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Gather Ye Rosebuds

by Matt on January 18, 2013

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I own somewhere around 500 t-shirts and this is still one of my favorites. Design By Hümans decided to reprint it as part of their Limited Edition series that they release on Fridays, and it was a great choice. This beautifully intricate design was originally printed on black, but this time it’s being done on a Charcoal DBH Premium Blend tee. Only $15 if you order today. Sorry ladies, they only did a guys cut.

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jimiyo graffiti

I can’t design, I’ve accepted this, I know what I like, I can put text over a picture, but doing something from scratch is just something I will never master (so why bother, eh?). However, Jimiyo is a good illustrator and knows the tee world well, so when he’s dropping pearls of wisdom, you should be trying to catch them. Check out his tutorials on how to win online design contests (hint: you’ve got to be in it to win it), and how to make money selling your art (and yes, t-shirts play a part in that too).

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My pick for the Bestee Design of the Year

by Andy on January 22, 2009


When I first mentioned the 2008 Bestees I said I wasn’t going to provide any picks because I don’t follow Threadless closely enough to make an informed decision, but now that they’re down to 20 finalists from the 331 designs released last year I feel as if I can have a stab at it. I don’t really know how I should be judging this, because the name of the award is ‘design of the year’, yet I feel as if really we should be picking the t-shirt of the year. For example, I think that RED by Kneil Melicano is a fantastic image (as is “The Food Chain” by Olly Moss), but as a t-shirt it doesn’t particularly wow me, you know, I’d wear it, but I don’t think it would be a showpiece in my tee collection, so what are people meant to be voting for, the best image, or the best t-shirt as a whole?

For me, it should be the best t-shirt, which is why I eventually decided that “When Pandas Attack” by Jimiyo and AJ Dimarucot was my pick of the bunch. It’s probably indicative of how my tastes have slowly moved away from the stereotypical ‘Threadless style’ that I would pick a design that most people would probably feel was more suited to Design By Humans, but I must admit I was pretty tempted to pick Fail by Budi Satria Kwan because it’s so damn cute, or “Foam Monster in Emotional Reunion with Severed Limb” by Aled Lewis because it’s so damn funny.

So, any bets on Threadless reprinting all 20 finalists when they announce the Bestees?


Here’s something you don’t see every day, popular tee designer Jimiyo is holding a fundraiser so that he can get his latest tee design printed up. Using Fundable, if you pledge $20 to his cause and he reaches the target of $881 you’ll be sent the tee, but if he doesn’t reach that target by the end of August you won’t be charged anything, but you won’t receive a tee either.

When he first came up with this idea it wasn’t open to us international folks, but I think that we can get in on the action now. I really like this as a concept, it feels as if it connects you more with the artist. If you’re an artist that thinks you might want to follow this model, then Cameesa are another option for crowd-sourced and community funded t-shirt designs.

Read more about this story at Emptees, pledge your $20 here.

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