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You can generally tell how much I like a collection by the amount of pictures that I share of it, sometimes if it’s a big release from a brand I might skip one or two of the items just for the sake of brevity, but in the case of this #TokyoTribes collection from Project A Apparel I’ve included every item, if not all of the many, many lookbook photos the are available. Here’s what Project A have to say about the collection:

Project A Apparel are back with their first drop from their SS 2013 line, this time taking a trip to the far east with #tokyotribes. The first release from the collection focuses on the brand’s experiences and influences from Japan, taking in imagery from classic anime movies , Bosozuku biker gangs and video games. Featuring graphic tshirts, sweatshirts, a zip up hoody, hats as well as their very first illustrated oxford shirt. The new collection showcases two guest collaborators, Dublin artist Morgan who worked on the Lucky Pussy tee and patch graphics and world renowned Irish godfather of graffiti, Rask.

The collection was actually released on May 1st, but as I was away I’m sure you’ll forgive me for being a bit tardy with this one.


outcry apparel sale

I have no idea how long this sale will last at Outcry Apparel, so if you like it, buy it.


Post image for Prohect A Apparel’s mini Winter Release and Sexy Photoshoot

Project A Apparel, Dublins longest running streetwear label showcases its mini Winter drop in an intimate shoot with the lovely Laura O’Neill. Shot on location in the brands hometown the lookbook features a new grey five panel with custom woven patch and tshirt designed by street artist Friz. This small collection acts as an extension of the brands horror themed Autumn/Winter and also a move to quarterly drops. Everything as always is extremely limited and available here.

I can’t actually see the new hat listed in the store but I’m sure it will turn up there soon. More photos after the jump.
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Post image for Blind Tiger Collective Pop Up Shop in Dublin from Dec. 21st

I like the Blind Tiger Collective, it’s such a great idea for groups of brands to band together to push their promotional efforts forward together, alone they are weak but together they are strong and all that. From December 21st the collective will have a pop-up shop in the heart of Dublin at the White Lady Art Gallery on Wellington Quay (I write as if I have any idea where that is, I’ve never even been to the Republic of Ireland, yet). On the launch night (December 20th) there will be a live art show, a DJ and free drinks, which sounds like it could combine for a fun time to be had by all.

The brands being featured at the pop-up shop are as follows:
Project A Apparel
Sick Studs
Secret Castle
Dog Eat Dog Clothing
Nine Lives
Grandpa Woolf
Black Sheep
Dead Weight Clothing


mythos outcry apparel

I posted the teaser video for this design last week and it has now hit the Outcry Apparel store. Nicely priced at €18 each in sizes S-XL, the shirts are limited edition and hand signed & numbered.


urban hand

Urban Hand got in touch to introduce themselves, and in the process they gave me a very nice overview of what the brand is all about:

we are a new clothing company based in Dublin, Ireland. We started trading at the end of last year and our original collection included t-shirts and hoodies for men. We concentrated mainly on logo placement designs to try and get the brand established. We expanded the range to include hats and caps as well as a range of t-shirts, hoodies and bags for women. We are now taking the next step along the road and are incorporating designs by young, up and coming Irish designers. After doing some research into the cotton and printing industries we have decided that all our t-shirts are now going to be fully organic offerings ie a 100% organic cotton t-shirt, printed organically using water based inks by a company which is certified by the soil association so we’re doing our bit for the environment. Priced at €19.99 with free standard delivery to Ireland & the UK we hope it’ll be a success.

When I see all those ecologically sound terms being thrown around I worry, because it tends to mean that there’s going to be a high price tag attached to the shirt, so it’s really refreshing to find a brand creating tees are guilt-free without having a premium price. I have my usual quibbles about brands that focus heavily on their name and logo in their initial releases, but that’s a personal choice and these guys have a pretty cool logo so that does make things a bit better.


Project A Apparel release SS2012

by Andy on March 23, 2012

project a apparel

Introducing the Spring Summer 2012 drop from Dublins longest serving streetwear company Project A Apparel. Inspired by 80’s Hong Kong action flicks and heist movies this collection features the companies first forays into photographic prints and clothing outside tshirts. The collection features, 5 tshirts, 2 pocket tees, 1 crewneck, 2 bags and a five panel hat.

