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Post image for Posting Glennz tees is like shooting fish in a barrel…

… you always know you’ll get a hit. Awful joke aside, this shirt is pretty much par for the course for Glennz, though I don’t think it’s one of his best. Also, all tees are $15.95 until Sunday in the G-man’s store as part of his Summer sale.

Costiness=$15.95 Buy it at Glennz


Che Guevara Wearing a Hope Tee, ha!

by Andy on May 18, 2010

che guevara & barack obama t-shirt

Found on Ffffound

* Hey Andy, where’s the witty description that we’ve come to love from your tee picks? Well imaginary reader, it’s the “lazy posting weekend” of course!

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Glow In The Dark Ghostbusters T-Shirt

by Andy on May 14, 2010

ghostbusters t-shirt


Costniess=$21.99 Buy it at 2bhip [via Rude Retro]


20% off at No Star Clothing

by Andy on November 13, 2009

SinkMainNo Star .-. Everything Will Be Okay T-Shirt_1258045131095

This coupon code doesn’t have that “I feel really important” factor of having HYA included in the code text, but once again we shan’t be looking a gift horse in the mouth and I’ll run it anyway. Just type in COCKTAIL when placing your order at No Star to receive the discount. You can probably guess which tee I think you should be making a saving on.


Halo 3 Master Chief Hoodie by Ecko

by Andy on September 28, 2009


It’s fair to say that Ecko made an error or two by releasing some hideous Halo tees a few months ago, so when I heard that there was a Master Chief hoodie my hopeswere not particularly high, but actually, I like it. Yes, you aren’t actually going to look like Master Chief when you wear it, but that would be a pretty big ask, and you should probably feel relieved that this hoodie can be worn on the street as well as at Comic Con.

Costiness=$88 Available from Ecko


The Flight Jacket by Gentle Fawn @ Karmaloop

by Andy on September 19, 2009


Is there really any point in me telling you what I think of women’s clothes when I have absolutely no kind of expertise for what women want (other than a slice of Andy, obviously)?

Costiness=$74 Buy this jacket at Karmaloop (remember, you can get up to 20% off your order with the rep code AS7594, remember how I used to say that all the time?)


How on Earth did I not know that there is a store out there that only sells hoodies? I’m Andy the hoodie guy, I know I’m not the only person that writes about hoodies anymore, but still, I’d like to think that I keep on top of these things.

Anywho, Hoodie People don’t have a massive range yet, but what they’ve got is pretty cool and they seem to be keeping prices fairly low too, so check ‘em out.

Costiness=$39.86 Buy it at Hoodie People *Apparently this item is coming up as being $79 for some people, but you can get 10% off with the coupon code grandopening2008 which should ease the pain somewhat.


Sara Sweatshirt by Rebe

by Andy on March 20, 2008


Well, isn’t this an interesting looking piece? Obviously I’m being a bit of a tease with the close-up image, but since the tie on this hoodie/coat is the interesting part it deserves a decent view.
It’s a pretty clever garment too, I’ll let Rebe explain:

It is made of recycled fiber and trimmed with contrasting rib knit. Tie the Bow and show your support for breast cancer research. With each purchase of our Sara Sweatshirt, made from recycled fiber, we will donate 5% of all proceeds to Susan G. Komen for the Cure.



How cool is that bow idea? I guess that no one except the wearer will realise the poignancy of the bow, but that’s hardly the point, is it? I like the way that the lining of the hood and back of the bow (and presumably lining of the whole thing) are a bright, refreshing pastel colour to compliment the subdued, natural colours that are on the outside of this outerwear.

Costiness=$136 Link [thanks, Stylehive!]

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J’aime l’Amka

by Andy on January 31, 2006

redfloww_07I’m not French, I barely speak French (ou est le biblioteque?), but there’s one thing I do recognise, design, and they have it in spades, well, actually, in this case they have it on long-sleeve tees.

Amka (Moroccan for “someone who has their head a bit in the sky”) are a design studio headed by 27 year-old graphic designer Thomas Gayet, who make rather stylish clothes and posters. I took a particular shine to the Redflower long sleeve tee that they sell (costiness=€23), and they even have it in my size, wait, a French company that go above L, saints be praised!

I’m sure some guys would ummm and ahhh about the flower design, but I think it’s pretty neat, it’s off-centre, it’s not overtly feminine (though there is a girls version with the same design for €1 more), and anyway, who cares what everyone else thinks? You can always says it’s what everyone’s wearing in France…

I know, I should try and remain mysterious, semi-androgynous, and calm, but check out their models, boy do they raise an eyebrow or two.


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