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Review: Propaganda Clothing Company

by Carlos J. Morales on November 5, 2013

The beauty of the t-shirt culture is that it is constantly inspiring individuals to create something unique and personal to them. If the designs themselves are wearable stories then designers/brand owners are the authors. When I received the email from Propaganda Clothing Company, I was excited to dive in and see what their story was.

Propaganda Clothing Company is a brand based out of Orlando, Florida, but their dark theme is far from Disney World inspired. They use a blunt motto that states “art is the lie that enables us to realize the truth” and are strongly against “attaching a nonsensical graphic to a t-shirt”. After reading their mission statement, I was prepared to open the package – to my surprise it contained two shirts. Before analyzing the two designs, I noticed both shirts were tagless and had their logo printed. This is one the best ways a brand can promote their identity without going over the top, so I thought it was a nice touch.


As far as the designs go, I will admit I was a bit caught off guard at first. The T800 A.D. Robot Jesus was a bit out there, but like I said earlier the author is always entitled to write his story. Who knows this shirt may cater to the religious terminator fan in you?


From a design perspective, I thought printing on a black t-shirt was a smart choice as it allowed the colors to pop. However, I did think the design was a bit busy for everyday usage. It would be interesting to see robot Jesus (yes, you read correctly) in greyscale with the left eye shining red. Overall, I thought it was an unique design, but maybe a bit too messy to put on a shirt, it would look cleaner on a poster.

Exclusive: Expose Your Arms Review


I am not much of tanktop guy and Hide Your Arms normally only review t-shirts, but since the owners were nice enough to send me one… I will review it! This design, Norma Jean, was a bit more conservative and it helped tremendously. Unlike the first design, this tank features a cleaner look using the likeness of Marilyn Monroe. While designs like these are not the most original, they are a great way for people to notice your brand. In this regard, this design was an intelligent move on their part; the soft shades of gray intertwining with the black and white makes it stylistically pleasant.


Overall, I think Propaganda Clothing Company has a lot to figure out and I mean this in a good way. For a start up brand, they have a catalog of designs and the quality of material they print on is comfortable. However, the two designs featured do not really sit well next to each other. In other words, it looks and feels as if they belong to different brands. Propaganda Clothing Company is a new brand with an unique take on what t-shirts should represent. If they tighten up a few design issues and focus a bit more on brand identity in their designs, they will be in great shape as they move forward.


Post image for Jesus wants Pussy Riot to be freed, on South Park at least

In a recent (possibly the latest, I haven’t been keeping up with the show) episode of South Park Jesus is depicted wearing a t-shirt with the words ‘Free Pussy Riot’ in support of the Russian band that were jailed after an impromptu performance in a church. The consensus in the media outside Russia is that the punishment far outweighed their crime and that the sentence was politically motivated.

Having not seen the episode I don’t know the whole story, but I get the feeling the reason for the shirt being in the show is South Park poking a bit of fun at slacktivists who are happy to buy a t-shirt to show their support for an issue but not really do anything to help, though what most of us could actually do to help the two band members I don’t really know. I suspect that if we look a little deeper, that Trey and Matt probably do support the plight of Pussy Riot, as they were trying to express their views in Russia, something that South Park does on a weekly basis, often pushing the boundaries of freedom of speech.


Our Lady of Luchadores at Pale Horse

by Mr Four Fingers on October 20, 2012

The immensely talented Pale Horse has just released this fantastic new design called Our Lady of Luchadores. As per usual the design is detailed, bold with Mexican and religious  references aplenty. I own two of their t-shirts (review) and they are some of the best I have ever owned.

Available for $25 .

Pale Horse Our Lady of Luchadores


mount playmore gaming t-shirt

When I looked at the new shirts from BustedTees this week I was very impressed, I don’t have a favourite this week, I have three favourites (the Mount Rushmore parody, Mad Men x Superman, and the one about taking class outside). Well done BT, well done.

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doctor who science t-shirts

I say new, the bottom two have been featured on HYA before, so I assume that they have been released in a different colourway or maybe they were only on sale at the recent expo they exhibited at and this is the first opportunity to pick them up online. The Doctor Who t-shirt however I believe is ‘new new’, and mighty fine it is too. Personally I like the red version on the left, but both colourways are nice.

