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charlize theron wearing a junk food t-shirt

Frankly, I don’t think that this is her best look, mostly because if it’s the way I have my hair (on those rare occasions I actually ‘do’ my hair) then surely there has to be something better out there for one of the world’s most attractive women.

I know that she’s wearing Junk Food, because their PR company e-mailed me about it, but the shirt isn’t actually on sale yet (some time this month, apparently) as she was sent an ‘exclusive style’. Oh man, imagine the hype that will be built around this shirt now, people will be queuing around the block for it!


Post image for Johnny Cupcakes & Junk Food Classic Collab Tees

There isn’t exactly anything wrong with these shirts from Johnny Cupcakes (in collaboration with Junk Food as part of their Taste Maker Tour), but I think it’s fair to say that they aren’t the most exciting re-imagining of older JC designs, I’m sure hardcore fans will still lap them up though.


Daily Tees & News Roundup for November 18th

by Andy on November 18, 2011

USB Flash t-shirt

Sorry that the roundup is so late today, I had to go and pick up my cousin at the airport, and the airport is kind of far away.

Does anyone really like USB flash drives enough to buy this shirt from TeeFury.
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star wars t-shirt by junk food

I’m going to give this post a caveat, basically I’m going to be covering my ass in case I’m wrong. Junk Food are a brand that have a license to produce and sell Star Wars t-shirts, which is something that a lot of people on the internet don’t have, and the design may have been licensed or sold by Loiter Ink (or the original designer) to Junk Food.

Travis from Found Item Clothing dropped me a message saying something along the lines of “hey Andy, look at this ‘new’ design from Junk Food Clothing [top], it looks an awful lot like the design from Loiter Ink that was in your Star Wars list.” The same image was fairly popular on design inspiration website FFFFound. There’s no denying that these two designs are very similar, and by ‘similar’ I mean ‘practically the same except for a red dot’. I don’t really have much more information than random speculation, it could be a licensed design and perfectly legit, or perhaps Junk Food saw the image, liked it, and since they have the license and Loiter Ink don’t (as far as I know) decided to just take the image, make it look a bit vintage and print the shirt knowing that they had copyright on their side. Like I say, it is speculation, but it does look a little fishy.


french star wars t-shirt

Just when I think I’ve seen all the Star Wars t-shirts in the world, Junk Food come up trumps with that old geek classic, pretending that just because it’s foreign it’s better (thought it is a lovely design, to be fair).

Costiness=$32 (licenses ain’t cheap!) Buy it at Junk Food



Anyone else getting excited about the movie? This tee doesn’t exactly blow me away, but heather grey is always a solid choice when you’re making a vintage-style tee, so I would be willing to bet that this works nicely in reality.

Costiness=$28.97 Available from PalmerCash

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202 Star Wars T-Shirts [Lists]

by Andy on July 16, 2009


I think that you’d be pretty hard pressed to find a series of movies that have gained as much of a following as Star Wars, and as you’d expect that has resulted in a huge amount of t-shirts being produced that reference the films in one way or another. So, being HYA, I thought that I’d better make an unnecessarily large list of them. As always, the t-shirts are not ranked, the numbers are merely there as an illustration so that we all know which is which, so being #1 or #202 means nothing. Some of these tees will be pretty recognisable as they’ve been featured on HYA before, and some were also in the 101 Robots List from last month, but if you know of any I haven’t featured then please let me know in the comments. The list has also been split up into pages to ensure swift loading times (my server may probably wouldn’t like people loading 202 pictures at a time).

As you would expect these lists take quite a long time (this one took about 30 hours, seriously), so if you deem it worthy, it would be fantastic if you could promote this article in any way. Twitter, Delicious, StumbleUpon, Digg, your own blog, carve the URL onto a tree, anything!

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That isn’t a typo in the title there, Urban Retro have indeed added two hundred new designs to their store, from brands like Beautiful/Decay, Terratag, Junk Food, Wrongwroks, Seventyseven, and Supremebeing. Urban Retro are really turning into one of my favourite stores in the UK, and not just because they’re pretty liberal with their coupon codes. If you want to get 10% off your order just enter the coupon code SUMMER2008 at the checkout to be eligible for the discount. The coupon code is valid until the end of July.

Urban Retro


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