I’ve noticed that more and more brands seem to be bringing out pocket tees at the moment, I’m not sure what has brought them back into trend but I can see the appeal of adding that bit of contrast with a pocket. Solid release from PAA.
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outcry apparel sweater

Outcry Apparel impressed with their first release last year, and this latest addition to their collection does nothing to hurt that growing reputation. The sweatshirt is currently available for pre-order for the very reasonable price of €25.


Life Offline for Online Brands (Part Two)

by LadyUmbrella on December 15, 2011

LadyUmbrella at the Pop Up Style Swap Shop

Andy: Here’s part two of Rob from LadyUmbrella’s column about ways that t-shirt brands that are more used to online business can extend themselves in the real world.

Something to try look out for in the offline world of t-shirts is pop up shops.. I don’t know how it is in your town but right now Ireland is thriving with pop up shops..The idea of a pop up shop is simple – a group of brands or retailers team up together, pool resources and acquire a premises for a very short term let.. All the brands involved then work together to promote the life out of the pop up shop and they can be quite beneficial.. We’ve done a few pop ups in the past and I’m currently working on another one, The Blind Tiger Collective, which hopefully might become a more long term thing..And, therein lies the other advantage of doing pop ups..You get to meet lots of other brands in your area and I’ll tell you what, when you put a bunch of motivated dreamers together ideas can flow..

Another avenue for an offline t-shirt life is doing fairs..Now, these can be hit and miss, some of them might be good for your brand and some just might not work..We’ve done a few of them in the past and have sold in random places like Microsoft and a hospital here in Dublin, as well as in pubs and festivals – not all of them were homeruns but they were all enjoyable..And they do spur your on to “double down” your efforts, both online and offline..

The other thing I really like about the t-shirt life offline is that it gives you great online fodder like this video or the picture below to the right.

Elena Selling in Microsoft

Every event you attend will give you a photo opp to showcase your t-shirts – like the picture from Project 51 above..It’ll give you something to let your facebook/twitter friends and followers know about which will ultimately feed into you online activities.. Also, attending offline events should go some way to help build up the “trust factor” for potential online customers..I don’t know about you but I’m still apprehensive about buying online and so it’s logical to assume that some potential customers might also be..Now, if these potential customers see that you’ve been doing X, Y and Z and realise that you’re not some dodgy site your chances of getting a sale have just shot up dramatically.. Or, that’s my take on it anyway..

And so, to conclude, if things aren’t going as swimmingly as you want online don’t box yourself into maniacal tweeting (believe me, I’ve done it) but take a step back and see if there is anything that can be done offline.. There are lots of options out there like pop up shops, fairs and wholesale deals and by just partaking in them, even if they aren’t homeruns, you’ll get a renewed umph and motivation to push on and keep going.. And, ultimately, I think that pushing on is what is vital – nothing happens overnight ..Maybe a little flirt with life offline might give you the pep in the step you need to keep going until you get to where you want to go..

Anyway, thank you for reading and I want to hear your thoughts..Are you at times fed up with online life too? Have you been a part of any offline events? If so, any do’s or don’ts to share? (Um, that could be another blog post maybe if anyone is interested?) Speak freely…Ole!


blind tiger collective

The Blind Tiger Collective is a really cool project spearheaded by Dualta Jones of Project A Apparel that is bringing together ten of Ireland’s finest indie brands to open a pop-up shop in Dublin in the run up to Christmas. They’ve written a really good press release, and it’s Saturday night, so I’m feeling lazy enough to just copy/paste that:

Hot on the tail of the collapse of the Celtic Tiger comes 10 Irish Designers as Blind Tiger Collective

The Blind Tiger Collective, a collection of 10 Irish clothing brands, are launching their pop-up shop on the 20th of December in the distinctive Dublin North Inner City.The pop-up will be open for 4 days until the 24th and will give customers a chance buy Irish this Christmas from independent designers.The collective consists of over 10 brands aiming to give the Irish shopper an opportunity to support their local designers and young businesses this Christmas and to do so with distinctive style and swagrrr.

The Blind Tiger Collective will spring to life on the 20th of December until the 24th at Little Green Gallery on Green Street and the temporary space will be retailing exclusive Irish Streetwear and accessories. In the run up to the launch, Dualta Jones, organiser of the event and co-owner of Project A Apparel decided he was tired of large foreign companies opening pop up stores to promote brands that were already saturating the market. He said “I decided that small Irish brands like my own need to come to together and help promote each other in a joint effort a stake a claim on our territory.”

