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JackThreads Competition

Competition time! Usually when I run a competition I get someone to throw t-shirts at me or make you guys answer something stupid, but with a prize of $100 in credit at JackThreads I’m playing it straight and serious. All you have to do is sign up at JackThreads, the daily sale site that offers top streetwear brands at big dscounts, though this link, and you will be entered into the competition. It really is that easy, and as if that wasn’t enough, merely by signing up through this link you will receive a $5 credit on your account that you can spend on anything you want whenever you want, so even if you don’t win the $100 grand prize, you’ll feel like a winner anyway.

The competition will be kept open for two weeks from today, meaning you’ve got 14 days to enter by signing up to JackThreads.


SpokenThreads: May we have a word?

by Andy on July 7, 2009


Hi SpokenThreads, it’s me, Andy, I think you guys have got some cool designs, and I like that a percentage of every sale is given away to an organisation that goes with the theme of the shirt, but why on earth are you an invite-only website?

I can understand why t-shirts are limited edition, because people want to create extra hype and value for their product, but it seems mighty odd to purposefully exclude people from trying to buy your designs. Surely if someone likes what you do, they should be allowed to buy the tee, and there shouldn’t be this extra step between them and the shirt?

Like I said, I do like your designs and the charity aspect, but may I ask that you tear down that wall Mr SpokenThreads?


P.S. Are you anything to do with JackThreads?


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