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LUVD are one of the best new brands I’ve seen come along in a while. They have a style that I feel a lot of people are into at the moment, myself included, fiarly simple with interesting use of typography, with a slightly vintage look and not too many colours, most of which are complimentary rather than clashing. I like their website too, it has a slightly unusual layout that sets them apart from the norm, and they have lots of attractive models (so presumably they’ll end up here before too long). The initial selection of designs isn’t huge, but there’s more than enough to get me interested, and $22 will be removing from your wallet if you buy a tee or tank top, which is neither crazy-high, nor crazy-low.

Two thumbs up for LUVD!

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Say Hello to Redemption Clothing

by Andy on December 9, 2008

I got a quick e-mail Redemption Clothing letting me know they exist, so here’s a quick post letting you know they exist. They’ve got some cool designs with animals and monsters on them and hoodies make up a decent proportion of their collection, which is good to see at this time of the year. I’ve put the whole range in the gallery, so click on through to check them out.

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I feel kinda sorry for Fuzzy Ink, every time someone mentions them, they also have to mention Fantastic Bonanza’s Fancy Mustachio design, and of course, Mustache & Friends. Some people might be thinking that they’re jumping on some kind of mustache based band wagon, but let’s think about this, take a look at their site, you don’t wake up one day and go “mustache’s are popular at the moment for some reason,” whip up a site and some t-shirt designs, it takes time, quite a lot of time judging by the polished job they’re done on the site.

The designs are surprisingly original, I never thought I was going to see another original ‘Say Anything’ parody until I saw John Cusack holding a mighty mustache aloft, so clearly the Fuzzy Ink crew are willing to put ‘taches pretty much anywhere that they see fit.

One really cool idea that they’ve had is to give people the chance to get an 11% discount their order by answering a trivia question correctly. I don’t know what the questions are, but it might be a good idea to bone up on famous people who have mustaches.

Fuzzy Ink


Say Hello To Council Dukes

by Andy on June 3, 2008


Let’s do the polite thing and let Council Dukes introduce themselves before I give you my thoughts:

Council Dukes is a new streetwear label coming straight outta East London- it typifies all that is admirable about the gentleman thief, the geezer, the cheeky conman who’ll rob you blind with a smile on his face. With a lineage stretching from Robin Hood to the Artful Dodger and from Butch Cassidy to Terry Thomas; history and fortune have always favoured the smart as well as the brave.

To be completely honest, I don’t really see the qualities of a gentleman thief running through this new line of tees, but I do see a lot of promise. The designs, whilst almost entirely focused upon their own name, are fairly original, make decent use of gold foil (no wonder they’re gaining a following in the British hip hop world), and they seem to have the quality aspect down too. All the tees are 100% made in Britain, limited to 100 pieces in their first run, and finished with Council Dukes hem and/or sleeve tags.

Council Dukes


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