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Post image for Another Fine Tee: Tee Time Once Every 72 Hours – Hands On T-shirt Review!

Hello all you HYA readers, it’s me, Leah! Remember or have you forgotten about me? I know it’s been awhile since I posted last, but I am back and hoping I can make up for lost time. So, I did a blog a little while ago about Another Fine Tee and as a thank-you, they were kind enough to send me a t-shirt (their very first print to be exact), so of course I jumped at the chance to review it! Another Fine Tee is one of those “tee-a-day” sites that we all love so much and they are indeed a very new company opening  just this Summer. They have already shown to be very promising displaying a range of pop-culture tees, as well as some pop-culture with more of an artsy quality about them. Another Fine Tee does not necessarily offer a “tee-a-day”, but close enough, as they offer one original, limited edition t-shirt design once every 72 hours! Also, as we know with all sites like this, once the time is up, you can no longer purchase it on their site.

Like I mentioned earlier, I received Another Fine Tee’s very first print on their site, Big Blue Skies designed by the great J3concepts who makes some incredible tees and this one is no different. There are a couple reasons why I really admire this design – one obvious reason being that I am a big fan of the show Breaking Bad that this shirt is inspired by. The other less obvious reason that I like this one, is not only is it a pop-culture tee, but it also incorporates artsy-elements in the style of the lines and in the overall mood of the design. One last thing, though I am pretty sure not that many people would agree with me, but the fact that J3 decided to leave out text makes it even more of a success in my eyes.

Another Fine Tee prints their designs on 100% cotton, and also on 50/50 blend – it all depends on the design and the day. The tee that I was given is a 100% cotton blank (and actually, I am not sure what brand the blank is, but it is comparable to the Gildan Softstyle), but I must say it’s a bit shorter in length than I am used to. The overall fit is a bit tight in places, but it feels comfortable. I think their tees run a bit small and I would have been better to have chosen a women’s medium instead of small – just keep that in mind when you purchase in the future.

As for the print, I can tell it’s screen-printed by it’s soft ink that seems to have blended in very nicely with the fabric of the tee and even after a few washes (and laying flat to dry), it’s still maintaining it’s quality. The size of the print could have been a little bigger to utilize the t-shirt canvas, in my opinion, but it’s not a deal breaker at all – I just prefer my prints larger. I do appreciate the custom printed tag most of all from Another Fine Tee; their logo is cute, fun, and professional and if you know me, then you know I gravitate to these surprising little details!

Thanks again to Another Fine Tee for giving me the opportunity to review their brand and their tee and of course, thanks to everyone out there for reading!

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Post image for Let’s Welcome Newly Launched T-shirt Company – Another Fine Tee: Tee Time Every 72 Hours!

Lookie here, a new daily (every 72 hours) t-shirt company newly open for business – Another Fine Tee: Tee Time Every 72 Hours. Hmm, and I can’t help but be interested in this site, starting out their launch with an impressive Breaking Bad inspired design by J3concepts and only at $11 a tee! Remember these are tees that come and GO; they’re limited prints for a limited time. (Big Blue Skies is available now until the 14th!)

P.S. I love your logo. Tea and tees, what a good mix I say!

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A J3Concepts design for Brand New Intention

by Andy on August 24, 2010

j3concepts t-shirt

I have hundreds of shirt sites and designs bookmarked, so just for a change I thought I’d close my eyes, scroll through the list and pick one. Fortunately it was a tee I liked (why else would I bookmark it?), and in a damn good colourway too.

Costiness=$17.95 Buy it at Brand New Intention


j3concepts t-shirt for ltd tee

Even though I’m still far too insecure to wear that much pink on a t-shirt, I really like this tee and it’s nice to see J3concepts with a slight departure from his usual style, the man has range!

This box set is available for presale one week only at from August 23rd until August 29th. MSRP is $26.99 and our shirts come in both men’s and women’s sizes. Your readers can also use discount code “hideyourarms” to save 15% off their entire order! Discount is valid until 8/29.


space time continuum t-shirt

J3concepts is one of those designers that I just naturally trust, so even though I have no clue what this design is meant to mean, I like it, and not just because it looks wearable on face value. This is the second week of Jared’s month-long takeover of LTD Tee, and I think it’s going swimmingly (which reminds me, I need to go swimming). You can get 15% off the regular $26.99 price with the coupon code hideyourarms, this code will apparently last until 8/15 (when they stop selling this design) but since they’ve opened they’ve given me a ‘new’ code of hideyourarms every week so I think we can look at it as being semi-permanent for whatever it is they’re selling at that time. Of course, as usual, you will be getting the tee, art print, stickers, and custom box with this design on it in your pacakage.


j3concepts t-shirt for ltd tee

Now this, this I like, one of my favourite artists dropping a new design every week at an up-and-coming tee company that is currently getting a lot of love around the blogosphere. J3concepts is going to be the featured artist all month long at LTD Tee, with a new limited edition shirt/print/package being available each week. from what I can tell all the shirts are going to be revolving around the concepts of ‘power’ and ‘corruption’ and how if those concepts were a venn diagram there would be an unfortunately lage overlap between the two. Luckily, HYA has a litte bit of power (let’s not think about the corruption), so if you use the coupon code hideyourarms you can get 15% off the regular price of $26.99 up until August 8th, and they stop selling the tee then anyway (though it’s entirely likely there will be a new code for us next week).


