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This t-shirt seems to be causing a fuss because its apparently insulting to Carrie Underwood, because she is vegetarian and used to date Tony Romo, who Jessica Simpson now dates. I almost hate myself for writing that last sentence since its so ridiculously Us Magazine, but it does allow me to ask the question; how come no one has pointed out that this t-shirt is probably the kind of thing that you get given when Joe Francis turns you into a Girls Gone Wild ‘star’?

Also, I’ve noticed that behind her, Tony Romo is wearing a t-shirt that has ‘hickory’ written on it (see thumbnail if you don’t believe me). Now, I might be just looking at the bright side of this, but is it possible that Tony and Jessica are just really, really big fans of barbeque food?

Jessica Simpson thinks that real girls eat meat, good for her.

[Photo credit: Just Jared]


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