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antisparkle neon summer 2012

Do you like bright things? If so, good, because if there’s one word that you can use to describe this ‘Neon Shades’ collection from Antisparkle it is BRIGHT. With a name like that it’s hardly surprising that there’s plenty of neon amongst the tees, tanks and jewelry. The jewelry in particular is a nice addition to their store, I feel as if it rounds things out for them and provides something extra for potential customers.
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Colus Havenga expands his wares

by Matt on May 1, 2012

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Colus Havenga, one of my personal favorite t-shirt designers and brands, just added some jewelry to his line. Two necklaces are now available at for $20 each. “rune” and “flora” are simple yet bold. Laser cut from acrylic plastic and hung from a long chain, they’re a great addition to any collection.

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sistine jewelry

When I first saw this Kickstarter project from Sistine I didn’t think it really had the potential to be a HYA post, this isn’t a place for jewelry collection’s even if it looks cool (I know very little of the world of jewelry). But I noticed something that it far more HYA-friendly, the t-shirt angle. If you pledge $25 you will be eligible to receive a ‘free’ t-shirt from Sistine, any of the shirts that I’ve posted just above this paragraph. Pledge $50 and you’ll receive two ‘free’ t-shirts. You don’t get anything from the jewelry collection for those pledges (beyond knowing your money goes into helping produce the collection), but considering that their shirts are usually $36 each anyway, this is clearly an excellent time to pick up one of their shirts.


I’m sure some of you will be disgusted, but I actually quite like the concept of Big Brother; putting people in a house and watching what happens could be interesting, I just don’t like all the tasks they get given, they’re obviously there to make the show more entertaining and to ensure there will be drama in the show, but I don’t like them, making the show more organic would be to my liking.

Anyway, Celebrity Big Brother kicked off on Sunday night, and then on the Monday show I couldn’t stop myself checking it out, curiosity got the better of me (I usually manage to avoid these kind of shows). One of the contestants this year is rapper Lady Sovereign, and I was sure I’d seen the tee she was wearing before. I was sure, but not sure enough to know who made it. So, as is the way these days, instead of researching it myself I just asked people on Twitter (I didn’t even google it now I think about it). Within an hour I had an answer from Regal Clothing, the tee (and necklace) are from Lazy Oaf, whose Kingly Court shop (just off Carnaby Street) I went in when I was down in London last month. Mystery solved!


Sale on at Your Eyes Lie

by Andy on July 11, 2009

Your Eyes Lie T-Shirt and Jewelry sale

(It’s not all jewelry, scroll down for the tees)


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