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love your work. work your love t-shirt

I see a lot in this phrase, I think it sums up HYA quite nicely, because I’m certainly not doing this job for the money!

Holiday Matinee, is that another case of t-shirt brands sounding like an indie band?

Costiness=$22 Buy it Holiday Matinee’s Supermarket Shop [via Josh Spear, Coty]


Icebreaker F/W 2010 Collection

by Andy on September 1, 2010

icebreaker jacket

I know this post is off the beaten path for HYA (though philosophically it shouldn’t be), but I am a really, really big fan of Icebreaker, a company that make amazing products using merino wool, shawn from sheep in New Zealand (each item actually comes with a ‘baacode’ you can use to find the farm origin of the wool in your garment). It’s so incredible in fact, that when my brother spent a couple of weeks climbing mountains in Kyrgyzstan last month, when he came back the Icebreaker top he took with him didn’t stink, even though by his own admission their opportunities to wash (other than in glacial water) were pretty limited.

The problem with Icebreaker was that whilst I really liked the tops, they weren’t astoundingly fashionable, something appears to have changed for the better in this Fall/Winter release. Sure, it’s not that cheap, but you really get what you pay for with Icebreaker, and now you can look cool wearing it. [via Josh Spear]


Justin Fines for Sixpack

by Andy on December 9, 2009

Justin Fines T-Shirt - Josh Spear, Trendspotting_1260294503459
These tees by Justin fines are pretty beautiful, but as they made by Sixpack and they’re a European company, unfortunately they’re not pretty cheap. [via Josh Spear]


Merino Hoodie by Outlier Clothing

by Andy on November 16, 2009



I’m sure a lot of you will look at the price of this hoodie ($225) and simply move on, that would be understandable, it’s a lot for ‘just’ a hoodie, but the difference with this hoodie is that it’s made with merino wool. I don’t really understand what merino wool is, but you could easily change the name to ‘magic wool’ and I’d believe it. I bought a merino wool top on sale from a local mountaineering shop (I live about 10 minutes away from mountaineer/hiking mecca in terms of the amount of shops around) that was made by icebreaker and I’ve been very impressed by it. Despite being quite thin it keeps me as warm as a much thicker wool jumper or pretty much anything else I own, and it’s pretty soft too. The problem with a lot of mountaineering wear is that it isn’t particularly fashionable, it does it’s job very well on the mountain, but you probably wouldn’t wear it many other places. That’s why I like this hoodie, all the goodness of merino wool, combined with something I’d actually wear on a regular basis.

One thing about merino wool I should point out, when it gets wet it does smell a bit like wet sheep (another smell you’d be aware of if you lived near me), which isn’t particularly pleasant but after a few washes the smell disappears.

Costiness=$225 Available from Outlier Clothing [via Josh Spear]

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I Don’t Go To University

by Andy on August 20, 2009


I never really understood why so many people bought those hoodies and shirts that have their college/university printed on the front, especially since they were almost all designed identically. I would imagine that this brand exists more to poke fun at that niche of the clothing world rather than to include people that haven’t experienced the magic of having 4 hours of class time a week and still being called a ‘full-time student’.

I Don’t Go To University [via Josh Spear]



Okay, this isn’t a clothes related post, but I love mimobots and hopefully by entering the contest that they’re running with tokidoki (whom I also love) you’ll be able to love them too. All you have to do is go to this page and sign up to the mimoco newsletter and you’ll be put in the hat for the following prizes:

GRAND PRIZE (1 winner):
* Full set of the tokidoki for MIMOBOT designs!
* 8″ Sahara Qee by tokidoki signed by Simone Legno
* Simone Action Figure
* Metropark $150 Gift Card

RUNNER-UP (3 winners):
* Choice of tokidoki for MIMOBOT USB Flash Drive
* Metropark $50 Gift Card

You can also be entered into the sweepstakes by buying a Tokidoki x Mimoco mimobot in their online store, or at any Metropark store. The sweepstakes run from now until May 20th

Mimoco x Tokidoki Sweepstakes

I’ve just spotted that Josh Spear are running a mimobot competition too, but this one requires a little more creative thought. You need to go to this page and leave a comment discussing what the mimobot in the picture are doing, just write a little story. There was only been 10 comments when I wrote this post, so you’ve got a decent chance of winning, as long as you get your entry in before May 5th.

Josh Spear x Mimoco x Tokidoki contest

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The Summer Breeze

by Andy on June 19, 2006

If you ‘get’ that title, I love you!

I found out about aujCollections through a post by Josh Spear today, regarding their philanthropic mentoring and support system. Noble project, blah blah blah, what about the hoodie?

I’ll let auj describe it themselves:

Young Love Hoodie
Designed after the young and wealthy romantics. The Young Love Hoodie is meant to be worn with one knee on the ground, one can of paint and one lucky girl. Due to the nipped-in waist and elevated arm-holes, this close-fitting piece hugs tight to the body. The sailing ties laced around the neck and colorful hand-stitching give each piece its unique look.

Right on!

Costiness=$119.00 URL

*UPDATE* Anyone wanna see a high-res pic of the hoodie? Mr Auj himself got in touch to send a pic of the item, and it looks even better, there’s a load of little details that I hadn’t noticed earlier, around the cuffs and edges of the pockets, and a nautically themed draw-string on the hood by the looks of things. It’s 1.5MB, but hey, my bandwidth can take it (as long as BoingBing don’t suddenly take an interest in hoodies with boats on them)


Still got a heartbeat

by Andy on May 8, 2006

Josh Spear (the self-proclaimed ‘pulse of cool’), has gone and re-designed and re-launched his globe-trotting blog. Josh highlights excellent design around the world, but seems to make it a bit more fun than other ‘cool blogs’ in the ‘sphere. Nice guy too, he’s gonna do a guest feature here at HYA when he finds the time.

Check it out.


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