How To Create A Balanced T-shirt Graphic

One of the artists that I always like to see work from is J3concepts, so it’s good to see him spreading the wealth with this tutorial about how to create a balanced t-shirt graphic on Computer Arts. I’m not sure how much help it will be to seasoned designers, but some of you might find it useful.

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free j3concepts desktop wallpapers

Do you like free stuff? Do you like J3concepts work? Do you like having attractive wallpapers for your desktop for those occasional moments when there isn’t a window blocking it? Good, then you’ll probably want to go and download this pack of 20 wallpapers (all in1920x1200 resolution) from BloodSweatVector.


New j3concepts at RedBubble

by Andy on March 30, 2009


I spotted these additions a couple of weeks ago (that’s right, sometimes I find things without being e-mailed about them!).


Buy Temper, Temper at Design by Humans (men’s only, sorry ladies, but I thought it would be appropriate to disappoint you on Valentine’s Day)

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RedBubble [Review]

by Andy on January 20, 2009


A few months ago I was contacted by Print-On-Demand/Store-front/Design Community site RedBubble to check out their service, unfortunately with me going to France it took me a while to actually make an order, and then there was a backlog of other reviews to do, and then the Christmas break, and then I left my homework on the school bus… which my dog then ate.


RedBubble have got a lot of great artists using their services, so you can find a lot of great tees and pieces of art (they do prints) just by using the browse function, or by looking at the best selling products for that week/month/all time, in fact one of the reasons why it took me so long to make an order was because I was struggling to pick which artists I should treat myself to (I don’t usually pick out the samples that come to HYAHQ). When I eventually did make my choices, Danger! by J3concepts, and Brain Tumor by bahgoesthesheep (to really test out their printing technique), I managed to make an error in my order.

With the Brain Tumor tee instead of being set to mens t-shirts by default as most of the other tees I looked at were, the artist had set women’s t-shirt options to be the default and I managed to miss it all the way through the ordering process. Is this a failing on my part, or do they really need to make the default options changeable by artists? Personally I don’t think it’s particularly necessary, but that’s probably because I don’t want to feel stupid. Mere minutes after I’d made the order and noticed the error I fired an e-mail off to customer support about it, but by the time they replied a few hours later my order was already being processed, which I guess shows how quickly they want to get orders out and remove the stigma that it can take a long time for an order to hit your door when you buy from a print-on-demand company. The customer service rep, Rhana, was absolutely excellent, and said that I should just give the girls tee to a friend and they’d send out the mens version to me free of charge. That kind of service is pretty incredible, and I feel it’s important to point out that there was no way Rhana could know that I was going to be reviewing their service as I didn’t disclose that until after the issue was resolved, and I used my Gmail e-mail address rather than my HYA one to ensure I was treated the same as someone who doesn’t review t-shirts. Oh, and I didn’t make the error on purpose so that I could test customer service, though it did work out rather well in terms of creating a more complete review, didn’t it?


Of course, when it comes to print-on-demand, the issue that most people are worried about is the quality of the product. Yes, it’s nice that you can upload a design and buy it (and other people can too), or support other artists that are using the platfrom, but if the tees suck then you might as well not bother. Happily, the tees do not suck, I don’t think you’d be able to guess that they came from a POD company, and they really show off the merits of direct-to-garment printing. I’ll let RedBubble explain the DTG process.

Direct to garment printing is a style of printing where designs are printed directly onto the t-shirts. The direct to garment printer is an industrial version of traditonal ink jet printing technology (think of the ink jet printer you have at home). This allows a wide range of colours to be laid down very quickly. One of the things we really like about this printing technology is that the t-shirts retain their soft feel – they don’t have that plastic feel that some printing processes can leave.

The t-shirts themselves are from AA stock, which is so ubiquitous in the industry that it’s getting pretty silly me even telling you about them. Basically, they’re good shirts and you don’t have to worry about kids in Asia being chained to sewing machines to make them since they’re produced in downtown LA, the only thing you really need to worry about is the guy in charge of AA being a bit creepy, but we can hardly blame RedBubble for that.

Each tee comes with a fabric tag (held on by a cute little clothes peg) with the name of the product and artist stuck on it, which again helps to personalise a service which I think some people build up as being very much unpersonal.


This experience with RedBubble has left me impressed, I’d happily use them again, and at ~£15 for a t-shirt they’re not too bad cost-wise either, though obviously the eventual price is dependent upon what the artist wants to earn from each sale.

Lots more images can be found in the gallery.

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13 12

If there were Presidential elections in the tee design community, I think that J3concepts and Wotto would be a pretty decent ticket, which is why I was so impressed to see them both having designs released at Ink Hound in the same week, you’d think that they’d want to separate the bigger names of the design community from sharing a week, or perhaps I’m underestimating just how many ‘names’ Ink Hound have got up their sleeves.

