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Linty Fresh is coming back! With a board game?

by Andy on December 11, 2012

Post image for Linty Fresh is coming back! With a board game?

Linty Fresh was always a big inspiration for indie tee companies back in the day, and when Eric moved to China it became obvious to some of us that juggling his new day-to-day life along with running his business that was based in a different country was just too much. Updates and messages from him were few and far between, even one giving more promise that his tee company could return to it’s former glory, but eventually the doors were shuttered in July 2011.

Apparently the doors will be opened again soon because Eric has posted a long blog post to his blog letting us know that the shop will be reopening soon (which is odd since it seems to be there now anyway) and that he has developed his own board game with a friend that will have it’s mini-run on the LF shop whilst they go the Kickstarter route for a full production run.

I really, really hope that he’s back this time, I’ve always enjoyed his design style and it would be great to be posting about Linty Fresh regularly again.

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linty fresh china t-shirts

It wasn’t so long ago that I was musing over whether Eric Terry’s Linty Fresh had bitten the dust after several months of silence and little in terms of news from his store. Then at the weekend I randomly saw a message about LF belts on my twitter feed, I even retweeted it I was so shocked. Then yesterday came news from Eric that he had released some new tees. He’s back in the game!

Of course, seasoned LF veterans will notice that these designs aren’t new, so what’s the big deal? The shirts are cut to the exact specifications that Eric wanted at a factory he has visited several times in China. Beyond that, the materials are even matching the same pantone colour of the original design, which I think is a really neat trick. The cut is the same dimensions as an American Apparel shirt (good idea), but slightly thicker to make it more durable (which may affect how it changes in the wash compared to an AA tee), and Eric is now using “Japanese fashion ink” which apparently won’t crack peel or fade. I don’t know what Japanese fashion ink is, but all the shirts I’ve received from Japan have good printing, so it’s probably no bad thing. The new shirts are $22.99 each, which is a slight rise on the old tees (I think), but as it is all custom I can see where the extra costs come in.

Hopefully soon we’ll start seeing new designs from Linty Fresh.


Linty Fresh tees on sale, is this the end?

by Andy on March 15, 2011

linty fresh sale

I’ll preface this article by saying that this is blind speculation, I’ve seen something and it made me wonder.

A few days ago over at Cottonable there was a post about t-shirts going on sale at Linty Fresh for $14.99 (which may or may not be news, it could have been this way for a long time). All the shirts there are $14.99 except for the most recently released tee, Ukulele Kid, which remains at $19.99. If this were any old tee company I’d post that and leave it, great designs on sale, what’s more to want?

Well, I want to know what has happened to Linty Fresh, and if this sale is just a way of clearing out stock before LF shuts down for good. The brand was growing at a decent rate, everyone loved Eric Terry (the brands founder) and followed him on his journey to China, where I believe he still lives. It’s entirely possible that he’s fallen in love with his new life in China, or perhaps it’s a struggle to communicate through the regular channels due to the Great Firewall of China, but it seems strange that someone that was so embedded in the t-shirt community would just just fall completely silent and abandon the brand that he spent so much time and energy building.

Has anyone heard anything from Eric? It would be good to hear what he’s up to and why Linty Fresh appears to be a zombie brand now (still in business as the tees stopped being shipped by Eric when he moved to China, but with no new information).


Interview with Eric Terry of Linty Fresh

by Andy on March 29, 2010

linty fresh interview

You guys know me, so you know I love t-shirts, travel, and food. So in this interview you can expect me to ask Eric Terry, the man behind Linty Fresh, about his clothing company, what life is like in China now that he has lived there for almost a year (with a bit of a break in the middle), and what weird stuff he’s eaten. I don’t really feel like Eric or his company need an introduction since they’re such a regular feature on HYA, putting out lots of great designs, and being something of an inspiration for the tee community, so we might as well get straight into it.
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Sale time at Linty Fresh

by Andy on March 23, 2010

linty fresh sale

Everything is on sale (I think) at Linty Fresh from now until some point in the future. Tees are $14.99 and hoodies are $35, go! go! go!


The Most Fantastic Hoodie by Linty Fresh

by Andy on February 25, 2010

linty fresh hoodie

I know this hoodie has been out for a while, but The Most Fantastic Things is one of my favourite Linty Fresh designs, and lets be honest, I don’t post enough hoodies on the site nowadays. The design is also available as a tee in quite a few colourways.

Costiness=$35 Buy it at Linty Fresh

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Not exactly a huge BF offering from Linty Fresh, but as Eric is in China trying to run the American side of things and get the Chinese arm of LF up and running I’ll let it slide. It had taken me until last week to realise why Eric had stopped tweeting and blogging, I’m pretty sure that Twitter and blogspot (the old LF blog host) are banned in China, and whilst there are ways around everything, it’s probably for the best that Eric doesn’t try and test the lenience of the authorities, even if he is just tweeting about how good of a time he’s having there. He has got a ‘proper’ blog now, not hosted by blogspot, so you can keep up with the weird stuff he’s been eating that way.