There will be a wide variety of brands at the Blind Tiger Collective pop up like Turtlehead, Swallows and Daggers and LadyUmbrella, ranging from tattoo inspired hand drawn designs, skate apparel, street art and graffiti inspired work, showcasing the diversity of Irish design talent. A lot of the brands in the Blind Tiger Collective work on very limited print runs, some as low as 25 pieces, and when a design is finished its finished for good which guarantees exclusivity.

To celebrate the launch night and make the Blind Tiger pop up a bit more special, Galway based screen printer will be screen printing a unique “Blind Tiger Collective” tee. All good collectives need some good music and there will be a DJ for the launch as well as a range of free drinks to get the launch started. With a big push to buy Irish this Christmas and campaigns like “Irish Indie Xmas” getting a lot of attention maybe it’s time to forget the Celtic Tiger and listen to the roar of the Blind Tiger Collective.

“forget the Celtic Tiger and check out the swagrrr of the Blind Tiger Collective.” Follow the ambush at

Facebook :
Twitter :
Email :

As you would imagine, I’m all for a project like this, and looking at the people that they’ve got involved it should be a big success as long as they can get enough people through the door. In the past I’ve made it clear that I have issues with the term pop-up shop, and I still do, but at least this seems to be a be an actual pop-up shop, as in a shop that will only be around for a couple of days, rather than when some fancy brand takes a corner of a hotel and calls it a pop-up shop.


LadyUmbrella’s latest line is lovely

by Andy on October 7, 2011

You guys are going to probably think I’m being lazy, but it’s my birthday this weekend and Liz is taking me away to a mystery location (well, it’s a mystery as I write this, I will know when we set off), so I’m getting posts written up ahead of time, and one way to do that is by copy/pasting stuff that people send to me, especially when it’s well written as is the case with LadyUmbrella.

… As for some info about the collection themselves they are the first collection we’ve done that have a screen printed neck label which is kinda nifty (image of neck label and tag on the front of tee attached)..Also, “LadyUmbrella Likes To Float” is our first two tone t-shirt (the back is black) and also features a little pocket and has a nice shape which falls off the shoulder..Then we have the “LadyUmbrella Meets Peter Pan” duo in black and white, named after the shape and design of the collar they sport..These tees feature our first use of patterning in the collar and sleeves and we’re quite pleased with how they look.. All t-shirts are 100% combed cotton except for Peter Pan Black which is 50% Combed Cotton and 50% Modal cotton making it insanely soft, dare I say, our softest tee yet..

Clearly they’re fairly excited about it and with good reason, it’s great to watch a business grow and expand beyond just normal tees to something a bit different. They’ve also changed their prices around a bit, I don’t know what they were before but they’re now more ‘recession friendly’ which suggests they’re lower, ranging from 20€-25€ with free shipping worldwide.


Outcry Apparel – very new, very nice tees

by Andy on September 21, 2011

outcry apparel t-shirts

Looks like I’m all over the new brands today, Outcry Apparel launched just 16 days ago and came out of the blocks strongly with three cool, and kind of dark, designs. Lara Hanlon, who runs Outcry by herself, seems to have done everything right so far, really strong artwork, put together a decent website that gives us everything we need, running the store through Big Cartel so we know it’s safe, and done a photoshoot that shows off the shirts properly. All the shirts are discharge printed (yes!) and cost €15 a piece.

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Sale on this week at Lady Umbrella

by Andy on May 31, 2011

ladyumbrella sale

Infographic says it all, but I’ll repeat it anyway. Use the coupon code WOW30 at the ladies-only t-shirt brand LadyUmbrella between now and June 6th and you will receive a whopping 30% off your order. Oooh, I’ve just realised I have extra information, if you buy a tee and a print you will receive a free notebook, they might as well just be giving his stuff away!


year of tees

Do you remember A Year of Tees? It was Keith Walsh side-project (beyond running Turtlehead) that made a new t-shirt available for sale every day. It was meant to finish on December 31st 2010, but after receiving a number of requests Keith opened up the vault and made all the designs available for sale again, somewhat indefinitely (I’m sure it won’t be forever, but there’s no end cap this time around). He’s just increased the available offerings once again by making it possible to purchase every t-shirt design as a hoodie… and they say HYA doesn’t talk about hoodies anymore, pfft!