You have until Monday to pick them up.



I know that there are lots of places out there that can give you a lot more information and authority when it comes to sneakers, but I thought that since design competitions get covered frequently on HYA that a sneaker design competition could be of interest to the designers in the audience.

I found out about RYZ through a post by J3concepts on the laFraise blog in which he introduced a load of cool new links to their blogroll (J3 is also a winner on the site). Coincidentally (I’m sure), LaFraise are also partnering with RYZ for a tee/shoe combo print competition. The format runs like most design competitions; download a template, put your design on it, upload the template, it gets voted on, and if you’re a winner then you’ll get $500 plus “$1 per shoe,” which may or may not mean that you get $2 for each pair sold. One really cool aspect is that artists can also print onto the sole, I always like it when sneakers have something interesting on the sole (that isn’t an unusual flavour of chewing gum), it’s very rare that people get to see the sole other than the wearer, which makes the extra effort seem unnecessary, which is why it’s so special.

I’m not a hi-top fan, so I won’t be making a purchase, but I do really like the idea of a sneaker design competition, if it works for tees, why should it work for shoes?

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Say Hello to Validus Apparel

by Andy on December 13, 2008

I think I’m a little bit late to the Validus Apparel party (not even fashionably late, just actually late), judging by the amount of people that have blogged about them according to their blog. But, I’m here now and I’ve brought beer for all, and snacks!

… I may have pushed that metaphor a bit too far.

I was going to pick just one of VA’s designs to write about, but I liked the whole range so much (except for this one, which may look better in reality) that I decided that you needed to see them all. A few of the designs seems to be a wonderful melange of Linty Fresh and J3concepts, which is always a good thing, and the rest of their designs don’t suck either.

Like most shops at this time of the year, they also have a coupon code which will get you 15% off, just enter holidays in the appropriate box at the checkout anf you’ll receive the discount.

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J3concepts and Mathiole hit Ink Hound

by Andy on November 26, 2008

You can pick up that hat by J3concepts and that tee by Mathiole from now until… Monday? Maybe Sunday night? I dunno, there’s a countdown, let that be your guide.

Ink Hound


J3Concepts & Wotto hit Ink Hound

by Andy on November 19, 2008

Ink Hound hit their second week with a release from a couple of designers you should be pretty familiar with, J3concepts and Wotto. The tee is Wotto’s (as if you couldn’t tell), and the hat is by J3 (as if you couldn’t tell). They were actually rocking a half price sale last week which I forgot to tell you about, but they’re hardly breaking the bank this week with their ‘full’ prices of $12 for a tee ($14 for organic), $16 for a hat, and $30 for a hoodie.

You’ve got until Tuesday next week to pick them up, because after that, they’re gone.


Here’s a story from laFraise that doesn’t leave the North American contingent of the readership feeling left out. Their Seattle-based (IIRC) blogger, J3concepts, has put together a nice round-up of Adobe Illustrator tutorials he’s found on the tutorial website Tutorialized. The tutorials aren’t necessarily geared towards t-shirt design, but they could be pretty helpful if you’re still getting to grips with the features in Illustrator. Heck, these tuts may even turn me into a t-shirt designer!

And don’t forget, you can still get 25% off your order at LaFraise by entering the coupon code LFSALES08 in the checkout.

Illustrator Tutorials Roundup @ LaFraise


2 ‘new’ tees at Linty Fresh

by Andy on June 9, 2008

2539533431_94599c43f4_o.jpg 2539527191_bde908463e_o.jpg

‘New’ basically means that Linty Fresh announced these tees almost 2 weeks ago and I haven’t managed to get a post out about them, so whilst one of these tees is called ‘F is for Fresh’, I’m afraid that if these tees were strawberries they would have perished many days ago. Luckily, they aren’t strawberries, so they still look damn good.

The blue tee, ‘F is for Fresh‘, is… crazy, I have no idea what’s going on, and I think that’s kind of the aim, read Eric’s (Mr. Linty Fresh) description of the tee and it’ll start to make sense:

It seems that lately my most effective method for producing designs has been unpredictable and unplanned, and this tee is a good example.

It started with the letter “f”. I took it, vectored it, sliced it up, tugged at the corners and bent the curves, and eventually got to noticing that I could spot faces in the negative space it formed. So I went with it. (Why not?) Soon there were a small myriad of mutated f’s combining to create different characters at every angle. Naturally, a whale, a choppy sea, and gentleman from the turn of the century wheedled their way in, too.

It’s kind of the digital, grown-up version of what most kids do when they look at clouds and try to spot things. It’s cool to know I haven’t lost touch with that sort of thing.

The green tee, Eye Scream, started out life as a collaboration between LF and J3concepts that was meant to be a tiled pattern hoodie (see a mockup of it here), but when it turned out that would be hella expensive the design was simplified and turned into a t-shirt. It is possible that the hoodie will see production though, so I’ll be keeping my eye on that.

Linty Fresh

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