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Post image for Like black & white? Then you might like t-shirts from Pilpeled

It’s not every day that HYA gets an e-mail from Israel, and more specifically Tel Aviv, which gave the message from Pilpeled a bit more novelty than most I receive, especially since they must have a poet doing their copywriting. Here’s an example to let you know what they’re all about:

Based in TLV, Pilpeled is a prolific graphic designer and artist with a darker sense of design, Pilpeled uses black to dig deeper and bring curiosity out from behind the shadows.

PILPELED started in 2005 with his first flayers for posters and shows mostly in Israel while working his own tshirts and another products , as well on his fine art prints and original works

PILPELED was founded on the art, design and products of Nir peled.
Pilpeled is strict about distancing himself from the mingling crowds.
He prefers communicating with the world through images that represent a kind of dark but tempting paradise.
The glum atmosphere, mixed with the sweetness and sense of naiveté that dominates his work.

It’s reading things like that which make my life seem boring, I wake up and write about t-shirts and try to sell lovely camera straps, I can’t even remember the last time that I brought curiosity out from behind the shadows. Joking aside, there are some really cool designs here, the kind of thing that the friend of yours who is cooler than you wears.


gangsta frankenstein

It’s pretty rare that I get to mention a t-shirt company that comes from Isreal, but this is one of those cases, though with their international shipping being $6 it hardly matters where they’re from.

I’m quite surprised that I’ve never seen this concept before, the ‘gangsta’ treatment has been given to lots of pop culture icons (Darth Vader being a standout in my mind), so credit where it’s due to Total Lost, this is a funny t-shirt and the artwork is nicely executed.

Costiness=$19 Buy it at Total Lost’s Etsy Store


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