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Ichie Apparel Makes Its Splash

by Carlos J. Morales on April 4, 2013

There are a lot of brands in the world with various principle focuses; food, typography, dinosaurs, etc. You name a topic and there is probably a brand dedicated to it. In the sea that is independent apparel, Toronto’s own Ichie Apparel tries to make its splash by focusing on artistry and quality. Their mission is simple and honest – inspire creative minds by showcasing creativity in their designs.


I can not thank Richard Park, owner of Ichie Apparel, enough for the t-shirt and letter. A personal note is never a bad thing to receive with your t-shirt, so I appreciate the humbling gesture. The design that arrived at my doorstep is known as Kishi Kashi ($34)  and is described in their webstore as the struggle of life and death. When trying on the t-shirt I was pleasantly surprised on how soft the fabric was. I am not sure if it is an American Apparel blank, but Park promises that the shirt is 100% cotton, and sweatshop free. The fit was a little bit snug, but not too tight. I would totally feel comfortable wearing it out and about. The design itself was a vinyl print which holds up fairly well after a few washes and if you have the slightest bit of peeling, Ichie Apparel will replace it for you! I do not know about you, but that is a plus in my book. It is the little things that help you stand out and good customer service sure is one of them. As far as the aesthetics of the design, it seemed pretty basic in comparison to some of the other designs available (my favorites being Geisha and Dragon). However, basic most certainly does not mean bad. While the helmet covering the half mask half skull represents the struggle of life and death well, I would have liked a bit more detail to help the design stand out.


Overall, Ichie Apparel has strong theme of Japanese culture featured in their t-shirts. Personally, I think this direction can lead to a beautiful collection and Ichie Apparel will sure get there. In regards to pricing while $34 may seem steep think about the facts; the material is comfortable, the print will not scratch or peel (and will be replace if it does), and the designs are hand drawn by artists who want to inspire you with their works. Now think about the price tag when you include all of those factors in… I thought so. I look forward to seeing this brand expand its collection and plan on picking up shirts in the future.


Post image for DGPH x outsmART originals: Ultramole T-Shirt Release

I have truly no clue what is going on in this design, but it does look pretty cool. Here’s what outsmART put in their press release:

Got Kaiju? Godzilla, Gamera, Gorgo…? Step aside and make room for the newest character to take the global stage of destruction – introducing ULTRAMOLE! From the creative Argentinian design group DGPH, comes the tiny hero with big might – Ultramole. DGPH based their new character on classic Japanese icons: incredible Kaiju monsters and oversized super heroes in tights. It s a tribute to those misunderstood monsters and heroes who fall in the battlefield of global domination.

Oh, and we know that the guy in the mockup is from DBH, but what about the girl?

Costiness=$20 Pre-order it at outsmART


Daily T-shirt Roundup for January 9th

by Andy on January 9, 2012

sloth goonies t-shirt

I’m not too excited by the Sloth & Crossbones Goonies shirt at TeeFury today, you?

Very cute illustration style on this Shirt.Woot tee, maybe this shirt will perk you up to stick with your New Year’s resolutions?

Not the kind of Star Wars t-shirt that I’d wear, but a pretty cool concept from RIPT nonetheless.

Can anyone explain to me why The Yetee are describing this felines as pizzacats?

Very cool Fantastic Mr. Fox inspired t-shirt at Shirt Punch today.

GraphicLab have a shirt that is a little lost on me, it’s a mashup of The Impossible Man from the Marvel universe and Magnitude from Community.

Star Trek inspired visual pun from TeeMinus24 today.

I’m fairly sure that this TeeRaiders design is the first Warehouse 13 shirt that I’ve seen. give this well worn phrase another run out.

OtherTees have a Doctor Who shirt that I’m sure I’ve seen before.

Qwertee make a connection between Portal and zombies.

We don’t have Fresca over here in the UK, so this 24tee shirt is wasted on me.

Cool new shirt at DBH today.

There’s a couple of new shirts up on pre-order at Goodjoe.

Loviu reiterate their ‘barbie is a slut’ stance.

Tilteed have their boomerang-based design up again.