The shirts are NZD$50 and available now at Cuppa-T.


laFraise’s 5th anniversary remix line

by Andy on March 18, 2009


laFraise are celebrating their 5th anniversary by getting the artists who created some of their most popular t-shirts to remix their original designs, with the ‘new’ tees being re-released on a 1000 shirt limited run. I can’t remember another company doing this, and I think it’s a pretty cool idea. There’s going to be a new remixed tee released every month in 2009, and the first tee to get updated is ‘The Last Party’ by Cuypi. I think you’ll probably agree that it is an improvement on the original.

Costiness=€19 Buy it at laFraise


This tee is a bit of an odd one for me to review, because I’m not a Christian or religious in any way whatsoever (I do follow Andyology though), but to be completely honest I don’t think that it really matters. Just think about how much religious terms have been diluted away from their original meanings, how often when you hear someone say the word God are they actually talking in a religious sense rather than just using a throwaway line. If you don’t get what I mean, check out Oh My Science, a clever Twitter mashup which replaces every instance of ‘God’ on Twitter with ‘Science’. I sat watching the messages scroll for about 5-10 minutes and not once did a message come up that was actually discussing something religious.

As I do with all the vaguely religious tees I’ve received, I checked with my Christian friend whether it was ok for me to wear it, and she said yes (and informed me that “he does”, which is nice), so I guess I’m not blaspheming too much, although I can’t imagine many other non-religious people wearing a tee like this since if I wore it out in public people would make presumptions about my faith. People in the UK hold very different attitudes about religion to those of you in the US, its fine for people to have faith, but to wear clothes about it is pretty unusual. The design itself is fairly classic Local Celebrity style, y’know, simple, slightly retro graphics with a font that wouldn’t be out of place in the 70s and 80s, and makes you look like you’re filled to the brim with bravado, when in reality you’re actually just having a little fun.

Whilst the message of the design isn’t for me, the quality of the tee definitely is. Once again, Local Celebrity have produced a tee that you would struggle to better anywhere at any price range. I’m a bit like a broken record here, but it needs repeating again and again that these Local Celebrity tees really are top notch, and their printing style means that they actually do start to look more vintage after a few washes, rather than just looking washed out like a lot of tees might.

Costiness=$25 Buy it at Local Celebrity


Holy Smoke by Individualitee

by Andy on April 14, 2008

Holy Smoke by Individualitee

I’m kinda worried about wearing this tee outside my house because I’m unsure over whether it counts as a ‘religious’ tee (though I will tag it as that). It isn’t necessary pro or anti Christianity, but I’m not sure that Christians would be particularly happy seeing Jesus puffing on a death stick. I’ll have to ask my designated Christian friend about it, even though we never discuss religion, presumably for fear of ruining our friendship. Can you see the risks that I take for you people!

Holy Smoke by Individualitee

Blasphemy aside, I think it’s interesting that Individualitee went with an image of Jesus that isn’t that cartoony, obviously it is a cartoon, but it doesn’t seem to be an image that is directly meant to make us laugh, which makes the tee slightly less whacky, and as I’m not a fan of wackiness, that is something that I’m happy about. One issue that I have with this image is that I always thought the phrase was “holy smokes,” but a quick trip to google suggests that both forms are acceptable, so that issue is probably all in my head.

Holy Smoke by Individualitee

I was excited to receive this tee because Individualitee‘s website is powered by the Spreadshirt print-on-demand service. I know that there are some people will not buy tees from services like this, but when the quality is as good as this then I don’t really understand why. Though having said that I do think that Spreadshirt offer a rather more superior quality when compared to other POD services (though more research is needed on that subject). The main image is printed with flock, but thin and flexible flock, which I was impressed to see since the last flock item I got from Spreadshirt about 4 years ago was much thicker (hurrah for progress!). There is also a little logo on the left sleeve which is printed with regular ink (probably plastisol). The tee is from a stock that I haven’t experienced before called B&C European Style, the cut is of the regular style, similar to Fruit of the Loom, and I’d call it similar in terms of quality, possibly even a little bit softer.

Costiness=$23 Link

Holy Smoke by Individualitee Holy Smoke by Individualitee Holy Smoke by Individualitee Holy Smoke by Individualitee Holy Smoke by Individualitee


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