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Last week’s competition with Threadless went well, with more than 200 tweets mentioning the giveaway, so the clever folks over at itself. thought that it would be good to keep the festive cheer rolling at HYA by offering another prize to be given away to HYA’s Twitter followers, of which there are now more than 2000!

itself. are being really generous and will give two winners a t-shirt of their choosing from their catalogue of designs. There’s some really classy designs in their store, and I can vouch for the quality because they’ve sent me a tee quite recently that left me pretty impressed. All you have to do to enter the competition is follow @hideyourarms on Twitter (winners will be notified by DM, so you have to be following me to win), and tweet the following message:

Win a t-shirt from @hereitself! Follow @hideyourarms and RT to enter the competition! #hyaitself

Terms & Conditions:

  • Each time to tweet the above message you will receive one entry into the giveaway, but please do not spam your followers, we all know how annoying that is, I suggest that you don’t tweet the message more than once a day.
  • The competition is open from now until Friday December 26th at 23:59 (GMT), tweets after that time and date will not be counted.
  • The winner MUST be following @hideyourarms, I will be notifying the winner by DM, and if you aren’t following I can’t message you.
  • Following notification by DM, the winner has 3 days to reply, otherwise a new winner will be selected and the initial winner will have forfeited their prize.
  • The competition is open to anyone, anywhere in the world that itself. will ship a package to, and that’s quite a lot of places!
  • I will randomly pick a winner from all the tweets using the service. Each entry/tweet will be assigned a number, and I will randomly generate a number to find the winner.
  • Each winner can choose one t-shirt from the itself. catalogue, no cash alternative will be provided.
  • I know I said last week “if you don’t tweet then wait for next week”, but I promise next week I’ll do a competition that doesn’t involve Twitter.


    nothing to fear but fear itself

    I probably should have posted this tee at the weekend, because I know I like it and I know it looks good, but I can’t think of an interesting way to express it. Also, this may well be one of the few articles about itself. you read this year that doesn’t talk about the on-again off-again nature of their design contest and release schedule, it’s a good tee, let’s just be happy with that.

    Costiness=$19 Buy it at itself.


    mischievous mr foxt-shirt

    This was a surprising e-mail to get in my inbox. When they first came on the scene itself. showed a lot of promise, with a custom blank tee (I didn’t really like the neckline, but it was a quality product), well-known artists in their initial launch selection, and a decent prize package to attract potential artists to their design competition as well. Clealry something didn’t go to plan becuase after a good launch they went quiet, to the point where I was under the impression that they’d given up and were just selling off leftover inventory, but with the release of The Mischievous Mr. Fox clearly there is life in the old dog yet. Hopefully this isn’t just a blip and merely the start of a big push for itself. to go on and reach the heights they were aiming for in the early days.

    Costiness=$24 Buy it at itself.


    itself. are making up for lost time

    by Andy on November 5, 2009



    I can’t be entirely sure, but I get the feeling that itself. releasing a tee called ‘Making Up for Lost Time‘ might be a bit of a nod to the way that they fell off the map and didn’t release anything for a long time, after showing a lot of inital promise. Still, they’re back (if they ever really left), they have a new site, and they’ve still got lots of cool designs.

    Costiness=$21 T-Shirt available from itself. for men, and for women


    To be frank, if you can’t work out what this post is about from the title or the picture than I’m pretty surprised that you even managed to turn on the computer. But just in case (and almost purely for search engine reasons):

    Use coupon code TLSFNOV20 at checkout to receive 20% discount on your order! TLSFNOV20 will expire Sunday Nov. 23rd at midnight.



    I think that the thing that drew most people to itself. was the fantastic glove pocket tee, and designers were probably drawn in by the possibility of a $4000 cash prize for submitting a winning design, but if you took a closer look at itself. then you would have found a very promising site with some excellent designs.

    Initially, itself.’s tee designs were fairly subdued affairs, single colour designs printed onto white tees. Recently though, their design competition has resulted in a couple of rather more colourful winners, but I still think that their first wave of offerings has a lot of charm about them, and ‘more tape?’ is no exception. It’s simple, it’s fun, and I have absolutely no idea what it means, if its meant to mean anything, and as I’ve mentioned in the past, that’s how I like it. The original version had stripes running down to the hem, but I think it looks a lot cleaner and executes the concept better with a few less stripes.

    itself. don’t rely on a third party such as American Apparel or Continental Clothing to produce their tees, they use a custom shirt that they’re really proud of and with pretty good reason too. If you click through on that last link, you’ll see why they like their tees so much, a wide and loose neck, thin ribbing on the neck, as printed tag rather than a hang tag that might be slightly irritating. These things all show that they’ve looked at what they would like to wear, and then seen that vision through. I’m sure they also used to claim that they dipped all the tees in a special wash of love and joy (or something along those lines), but I can’t see it on the site now. The tee is indeed very soft, and the fit is really nice, ever so slightly shorter and ever so slightly thinner in the body than an AA tee (at leas that’s how it felt, I haven’t checked the figures). I’m not in love with the neck though, wide necks aren’t really my style, they make me feel like Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, but it isn’t exactly so big that it would put me off from buying the tee. In terms of the print, I was worried that it wrapping around under the arms would make it feel a bit constricting, but thankfully that isn’t the case with the water-based ink print.

    Costiness=$21 Buy the Mens Version/Womens Version


    itself are opening up Pandora’s Box

    by Andy on August 22, 2008

    itself (yeah, no capitalisation even though its the start of a sentence, that’s just how they roll) have hit another one out of the park with their latest competition winner, called Pandora’s Box, by an artist called Draco who I haven’t heard of before but would be happy to see popping up on my browser again.

    Costiness=$21 Buy the tee here


    Remember that t-shirt that had a glove stitched onto it? Yeah, that was fun, wasn’t it? Turns out that itself, the company behind the infamous Glove Pocket tee, aren’t just a one-hit wonder, they’ve got more tees that don’t suck, and I handily put pictures of them into the gallery. The black tee is called ‘Never take Candy from a Strange Thing‘, this seven-colour pastel print is yet another great design from Wotto, and marks a departure from itself’s previous minimalist style. ‘More tape‘ is far more in keeping with what I’d expect from these guys, a black and white colourway that’s also kinda funny.

    Both of these designs are winners of the Itself design competition. The prize package for winners is pretty substantial, you get $1750 in cash and $250 in ‘itself-coins’ (…store credit), and if your tee is popular and sells out its initial run you’ll get the same again for the second print run of 3000 tees.


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