Catch of the Day Tee have nothing for us, again.

Tee Gazette has an update on the Boston Tee Party event being held in the summer.

I saw this t-shirt on Flickr months ago and it’s taken me until now to remember to post it.

Co-Tee TV Episode 88: Moustardche, Javaboi Industries, and Hot Dogs from Coty Gonzales on Vimeo.

Coty has a new episode of Co-Tee TV up, featuring Moustardache, Javaboi Industries, and Hot Dogs.

The selection process may have been unscientific, but it’s nice to see HYA at the top (the position may or may not mean anything) of this list of the “21 Most Important t-shirt blogs of 2011.”

Tee Hunter take a look at the A Bathing Ape x Star Wars collection.

Fuel Your Creativity have an article about starting a clothing line with no money. It does make it all seems a little easy in my eyes, but there are worse stepping off points.

Here’s another t-shirt from PalmerCash I bookmarked ages ago but never got around to posting about.

2sickbastards have got up to 50% off their art prints until January 13th.

Snapback hats are now in store at Glamour Kills.

Did you know that howies was part of Timberland? I say was because as of the start of this year they bought themselves out and are now an independent business again.

Terratag‘s up to 50% off sale has hit it’s final week, ends on Friday.


“Snack Attack” t-shirt by Meat Bun

by Andy on August 2, 2011

japanese meat bun t-shirt

At the time of writing this shirt was available in sizes S, XL, and XXL, and it’s probably even more limited now, but there was no way in hell I wasn’t going to post a shirt this ridiculous. Can you imainge the stares yu’d get walking down the street wearing this? Fantastic.

Costiness=$24 Buy it at Meat Bun


“Sakana” t-shirt by Lemon

by Andy on July 25, 2011

fish market t-shirt

You could easily be mistaken for thinking that Lemon created this shirt simply because they thought that using Japanese kanji on a t-shirt makes it look cool (and it does). They actually produced this design because they sent their first shipment of clothing to Japan, and for them that represented the moment that they became a global brand. Cool story bro!

Costiness=$32 Buy it at Lemon


spicy brown tofu robot


I’ll save Scott (Spicy Brown owner) my usual rant about why people should use real pictures of their tees and not mockups, just because it’s the weekend, he got lucky!

Spicy Brown

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My brother and I have started a clothing line based on anime (Japanese cartoon) . All our art is original. We don’t have much money but we print a shirt whenever we find the funds. :D

A list of designs we’ve done so far

[Andy: I’m not really an anime guy, but I know there’s a massive market for this kind of stuff, the designs are really nice, and their web design is cute too.]

This post was submitted by Justin Anyanwu.

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monumental t-shirt by natural super

I’ve just booked a weekend break to a very cool European city for me and my good lady (the destination of which I’m keep under wraps for 4 months, feel free to guess wildly where in the comments), and I’m wondering if my wardrobe will be cool enough for me to blend in with the locals. I think that if I had this tee it would probably help, it’s simple, it’s beautiful, it’s Japanese, and it’s not cheap.

Costiness=$45 Buy it at Natural Super


meat bun pixel art t-shirt

There are basically no words to describe this t-shirt, but if you’ve ever been to Japan you’ll probably look at it and think “yeah, that’s about right.”

Costiness=$24 Buy it at Meat Bun (weren’t they closed a short while back?)


Saturn T-shirt by Vintage Vantage

by Andy on May 26, 2010

saturn t-shirt

I like this design, in fact, I like it enough that I don’t want anyone to tell me what the Japanese writing says, because I get the feeling that the cheeky chappies at Vintage Vantage may have made it something naughty. If I remember correctly, you can get 20-something percent off your order at Vintage Vantage with the coupon code hideyourarms, but if that doesn’t work, I got a tip that you can get 33% off (which is clearly superior to my code) with the code facebook.

Costiness=$19.50 Buy it at Vintage Vantage


edo label t-shirt by wotto

Wotto, if you keep on making cool collage tees, I’ll keep liking them.

