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Post image for Ugmonk 5th Anniversary Set and 20% off sale

Ugmonk is celebrating their 5th anniversary and designer Jeff Sheldon has a created a beautiful limited edition set for the occasion. In addition to the black ringspun cotton t-shirt with a black shimmer ink print, you get a special box with an embossed copper foil 5th anniversary seal, a numbered 1.75″ solid metal collectors coin with an antique copper finish, an embossed moleskin sketchbook, and a 5th anniversary wood pencil to draw in it with. The set is priced at $60, but use the discount code “happy5″ to save 20% off that and anything else in the Ugmonk store. There are only 200 of these sets and they are selling quick, so grab yours before they’re gone!




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Well the title says it all, POW! Entertainment, founded by Stan Lee (yes THE Stan Lee, comic book icon) is teaming up with tee-a-day site,, to bring you limited edition merchandise! Even better, the series of designs will all be Stan Lee inspired and will be sold throughout the year of 2013 on! Another added bonus, these designs will be sold for only a 24-hour period – after that they are retired and never printed again. I say this is a bonus because that clearly means these designs will be so unique and limited, possibly making these some of the most rare Stan Lee collectables out there since they are only available for purchase in that 24-hour time… and who doesn’t like getting their hands on limited edition merchandise, especially ones featuring a legend like Stan!

The first of the twelve Stan Lee inspired tees to be produced at is this one pictured above appropriately titled Stan the Master designed by none other than Captain RibMan! This t-shirt is up for sale today, Friday, May 17th on, and ONLY for 24-hours you must remember. I do say, this is a great start to this series – I can’t wait to see what ShirtPunch and POW! Entertainment will bring us next!

I’ll leave you with this, a statement from the man himself, Stan Lee, about working with Shirtpunch, which also conveys the devotion he has to his fans:

“Comic and Entertainment fans are certainly the most passionate community when it comes to collecting high-quality limited edition merchandise of their favorite super heroes and movies. By partnering with ShirtPunch to offer flash designs, I feel I am creating something very special and unique for my fans that I think will set apart from other merchandise they may have but is incredibly accessible, affordable and fun to own.”

Keep in touch:
POW! Entertainment and
ShirtPunch: Official Website, Facebook, Twitter
Captain RibMan: Official Website, SHOP, Facebook, Twitter

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Post image for Super limited edition “Au 92″ photo tee from OLOW

We’re used to seeing photo tees these days where the photo takes up the vast majority of the front on the t-shirt, so this rather more traditionally shaped 4:3 photo on a tee looks fairly restrained by comparison. It’s a nice image taken by photographer Séréna Lutton and I think it works well on a shirt. When I say in the title that this is a limited edition product I am not kidding, there’s only 10 pieces available in total, so there’s only 2 or 3 of each size available, act quick if you want to snap up a tee.

Costiness=€35 Buy it at OLOW


Post image for Too Old For This Shirt – A New Place to Sell, Swap, and Request Hard to Find Tees and Other Apparel!

Oh, look what Doyle, the creator of RawMeat, passed along to me – It’s called Too Old For This Shirt (great name, huh?) It’s a new place to share, swap, and sell unwanted tees and hoodies, and you can even request wanted items.

Here at Too Old For This Shirt, you can sell, swap, or request, hard to find, limited edition, or out of print apparel, including tee’s, hoodies, caps and more. If you can wear it, you can share it.

Go take a peek, check out the details for submitting, and if you’re interested in a post, just email Doyle at TOOOLDFORTHISSHIRT@GMAIL.COM with photos of the shirt for sale/swap/wanted, plus your name, email, and sale details. I know for a fact I have a few tees (and hoodies) I would love to trade!

Keep in touch with Too Old For This Shirt: Facebook, Twitter, Forum


Ugmonk 4th Anniversary Set

by Matt on August 27, 2012

Post image for Ugmonk 4th Anniversary Set

Ugmonk just released their 4th anniversary set, which is a limited edition of 200. It’s beautiful as usual and for $60, you get a bunch of cool stuff. Check out this link to see some awesome photos of these sets being put together.

– special edition 4th Anniversary Tee (soft water-based print on black 100% ringspun cotton tee)
– custom laser-engraved flexible birch wood packaging with leather tie closure
– hand-numbered letterpress wood block made from reclaimed Ginkgo wood
– hand-stamped collector’s card

They’re also having a sale in celebration of their 4th anniversary. Use discount code “happy4″ at checkout until August 30th to save 20% off your entire purchase.


Ride With Pride

by Liam_Hodgeon on July 12, 2012

It’s not a clothing company bringing the goods this time, but instead, small Bristol based design studio, Fiasco Design. In celebration of their love of bikes the guys there have created this super simple (yet super awesome) limited edition tee.

With only 50 available and with them costing only 10 of your English pounds, if bikes (or very nice tees) are your thing then i’d be snapping this up!


Post image for Limited Edition at Design By Hümans – “Dye Hard” by Jublin

Friday brought us another Limited Edition DBH print, this time they chose Jublin’s “Dye Hard”. Originally printed on turquoise for guys and girls, you can now wear this awesome design in some new colors. To quote the artist himself, “boyfriends and girlfriends, together you can be watermelons.” Now available on Hot Pink for girls and Kelly Green for guys, this limited edition shirt is still only $15 for the rest of the weekend. And remember that it’s truly limited…the Friday releases are only printed once!


system tshirt 1ina100

1ina100 are a new-ish brand that “provides a platform that enables artists to enter the competitive world of art and design.” I’m not entirely sure what that means but they have some lovely looking shirts so I’m not too worried about the blurb behind the brand. Tees are strictly limited and hand numbered to (you guessed it) 100 pieces in line with their ethos of t-shirts being affordable pieces of art. They are £45 each, which is definitely on the high-end when it comes to acceptability, but not everyone wants to sell $9 like the people we see in the daily news post.