turtlehead oxfam charity t-shirts

I know what you’re thinking “Andy, who I imagine is so ripped The Situation would cry if he were to ever gaze upon your mighty abs, aren’t Turtlehead an advertiser on HYA, and this post makes you a total sellout?” Well imaginary reader who keeps complimenting me, often yes, you could call me a sellout, but in this case you’d be dead wrong, because all the proceeds from the sale of these tees goes to helping Oxfam. Turtlehead have been involved with Oxfam for a long time, which presumably helped them in securing such stellar designers for this charity project. Which designers you may ask? Jon Burgerman, Si Scott, Alex Turvey, Serge Seiditz, and Chris Judge. All the proceeds are going Oxfam Ireland’s Climate Change program. I realise that helping fight climate change by purchasing something you probably don’t really need feels a bit counterintuitive, but at least the shirts are printed onto fairtrade cotton, and if you’re nice and careful washing it then it will last long enough that you won’t have to waste more carbon buying lower quality shirts that don’t last as long.


seibei grab bag promo

Had a great weekend in Brussels, but the t-shirt world continues to turn in spite of my absense (shocking, right?) and I got sent a lot of e-mails about deals over the weekend, so instead of eeking them out over the day I’m just doing one megapost stuffed with enough deals to keep your wallet happy.

First deal is the Seibei grab bag promo, $13 for a random tee in your size and some other goodies, and if you order before July 9th you’ll be entered into a competition to win a hand-painted firgurine which David sculpted and cast himself, so it’s an unusual (one of a kind?) competition prize. Nice!

All tees from the wonderfully named Dripping In Fat are £10 for the summer, or at least until 1st September, I’m not sure if that’s officially the end of summer but that’s when this offer will be ending.

French streetwear brand Stereo Panda have got a big sale going on with up to 70% off some products. They usually aren’t the cheapest of brands so this is a good opportunity to pick them up on the cheap.

To be completely honest Parrotghost don’t sell my style of tee, but maybe they’re right up your alley, and they’re celebrating their relaunch with a buy one get one free offer from now until July 4th.

LTD Tee have got another box set on sale for $26.99 from now until July 4th, but you can get 15% off that price with the coupon code hideyourarms

One of the newer advertisers on HYA, Summerjunk, are offering a free ‘swan’ tee with every purchase on their site, pretty cool, huh? The deal will br running for about a month, and details are here.

LadyUmbrella are another tee company getting in on World Cup tee fever. They’re offering 25% off everything in their store (and free shipping!) as long as Spain are in the World Cup with the coupon code fiesta25. They’re playing Portugal tonight, and whilst I feel like they have the edge you never know, so this coupon might be expiring pretty soon!

Fancy an Urban Outiftters coupon code? I thought you might. Use the code SUMMER15 to get 15% off at Urban Outiftters from now until July 5th, there’s quite a lot of restrictions on the code, but if you’re buying clothing from them (online), then the code should work. As you can tell from the grpaihc they’ve also got a sale going on, though I don’t think that sale items can have the 15% coupon code applied to them. Still, cheaper clothes!

3 tee for $33 at The Onion’s Store, a pretty sweet deal if you ask me. Use the coupon code 3FOR33 to receive the discount.


LadyUmbrella go bricks & mortar!

by Andy on June 22, 2010

Post image for LadyUmbrella go bricks & mortar!

Really big news from Ireland’s favourite women’s t-shirt store, they’ve gone and opened a store (as in one that people can visit in person rather than clicking on). From what I can tell they’ve got space in something called the Loft Market at the Powerscourt Centre in Dublin, which I assume to be a bunch of cool brands sharing space as part of a larger shopping centre, which seems like a pretty cool idea to me, almost like a stepping stone for brands that aren’t quite ready yet to have their own full shop. Still, it’s a big step for a brand that hasn’t been going for that long, LadyUmbrella really do seem to be going from strength to strength. They can be found there on Friday/Saturday/Sunday, I’ve never been to Ireland, but if I do, I’ll be sure to pop along.

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You all know that I’m not particularly enamoured with the Three Wolf moon meme, perhaps I’m just not a fun person but I don’t get why people would where these tees. Still, if you’re going to do something you might as well overdo it, and that’s what Turtlehead have done, but combining several memes and things that interet-people love (and E.T. for some reason).

Costiness=€25 Available from Turtlehead for Men, and for Women


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