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Coty goes big with 101 tees for geeks

by Andy on August 17, 2009


It looks like other tee bloggers have decided that they’ve got nothing better to do than spend several monotonous hours putting together really long list posts, as demonstrated here by Coty with his long, long list of 101 t-shirts for scientists, geeks, and nerds. So, does this mean it’s game on in some kind of list war between me and the man from Hawaii? I really hope not… but I would win!

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202 Star Wars T-Shirts [Lists]

by Andy on July 16, 2009


I think that you’d be pretty hard pressed to find a series of movies that have gained as much of a following as Star Wars, and as you’d expect that has resulted in a huge amount of t-shirts being produced that reference the films in one way or another. So, being HYA, I thought that I’d better make an unnecessarily large list of them. As always, the t-shirts are not ranked, the numbers are merely there as an illustration so that we all know which is which, so being #1 or #202 means nothing. Some of these tees will be pretty recognisable as they’ve been featured on HYA before, and some were also in the 101 Robots List from last month, but if you know of any I haven’t featured then please let me know in the comments. The list has also been split up into pages to ensure swift loading times (my server may probably wouldn’t like people loading 202 pictures at a time).

As you would expect these lists take quite a long time (this one took about 30 hours, seriously), so if you deem it worthy, it would be fantastic if you could promote this article in any way. Twitter, Delicious, StumbleUpon, Digg, your own blog, carve the URL onto a tree, anything!

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‘Hairy Otter and the Half Bent Pins’ image by Cathie Tranent

Let’s get one thing quite clear, I know extremely little about Harry Potter, I’ve never read one of the books (I always tell my HP-loving friends that I “don’t read children’s books” and then stand back whilst they rant), and I’ve never seen any of the films, though curiously I have seen one of the flying Ford Anglia’s that were used during filming. However, one of my friends (who is OBSESSED with Harry Potter) asked me how come I can spend so much time compiling lists and not mention Harry Potter? Apparently me not knowing anything about the series wasn’t a good enough excuse for her, so I pretty much had to write this list. Unfortunately, it would seem that whilst Harry Potter may have an awful lot of fans, they apparently aren’t graphic designers, which has resulted in this list being populated with more than a few tees that wouldn’t get featured on HYA in a normal post, but hopefully you Harry Potter fans will now have something appropriate to wear next week when the new film comes out.


1. Identity Crisis – Fuzzy Ink – $17.95


2. Harry Is My Homeboy – Snorg Tees – $18.95


3. Levicorpus (reads: “Now you can read this!” on the bacK) – Official WB Shop – $18.95


4. Muggle – Hot Topic – $22


5. Amortentia – Official WB Shop – $18.95


6. Gryffindor Quidditch Practice Jersey (the name on the back can be customised) – CustomizedGirl – $24.97


7. Harry is my homeboy (looks similar to the first one, but is rather cheaper) – Live Shirts – $12.99


8. Spolit – Threadless – $9 (currently sold out in all but XS, and I kept the picture near-unreadable since the design is all about ruining the surprise twists in movies)


9. Fantasy Football – BustedTees – $20 (yes, it’s not explicitly Potter-esque, but it’s funny and has a wizard on it) [via Seibei]


10. Nah, It’s Not Polyjuice Potion… I Always Look This Good – Zazzle – £30.35 (what’s this polyjuice potion and where do I get some?)


11. Spoiler T-shirt explaining the last chapter of the final book – Harry Potter Public Enlightenment Project – £15 (I couldn’t bring myself to ruin it for those that started the books a bit late and don’t know yet… he totally dies though)


12. On All Fours For Gryffindors – Neighborhoodies – $19.99 (it could just be my dirty, dirty mind, but is this tee a little bit naughty?)


13. No Music During Study Hours – Stylin Online – $18


14. DIY Tri-Wizrd Tournament T-shirt Tutorial – Leaky Lounge


15. Gryffindor Shield – Hot Topic – $19


16. Slytherin Babydoll Crest Tee – Stylin Online – $18


17. Malfoy is a douchebag – Cotton Werks – $12


18. Hogwarts V-neck Top – Hot Topic – $22


19. Luna Lovegood 3D specs tee – Hot Topic – $22


20. Don’t Be A Stranger, Hermione Granger – Neighborhoodies – $19.99

If you’re on the hunt for long lists of t-shirts, there is a newer list of 101 Robot t-shirts that I wrote in June 2009. If you’re not entirely robot obsessed please check out this huge collection of t-shirt lists (from lots of different sites, not just this one), or the lists category. Also, if you enjoyed this post, it would be very much appreciated it if you mentioned it on twitter, facebook, or another other form of social media like digg, stumbleupon or delicious.


The Ultimate List of T-Shirt Lists

by Andy on July 2, 2009


You know what people love? T-Shirts. You know what people also love? Lists. I guess that explains why I’ve written so many t-shirt lists in the past, but did you know that other people have written lists about t-shirts as well? I know, crazy right, I’m not the only person who thought of that, hell, someone even devoted a whole blog to it.

I thought it might be useful to scour the web for these tee lists and put them all together in one big post. Of course, a lot of these lists will be fairly old now, and t-shirts inevitably come and go, so some of the tees featured in the lists will no longer be available, but there’s not a whole lot we can do about that now, is there? If you know of any lists that I’ve missed (and I’m sure there will be a lot), please let me know in the comments.

It would be very, very much appreciated if you could tweet about this post, stumble it, bookmark it on delicious, mention it in a blog post, digg it, or fly a banner behind an airplane with the URL on it, anything at all. These lists take a long time to put together, and the more people that get to see them the more people will be visiting the lists I’ve collected below, which will be beneficial for the entire t-shirt blogosphere.


Lists of t-shirt blogs

  • List of 160 T-shirt blogs arranged in no particular order by Hide Your Arms (the info I gathered has also been the basis of a few other lists which have been reorganised to make them actually useful)
  • Giant list of T-shirt blogs and T-shirt sites by How to Start A Clothing Company (arranged by Page Rank)
  • The Top 30 T-Shirt Blogs split into 3 parts by Color Overload (ranking system unknown)
  • Ultimate List of T-Shirt Review Sites by Buy Tees (arranged by Alexa ranking, largely based upon my lists with some additions)
  • A big list of t-shirt people and brand on Twitter by Hide Your Arms (with a load more in the comments too, this list is going to get updated soon)
  • barack-obama-t-shirts-list

    Barack Obama Shirt Lists

  • 5 Really Great Obama t-shirts by Pop Culture Tees
  • 5 More Really Great Obama T-Shirts by Pop Culture tees
  • 100 Days, 100 Obama T-Shirts by the US Spreadshirt Blog
  • Top 20+ Barack Obama Inspired T-Shirts by Tcritic
  • