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the hangover t-shirt

I think that I might be losing my edge, because I’ve been looking through the catalogue at 80sTees and they actually have some pretty cool stuff. There’s not much I can say about The Hangover that hasn’t been said by a lot of people already, it’s a funny film, kind of a guilty pleasure since it’s pretty lowbrow, but since everyone seems to like it that makes it ok. I like this tee too, it points out just how much of a catchphrase film the Hangover is, it’s just a pity that the shirt seems to have the larest sleeves I’ve ever seen (even my mighty guns would get lost in them).

Anyone else excited for Hangover 2?

Costiness=$20 Buy it at 80sTees


The Rat Pack by RubyRed

by Andy on December 16, 2010

rat pack las vegas t-shirt

You know what brings out the rats in Las Vegas? Walking down the strip with someone that isn’t your girlfriend. Swarms of drunk guys with luminous drinks slung around their necks converge on you… and then, and I assume this happens to everyone, a midget arrives in a limo to try and convince you to go to a club. Vegas is weird. Pretty cool t-shirt though, I can’t decide whether I’d liked to see it coloured in, or if it would work better in monochrome, thoughts?

Costiness=£16.16 Buy it at RedBubble (they’ve got a deal on at the moment for free shipping when you buy 4 tees)


I’m afraid that I dropped the ball a bit with this one, although since it only seemed to become news on the day of the event then I blame the rest of the clothing blog world for not picking up on this earlier, shame on you, internet!

Here’s what went down, last Saturday, on the last day for voter registration in Nevada, UNDFTD held an in-store voter registration session to try and encourage as many people as possible to get politically engaged. All of the people that registered in the UNDFTD store were given the tee shown above (by t-shirt design God Geoff McFetridge) as a gift. I don’t know how I feel about people essentially being bribed to register to vote (although I guess that just registering doesn’t actually mean that these people will actually cast a ballot), but I do have to applaud UNDFTD for doing their bit and getting involved with the election.

UNDFTD : Geoff McFetridge : [via Hypebeast]


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