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Iron-On Resistance

Updates on a weekend? I spoil you!

Josh & Dave from Iron-On Resistance got in touch to say that they’re having a clearance/sale on a load of stuff in their store.

The clearance is on products that are in their Sauver line, all of that line can be found on this page, but not necessarily everything on that page will be clearance prices. Their hoodie is down to $22 from $40 (if I remember correctly), and I really like this tee that has a graffiti stencil style to it.

Oh yeah, and their bags and wallets/purses (not that I’d carry a purse) look incredible.


Red Labor (sic), White Shirt

by Andy on April 4, 2006


In keeping with the weeks theme of branching out into new style of clothing (3/4 length long-sleeve, tee) and now a dress shirt. Josh over at Iron-on Resistance pointed me towards his site, which I’d seen a couple of months back, but I forgot to mention on here.

I quite enjoy wearing a dress shirt over a t-shirt when I go for a night out, so this meticulously detailed shirt really stood out for me. Maybe I’m really susceptible to advertising, but their description (“You’ll love it”) is pretty darned accurate.

If you get the chance take a look around the rest of the store, the wallets are really cool, it might be worth me changing my $1 New Found Glory wallet for something a bit more respectable.

Costiness=$100 URL here (only 4 made, so if you want it, get it).


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