Tired of the City by Linty Fresh

by Andy on November 4, 2009


We don’t seem to have been hearing too much anything from Eric Terry, the fellow behind Linty Fresh, since he moved to China more than a month ago. Maybe his usual communications channels are blocked where he in behind the Great Firewall of China and he’s not able to keep us updated. I’ve really enjoyed reading about his adventures adapting to his new life, so hopefully he’ll be able to start blogging again. However, being in a cone of silence clearly hasn’t stopped him putting out a new design. Personally, I love cities, the freedom of living in Philly where I walked everywhere was wonderful, I love living in the country too, but living a 20 minute drive from most of my friends and shops can be frustrating.

Costiness=$22 Available from Linty Fresh



Linty Fresh (y’know, the guy that’s going to invade China) have got a summer sale going on from now until August 1st, that means you’ve technically got a while to grab a bargain, but with LF being so popular you should probably get on it sooner rather than later. Belts are $12, tees are from $15 (not all of them are on sale, but some of my favourite designs are, huzzah!), and you can grab a hoodie for $35.


July 1st also sees the re-release of a popular design, Keith the Quiet,in purple and blue.


Linty Fresh Chats… from China!

by Andy on April 10, 2009


I’ve never actually seen one of Eric Terry’s Linty Fresh chats, largely because they would begin at 1am UK time, but in an ironic twist, now that he has moved to China (albeit temporarily) and I’ve moved to America (albeit temporarily), I’m actually going to get to watch one!

Usually the chats are focused on something to do with the tee industry, but this one, quite naturally, is going to spend quite a lot of time talking about his experiences in China, which should be pretty fascinating, though I’m sure there will be something for you teeple needing advice too.

Check out all the details here.



I doesn’t exactly feel like Spring here in Philly, but I’d bet that towards the end of Linty Fresh‘s sale – which is running all the way ’til the end of March – things will be warming up somewhat, though I’m sure that the wind will still seem to be blowing in my face no matter which direction I’m walking in.


Lots of tees are $15, and some are even $10, so you might want to get on those before they sell out. LF also have a new tee out, the first in what promises to be a series of collaborations with other artists. I remember reading a while back that Eric Terry, aka Mr. Linty Fresh, worried about diluting the Linty Fresh-ness of his style by collaborating with other artists or letting other people’s work be sold under his brand name, but I think that this collaboration with Theory One fits in pretty nicely.

[via Coty Gonzales]



Eric Terry, the man behind Linty Fresh (that’s him up there!), held a video webchat on Sunday evening in which he would answer people’s questions about the indie tee industry and share his experiences. With the time difference between the US and UK Eric’s Q&A sessions are on a little late for HYA’s bed time, but by all accounts they’re really useful and people are getting a lot out of them.

Unfortunately, the show was not recorded, however, Coty transcribed the who thing (on the fly as well, from what I gather), and has the whole thing on his blog, so head on over there and get some learning done.


20% off at Linty Fresh until Wednesday

by Andy on January 5, 2009


I know, I know, this deal started a few days ago, but clearly I was in no position to be blogging on January 1st, and I think that a couple of days is enough for you to pick up an item or two (including the fresh new goods that were released this month) from Linty Fresh.

Enter the coupon code HELLO2009 at the checkout and you’ll get 20% off your entire order, not a bad way to start the year, eh?


Say Hello to Validus Apparel

by Andy on December 13, 2008

I think I’m a little bit late to the Validus Apparel party (not even fashionably late, just actually late), judging by the amount of people that have blogged about them according to their blog. But, I’m here now and I’ve brought beer for all, and snacks!

… I may have pushed that metaphor a bit too far.

I was going to pick just one of VA’s designs to write about, but I liked the whole range so much (except for this one, which may look better in reality) that I decided that you needed to see them all. A few of the designs seems to be a wonderful melange of Linty Fresh and J3concepts, which is always a good thing, and the rest of their designs don’t suck either.

Like most shops at this time of the year, they also have a coupon code which will get you 15% off, just enter holidays in the appropriate box at the checkout anf you’ll receive the discount.

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Linty Fresh’s December Offering

by Andy on December 1, 2008

I like it!

Costiness=$22 Buy it at Linty Fresh


Curiously, I haven’t seen this mentioned anywhere else, no even the Linty Fresh blog (*update, it just came up in my feedreader), I just happened upon it whilst checking out my contacts on Flickr, so I may well have scored myself something of an unintentional scoop.

As the image says, enter the code “FALLISFRESH” and you’ll get 20% off your order. Maybe I’ll finally take this as an opportunity to pick up one of Eric’s belts.

Linty Fresh


Newvember at Linty Fresh

by Andy on November 3, 2008

Just a heads up, I’m going to be using the term Newvember all month, or at least until I stop finding it amusing.

Linty Fresh have released a couple of new tees (Cyril the Cyclone & Fish, etc.) for November, and also the very exciting concept of the ‘bundle box‘. In a bundle box, you pick two tees and a belt, and they come in an awesome looking box for $50, which represent a 20% discount on the regular price of the items.

Linty Fresh


Turning bad prints into a good thing

by Andy on August 6, 2008

See those pictures up there? Those printing errors were not what Eric from Linty Fresh wanted to see when he received his latest batch of shirts from the printer. Instead of just chucking them into a closet to gather dust, he’s giving them away for free. Well, as free as you could hope for, you still have to pay shipping ($3 domestic, $7 international), but I don’t think any of you could expect him to pay for shipping when he’s just giving you a tee. I don’t know how long this offer is good for, so if you want one it might be a good idea to let him know sharpish.

Find out all about it at the Linty Fresh blog

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