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Post image for Coupon code for 20% off at No Star Clothing, Oh Snap! and 4th & Forever

I do believe the words you’re looking for are ‘thank you’. Those thanks shouldn’t be sent my way (though I’ll certainly accept it with the grace of a figure-skater doing a triple-axel), but instead to No Star Clothing, Oh Snap! (one of my favourite photo tee companies), and 4th & Forever, the new sports-based tee offering from the No Star family. They hooked HYA up with an exclusive code for 20% off at all three of those sites, and I’m pretty sure that the coupon has no expiry date on it, so it will be around as long as they are (and I am, of course). The coupon code to insert during the checkout is… NOARMS, now get out there and use it.


Albatross jacket by La Merde

by Andy on November 14, 2009

La Merde Fall 2009 Men - Jackets & Hoodies_1258117896752

I don’t think you need to be French to know what this label (which is actually part of the No Star Clothing group) is called in English. I may have derided Slut clothing earlier in the week for their choice of name (surprisingly they haven’t thanked me for that review yet), but with La Merde I can see how it works, their name is French, and therefore classy, but the translation is pretty cheeky, which is a lot like their clothing.

Costiness=$165 Available from La Merde.


No Star introduces La Merde

by Andy on March 16, 2009


When you think of No Star Clothing, your probably think of funny tees, a pretty light label, certainly not a premium brand. I guess that’s why the people behind No Star have launched La Merde (and yes, I know what that means), a new premium hoodie and jacket label. Gone are the funny slogans, and in come some fairly serious sleeved pieces.

Like I said, this is a premium line, and the prices reflect that (the above jacket is $250), but they do look like high quality goods, and I realy like the way that they all have a little eccentric touch to set them out from similar items (like the red stitching on the button hole in the piece above).

Until April 1st, use the coupon code NOSTAR to get 10% off your order.

La Merde


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