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Daily Tees & News for November 10th

by Andy on November 10, 2011

hunger games t-shirt

Apparently today’s shirt at TeeFury is to do with a series of books called ‘Hunger Games’ that I’ve never read.

I like what Qwertee are going for here, but I think that you’d have to be a Linkin Park fan to want to buy it, and that might cut out a large section of their followers.
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Can you imagine if I wore this? The levels of irony would be so dangerously high that if I started listening to Journey at the same time I’m pretty sure the world would kerplode.

Costiness=$28 ($22 if you join the A-List) Buy it at Local Celebrity

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You what’s cool about this belt buckle? It’s ACTUALLY made of an ACTUAL NES controller. On the downside, it costs $30, which may be expensive, I don’t know how much a belt buckle usually costs since I’m not a cowboy (usually), but on the plus side it does mean that I’ve got $120 worth of plastic gold gathering dust in a cupboard back in England, which I think is probably one of the safest investments out there at the moment.

So, $30 might be more than you’d usually pay for a belt buckle, though considering this is a console controller from the 80s it seems fairly reasonable in my head, but for those of you in need of a deal sweetener, here’s a spoonful of Splenda for you. The first 10 people to make a purchase at using the coupon code hideyourarms will get $10 off their order.



One of my friends pointed out this tee to me (available from my favourite bookshop/tee shop/design store/place I can’t leave without spending money, Magma) and I thought to myself “that is a guy who knows I own so many t-shirts that when I wear ironic tees they are actually ironic.”

In addition to being a ‘going out shirt’ this is also an ‘emergency shirt’, by which they mean you can turn it inside out (revealing the ‘emergency shirt’ text) and wear it that way around, presumably whilst you are stumbling home on the walk of shame after your night out.

Costiness=£35 (non-ironic pricing) Buy it at Magma

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I’m sure that there are plenty of terrible jokes I could make about a company called Medicated Clothing, but I’m afraid I can’t think of any… I’ve lost my bad joke mojo!

Medicated Clothing is the brainchild of a children’s book illustrator who has a thing for irony and surrealism, something which you’ll notice runs through the tees on the site. The designs from Meidcated Clothing can be broadly put into three categories, illustrative (pictured above), slogan, and photo. For me, the illustrative tees are far better than the slogan and photo efforts. Even though the slogans are original, and the photos certainly live up to their promise of being surreal, I don’t really think that they fit with the rest of the site, especially since the illustrations are really strong and work well as t-shirts.

*Update: It’s been brought to my attention that the designs I wasn’t giving much love were launch designs and don’t really reflect where the company is headed, so I’d guess that those designs will be phased out at some point, so buy ‘em if you like ‘em.

Medicated Clothing


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