Like I said, they’ve got some really nice designs and the one above by James Kirkup caught my eye in particular.


harlan t-shirt

Glarkware seem to be a bit random in when they release their shirts, or at least they’re a bit random when they send out their newsletters. They’re going to start running something called ‘Now or Never’ in which shirt designs are only available for a month after which they will be “shot into the very sun itself using our very expensive shirt cannon.” The two shirts above are the two tees that will only be available in March.

You can also get the rather unusual figure of 17% off your order (provided you spend $25 or more) using the coupon code STP1712 from now until March 19th.


jedi thumb trick t-shirt

This fun design is the latest from the official collaboration between Mighty Fine and Lucas Arts. I think that this kind of design works better as a t-shirt because you get to see the reaction of the person looking at it, but they’ve offered all the previous designs as t-shirts and hoodies so it’s hardly a surprise that this one has all those options available too.

Tees are $25 and the hoodie is $49, the design is available until February 5th, at which point it will disappear… forever!

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darth maul 3d t-shirt

I’m a bit late posting this week’s limited edition Might Fine x Star Wars t-shirt (they’re only available for one week, Monday-Sunday), but to be entirely honest that doesn’t worry me too much this week since I’m not that excited about the design. I get what they’re going for (it is to promote the 3D version of Episode 1, after all), but for me it’s too promotional and not fan-friendly enough, whereas last week’s design was just delightful. Hopefully I’ll be more excited by next week’s offering. Available as a guys or girls t-shirt for $25 and a unisex hoodie for $49.

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joy division star wars t-shirt

In the run up to Star War Episode 1 being released in 3D next month (an event I’m sure no one will complain about ridiculous amounts as if George Lucas literally robbed them of a childhood) Might Fine have teamed up with LucasFilm to release limited edition designs that will be available for one week and one week only. This week (until Sunday 15th) they have the above Joy Division inspired design created by Reece Ward, who is of course no stranger to HYA or Star Wars. You can pick up this design as a tee for men or women for $25, or as a hoodie for $49.


monster under the bed t-shirt

As part of my attempts to make HYA less about me, me, me and more about every aspect of the t-shirt world, I’ve brought in another blogger to share another angle of the design world, but instead of pointing out cool t-shirts by other people, Sleepy Dan will be giving us a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to run a clothing line. It’s something that I really like to see on brand’s blogs, so it was perfectly natural to bring that kind of experience onto HYA, to give tee-fans and other brands an insight into how a t-shirt goes from the idea stage to being worn by a customer. It will be a long-running series (we have no plans to put a cap on it’s length), and I’m really looking forward to it. If there are any other brands that would like to share their knowledge and experiences please get in touch.

Sleepy Dan’s most recent release is also going to be a series. The ‘Monster Under The Bed’ series will be released every Halloween, limited to 60 pieces (individually numbered), and as you would expect, have something of a horror theme. The shirt is $28 and available now from Sleepy Dan.


Four very cool new shirts from ZirkusZirkus

by Andy on September 20, 2011


I seem to say the words ‘cool’ and ‘wearable’ in just about sentence post nowadays, but there’s no denying that these shirts are both cool and wearable. Quick someone fetch me the thesaurus!

ZirkusZirkus are a German brand from Ulm, the birthplace of Albert Einstein (I love getting trivia in pitch e-mails), and apparently they know a thing or two about t-shirt design. Each of the shirts you can see is limited to 25 pieces, and they are handnumbered to show where they come in the run. In addition to that they will even put your name on the shirt when you order it next to the number, which is something I don’t think I’ve heard of before. Shirts weigh in at €25 a piece.


robot t-shirt

See, I said that I was going to cover more Tilteed releases, and I will continue to if the designs are going to be as nice as this.
You have got a couple of days to pick up the shirt for $12 before it’s gone.


Originally this small arrangement of cut dowel pieces dipped in wax was just me testing out the stamping method. But I really came to like it randomly, unevenly repeated over the entire shirt front.

From the site:

“It could be the lights you see when you close your eyes, traffic you see in the rear view mirror during a long night of highway driving, the moon as it approaches you or moves away…”

Hand wax-stamped, hand dyed and post processed, these shirts see more love than the average screen print. I hope it shows in the variations from shirt to shirt in the patterns, design, and colors.

On velvety soft bamboo shirts, this design is made using friendly soy wax and a low immersion dye method that uses less water.

[Andy: I’d been meaning to write about this t-shirt for ages, so I’m glad that Tinyrun did the heavy lifting for me and wrote about it. However, Michael (AKA Mr. Tinyrun) did forget to mention that this lovely looking tee is only available until April 4th, so you’ve still got a few days to get your order in but you haven’t got forever.]

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Futures T-shirt Club

by Andy on March 9, 2011

futures t-shirt club

I must be completely honest, I’ve never heard of Futures or listened to any music by them (and with my internet connection being as slow as it is, I won’t be doing that any time soon), but this new t-shirt club that they’re running sounds really cool, and judging from the first tee they released (pictured), there’s some good designs to be had too. The band are releasing a limited edition t-shirt every two weeks on a Wednesday, and when it’s gone, it’s gone. The first shirt sold out in less than 24 hours, so either these guys have got a big following or they’re not producing masses of t-shirt… or more likely somewhere in between the two.

Each shirt costs £15 and there will be another one going live at some point today in the Futures Tee Shirt Club.


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