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bold & the brave organic t-shirts from Newcastle

It’s been mentioned on HYA a few times but I’ll reiterate it, half of my family comes from the North East of England, and the ‘capital’ (which it isn’t, but it is) of the North East is the glorious city of Newcastle, which is where Brave & The Bold hail from, so I was predisposed to like them anyway, but seeing the attention they’ve given to being green and putting out some sharp designs I’m happy to say that I genuinely do like them, which I’m sure is a great relief to you all.

B&TB is a very new brand, launching in that awkward ‘I have no idea what to do with myself’ week that comes between Christmas and New Year. They’ve kicked off with 5 designs printed on 100% organic tees (described as Earth Positive so I’m confident they’re by Continental, and that’s a quality blank) which all follow along the lines of being brave but don’t feel too much like logo shirts, thankfully, thought there are plans in the future to branch out to other garments and accessories. As usual, I would like to see model photos on the product page since that is generally the best way to show off your product, and I know they’ve got some photos like that because I hunted down that model shot at the top on their Facebook page. It’s probably in the works to add more photos to product pages with them being such a young brand, but that’s the thing I’d like to see most from them at the moment.

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