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keep calm

keep calm and try anal

I’d gone back and forth on whether to post the now quite famous “Keep Calm and Try Anal” shirt since it’s a bit outside of the usual HYA territory, but I think this does highlight that perhaps it’s time we let the Keep Calm meme retire whilst it still has some dignity.
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keep calm and party on t-shirt

I’ve been pretty vocal about how I’m pretty much done with the Keep Calm meme, it’s everywhere and it’s run it’s course, but every so often something cool comes up like this t-shirt at 80sTees that makes me think maybe it’s got legs still. Had the phrase been around at the time I’m sure this would have been uttered in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. One caveat, if you’re going to wear this shirt you have to be at or on the way to a party.

Costiness=$22 Buy it at 80sTees


Daily t-shirt releases for April 20th

by Andy on April 20, 2012

the problem with ninjas t-shirt

“The Problem with Ninjas” is at TeeFury today.

Very nice design at Shirt.Woot today.

Warcraft meets Lovecraft at RIPT.
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keep calm and fight zombies

Oh good, another Keep Calm t-shirt. Admittedly, it’s in a style that I haven’t seen before, but I think that companies need to stop flogging the Keep Calm horse, it’s dead already.

Use the coupon code Fireball to get 10% off your order at Split Reason.


Daily t-shirt releases for April 13th

by Andy on April 13, 2012

star wars t-shirt

Fun Star Wars shirt at TeeFury today.

A quite excellent Turtles shirt at Shirt.Woot.

Here’s a Supernatural shirt that I don’t really care about from RIPT.
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T-shirt News for March 6th

by Andy on March 6, 2012

pee wee herman t-shirt

Pee Wee Herman gets an interesting shirt at TeeFury.

Nicely executed design at Shirt.Woot.

Apparently this is a Final Fantasy shirt at RIPT today.
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T-shirt News for February 20th

by Andy on February 20, 2012

hunter s. thompson t-shirt

Hunter S. Thompson makes an appearances at TeeFury.

Shirt.Woot have a fantastic Mario t-shirt today.

Top Gun meets Star Wars today at RIPT.

Qwertee turn to the undead for this Guiness mashup. I like the graphic but feel the text at the top lets it down somewhat.

A little Googling suggests that this Shirt Punch tee has something to do with Firefly.

Invader Zim meets E.T. at Nowhere Bad.

Interesting Doctor Who t-shirt at The Yetee.

OtherTees also have a Doctor Who t-shirt today.

Second Mario shirt of the day comes from TeeMinus24.

Whenever I hear Americans talking about their heritage it’s always “oh yeah, I’m Irish!” Or maybe they’re Scottish or Welsh, I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say they’re proud to have English heritage, anyone know if there’s a reason for that? Shirt available from 24tee.

Portal/Beatles/Road safety t-shirt available from TeeRaiders.

I can’t think of an occasion to which I’d wear this DBH shirt.

BustedTees deal of the day ($12 instead of $20) brings us our daily Star Wars fix.

This isn’t a new shirt from Tilteed, but it certainly hasn’t been featured for a long time.

Couple of new designs up for pre-order at Goodjoe.

Daniel Sotomayor is responsible for this Aliens shirt at GraphicLab this week.

Adam over at IAMTHETREND has a video review of Edward Teabelly.

Sarah Palin is getting in on the Linsanity… by holding a shirt that is a bit of a ripoff.

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T-shirt News for January 20th

by Andy on January 20, 2012

stand by me t-shirt

Thank you TeeFury commenters for explaining to me that this is a Stand By Me t-shirt.

I am rarely a fan of Shirt.Woot‘s art shirts, and this design doesn’t convince me otherwise.

Scooby Doo t-shirt at RIPT today.

The cool thing about this Shirt Punch tee is that parts of it glow in the dark, cool to see a Totoro shirt as well, Mrs. HYA would love this one.

I couldn’t really get into Spartacus: Blood and Sand, it was all a bit too much for my tastes, even the lure of Xena’s boobs wasn’t enough to keep me watching! This shirt is from The Yetee.

Like many people, I’m well over the ‘Keep Calm’ meme, but this OtherTees shirt made me laugh.

24tee really do love The Big Lebowski.

It’s another Star Wars vacation design from TeeMinus24.

It’s been a while since I posted a Wotto design, good to see him back in action at DBH.

Hey look, Tilteed are selling this tee by a.mar.illo again.

Mint Magazine have an interview with prolific t-shirt artist Drew Millward.

Craig Robson has added some new posters to his store, Daggers For Teeth.

Buy two get one free with the coupon code TRIPLETHREAT at BustedTees.

New arrivals at YourEyesLie.

Tee Gazette are giving away a shirt from LIES and FILTH.

Buy one get one free on everything in the Plain Lazy store.


keep calm and carry on t-shirt

Trust A Better Tomorrow to bring out a refreshing take on what is one of the most over-done t-shirts of the past couple of years.

Costiness=€22 (early bird price) Buy it at A Better Tomorrow


portal 2 keep calm and carry on t-shirt

80sTees could really do with getting a more attractive mockup, I can’t believe their shirts are shaped like this, it’s ruining what is otherwise a really cool design.

Costiness=$24 Buy it at 80sTees


“Keep Calm and Geek On” by 604Republic

by Andy on January 8, 2011

keep calm and geek on

Keep Calm, now there’s a meme that I could make an epic list out of!

And yeah, 604Republic are an advertiser on HYA (space available!), but this tee is too cool for me not to mention just because I feel guilty posting my advertisers even though I’m sure you guys don’t mind.

Costiness=$18.95 Buy it at 604Republic



Over the past few years the iconic “Keep Calm And Carry On” design has made an extremely successful transition from cool war-time poster to cool irony-time t-shirt, inspiring many parodies and more than a few copycats. Now I’m not a fancy big city lawyer, so I don’t know a thing about copyright, but I’m fairly sure that Yes No Maybe were the first to release this design as a tee, and now they’re spinning it out as it’s own site so that you won’t get all flustered trying to find it on their main site.

I do believe that the original was white text on a red tee, which is still really cool, but YNM have expanded on that and now offer the same design in numerous colourways, including gold foil on black (shown above, obviously) which I’m rather partial to. Americans will probably find the £19.91 price a little high, and personally I think that £19.39 would be a rather more appropriate price (and you shouldn’t need a history degree to know why).

Costiness=£19.91 Available from Keep Calm London


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