoodies and polos. I’d like to see the DaVinci style hoodie have a much larger print, but it simply isn’t possible with the kangaroo pocket in the way, so there’s not much they could do about that, but the Exploded 128 design is much more accommodating of that size of print. Hoodies are $33 (+$7 shipping), polos $33 (+$5 shipping), and they will both start shipping on October 29th.



I’m sure that if you keep an eye on the tee world then you will have seen exploded designs before, I’ve even featured a few of them in the past, but one thing that struck me as odd about them was that each t-shirt was alwyas featured on it’s own website, as in a website that only sold one t-shirt. That’s changed, and it is now possibly to get a plethora of geeky exploded tees from one site, which is an awful lot more convenient.

The Exploded Store


Slide To Unlock Doormat by Meninos

by Andy on August 13, 2009


Clearly this is not something that you can wear, but after the popularity of the Slide To Unlock t-shirt around the blogosphere (do people still say that?) I thought that this doormat deserved a mention. Posting about a cool doormat, what has my life become!

Costiness=$50 Available from Meninos


Slide To Unlock by Milk & Eggs Co.

by Andy on July 23, 2009


Unlock your heart. Yep, there’s a t-shirt for that.

Anyone not get this?

Costiness=$20 Available from Milk & Eggs Co. [via]



I can’t believe I managed to go more than a week since getting back blogging without mentioning Wrongwroks!

They seem to release something every week, but I get the feeling that this Summer release is much bigger than usual, with a load of cool hoodies, hats, and tees. There’s also a new iPhone skin in the mix, and an art print, in case you have too many clothes and some space on your walls. All the items can be found in the gallery.


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LOADS of new stuff from Wrongwroks

by Andy on February 17, 2009


Tees, hats, stickers, iPhone cases, the latest two releases from Wrongwroks have pretty much got it going on. If I wanted to get traffic I guess I should have put scantily clad model shot at the top of this post, but I like the pixelated ape tee way to much to bury it in the gallery with everything else.

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Exploded iPhone t-shirt

by Andy on January 13, 2009


I seem to be loving the work of other tee bloggers at the moment, because I’ve been stealing finding a lot of ‘inspiration’ from their posts for a few of my own entries recently, and this tee is no exception. Liz from Pop Culture Tees claims that this tee is doing the rounds on the ‘net, but I haven’t seen it anywhere else, and I’d like to think I keep my ear to the ground when it comes to my beloved iPhone (even if it did get too cold to work when my van broke down last week). Oh, and sorry that I didn’t post about this earlier, you could have been the coolest guy/gal at Macworld with this tee.

As a warning to all you Cafepress haters, this tee *might* be supplied by Cafepress, as the website links through to an ‘Exploded Items’ store (though there is just the phone on there) on Cafepress.

Costiness=$19 Buy it at

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