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Post image for “Godzilla vs. King Kong” bamboo t-shirt from Part-Time Superheroes

I’m a bit of a sucker for these shirts that create an imaginary boxing match poster, and this is no exception, and the fact that this one is printed onto a bamboo t-shirt makes me like it more. If only we could see the real tee rather than just a mockup.

Costiness=£28 Buy it at Part-Time Superheroes


3 new* tees from Headline Shirts

by Andy on July 24, 2011

rocky t-shirt

Headline Shirts, your tees may be funny, and they are good quality, buy your mockups are fooling no one.

* They were new when I wrote this post, which as has been mentioned a few times, was more than a week ago because I am currently on holiday.


Zzzzap Zzzzap, its Raygun Robyn

by Andy on July 10, 2008


I’m a little bit confused by Raygun Robyn, the tagline of the store is “from the closet of the future, to the future of your closet”, but the designs don’t actually involve robots or stuff from the future very often, although in a lot of cases the designs are about things that aren’t real… or are they?King Kong, Bigfoot, Zombies, and Nessie all get starring role’s in Robyn’s hand-made, bleach printed tees. I really like the bleach technique, its not used all that often, but I like the way that the ‘print’ blends seamlessly into the cotton of the tee. I guess it makes it quite hard to create a really detailed image, but it certainly does create an interesting look, and ensures that you’ll receive a unique design.

Usually, I’d pick a robot tee over anything else, but I really love the placement of the Empire State Building and subtle use of colour in this King Kong design.

Here’s the Raygun Robyn blog, and here’s the Etsy store.


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