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it’s always sunny in philadelphia

As I’m not an avid watcher of videos from Funny Or Die I don’t get all the references and context on these new designs from them, but they aren’t so niche that I’m totally turned off by it, which is probably a good balance for them to strike.

They’re all $20 each and available now at BustedTees.

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Pretty solid week from BustedTees, one which reminds me that I’ve not even a look at American Horror Story yet. I’ve heard good things, but there’s just too much good stuff to watch these days. I’m sure that cynical Andy should hate the Beets by Schrute tee, but it made me laugh so I’ll let it pass.

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Post image for “GT Japanese Automotive” Always Sunny in Philadelphia t-shirt at MySoti

I’m well behind on the latest series of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, but I am willing to take a bet that this shirt will be funny to me in a couple of months time.

Costiness=$23.50 Buy it at MySoti


Daily Tees & News for November 3rd

by Andy on November 3, 2011

sons of anarchy t-shirt

Not often you see a Sons of Anarchy shirt anywhere, anyone else watch this show? I do, I’m not sure if I really enjoy it since it is so grim, but I do watch it. $10 today at TeeFury.

Interesting to see Tilteed put a hoodie up as their daily release for $29.

Does anyone remember nostalgia? $12 at Nowhere Bad.

It’s a nice enough print but I’m not too excited by today.

Delightful design from Shirt.Woot today.

As a fan of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia it almost goes without saying that I am a large fan of this RIPT ‘Nightman’ shirt.

Alright, looks like 24tee are on a bit of a roll, two nice shirts in a row.

Ever get the feeling that something might be too red? Loviu.

I don’t get the reference in today’s Catch of the Day Tee shirt, and frankly I’m not that bothered.

Very nice Star Wars mashup from Shirt Punch today.

Daily tee at DBH isn’t blowing me away today, but I’d definitely wear it.

Glamour Kills have released their winter line, hipsters will want to flock to their site to put up a few things.

snorgtees released 3 new funny t-shirts that as usual are $14.95 this week, then will go up to $19.95.

INDVSL have released a shirt by artist Brett Amory. It’s a bit different from what I usually post, but I like it.

Monsieur Eureka have a snazzy new website and some new tees to go with it too.

laFraise have broken with their usual release schedule and put 2 new shirts up for sale today.

Get 35% off your order at Declaration with the coupon code FALL35.


it's always sunny in philadelphia t-shirt

As someone who generally shuns the mainstream when it comes to t-shirts, it’s actually pretty enlightening to see how many shirts there are out there that use their license to good effect since I signed up for the 80sTees RSS feed.

Costiness=$24 Buy it at 80sTees


paddys irish pub it's always sunny in philadelphia t-shirt

Did anyone else see Horrible Bosses? As I was watching it I couldn’t help but think, “good for you Charlie Day, good for you.” I know that It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia isn’t the smartest show in the world, but it makes me laugh and that’s the most important thing in a comedy series as far as I’m concerned. I disagree with 80sTees notion that Paddy’s would be the worst pub in Philly though, there are some real holes in that city.

Costiness=$22 Buy it at 80sTees


Paddy’s Irish Pub T-shirt

by Andy on September 8, 2010

paddys irish pub t-shirt it's always sunny in philadelphia

Even though I have posted a Paddy’s Irish Pub t-shirt before, as long as It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia continues to make me laugh I shall be posting t-shirts that reference the show, including this one from Nerdy Shirts.

Costiness=$14.95 (for this week, then it’s up to $19.95) Buy it at Nerdy Shirts


It’s Always Sunny In Experimental Jetset

by Andy on February 12, 2010

Post image for It’s Always Sunny In Experimental Jetset

I think that the gaps between each line (any type-fiends want to tell me what the name for that is?) might be a little bit too large, but when it comes to It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia t-shirts I’m willing to let a few things slide.

Costiness=$17.99 Buy it at KosherHam


The Philly Forecast tee by Busted Tees

by Andy on January 31, 2010

its always sunny in philadelphia t-shirt hot model

Almost exaclty a year ago (and by exactly, I mean give or take an hour) I was waking up to my first morning in Philadelphia, it doesn’t feel like that long, but the numbers speak for themselves. So, with that anniversary popping into my head, it seemed like the perfect time to post this It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia referencing tee. If memory serves correct, it was sunny in Philadelphia that morning, but it was also damn cold.

Unfortunately, this tee is currently sold out in S, M, and L sizes, but as it is a fairly new tee that would make me suspect that it has been popular, and as such Busted Tees will be very likely to reprint the tee soon.

Costiness=$16.99 Available from Busted Tees

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I am a huge fan of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, and not just because now I can go “ah, been there!” whenever they’re doing a scene on loncation in the city, so it’s no surprise that I like this tee even though the design is pretty standard stuff, though I guess that’s half the point as most bars which have merchandise rarely have great looking stuff.

The tee is $19, but you can get a whopping 5% discount at Loops & Pluto with the coupon code TWITTER5, which is a coupon they give to their Twitter followers, but the way I see it, if you tell a tee blogger about a coupon code, you’re pretty much asking for it to be posted, even if it won’t even knock a dollar off this shirt (better than nothing though, right?).

Costiness=$19 Available from Loops & Pluto


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