Costiness=¥2,100 Buy it at Japanese design competition Edo Label [via Rude Retro]


Lunch Break by Made With Awesome

by Andy on October 4, 2009



Costiness=$24 Available from Made with Awesome



Threadless have had a pretty strong week for releases (and extended the ‘Back 2 Cool’ campaign until 10am on August 17th), and whilst some of the others were funnier, beautiful, or included a robot (and a British one at that), this one floored me simply by weight of numbers and an unnecessary attention to detail. The pic above and the small version in the gallery don’t do it justice, so click on through.

Also, from now until August 13th at 10am CDT you can get $3 off your order with the coupon code awesome27945, uh, awesome!

Costiness=$18 Available from Threadless

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202 Star Wars T-Shirts [Lists]

by Andy on July 16, 2009


I think that you’d be pretty hard pressed to find a series of movies that have gained as much of a following as Star Wars, and as you’d expect that has resulted in a huge amount of t-shirts being produced that reference the films in one way or another. So, being HYA, I thought that I’d better make an unnecessarily large list of them. As always, the t-shirts are not ranked, the numbers are merely there as an illustration so that we all know which is which, so being #1 or #202 means nothing. Some of these tees will be pretty recognisable as they’ve been featured on HYA before, and some were also in the 101 Robots List from last month, but if you know of any I haven’t featured then please let me know in the comments. The list has also been split up into pages to ensure swift loading times (my server may probably wouldn’t like people loading 202 pictures at a time).

As you would expect these lists take quite a long time (this one took about 30 hours, seriously), so if you deem it worthy, it would be fantastic if you could promote this article in any way. Twitter, Delicious, StumbleUpon, Digg, your own blog, carve the URL onto a tree, anything!

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When I first saw this tee I thought that the shape of the design was meant to look like the geisha had cut the shirt with the sword, but alas, it would appear upon further inspection that it simply isn’t the case. That doesn’t stop it from being a cool design though.

Costiness=€26 (since when were ABT tees that much?) Available from A Better Tomorrow


Pics of Graniph’s new Harajuku Store

by Andy on March 15, 2009


When I went to Tokyo in 2007 I knew who Graniph were, but it was only when I stepped inside their little store in Harajuku that I fell a little bit in love with them, something which is probably obvious from the amount of digital column inches I give them on such a regular basis. I even bought a tee there, it was a size large, and the girl behind the counter looked at me quizzically, and I explained that it wasn’t for me, it was a fairly funny moment, but now that I’ve written it it doesn’t seem even remotely humourous. Moving on!

Basically, what I’m saying it they had a cool store, with some fantastic designs, but it was pretty small. That’s all changed, they’ve opened up a new flagship store, and it looks pretty damn cool, certainly a spot that should be part of any tee pilgrimage.

For those of you that won’t be able to make it to Tokyo (here’s their shoplist), Graniph have an up to 30% off sale going online at the moment.

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A Monkey Holding a Camera by Graniph

by Andy on March 2, 2009


Apparently “you can’t buy it Sunday” doesn’t just happen on a Sunday, since I was looking around the Graniph site, and I can’t see this one on sale.

Obviously I took the pictures back in England, but I do remember the tee having that high-level of quality that I’ve come to expect from Graniph. Also, these pictures aren’t too impressive, I had to take pictures of 10 tees in a mad rush before leaving for the airport, so these haven’t had the usual work that I like to put into the gallery pictures, sorry.

More average photos after the jump

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Do you think it’s kinda weird the way that I post t-shirts that have Japanese kanji on them when I have utterly no clue what the text says, or even if the people that make the tees know what it says? Meh, I don’t care, it looks cool.

This tee is also available in a lion flavour if you feel like going yellow.

Costiness=€38 (ouch) Buy it at Stereopanda


Astroboy by Gas

by Andy on February 13, 2009


There was a time not so long ago that I was partially modeling my hairstyle on an anime character that was more than 30 years older than me. Good thing I’ve stopped with that nonsense and have cool hair now.

Oh, and good luck trying to buy to buy the tee if you can’t read Japanese, but I can assure you that they do ship internationally.

Costiness= 5,040Yen, I think, possibly 10,000, either way, it’s a lot Buy Astroboy at [thanks, Geno!]


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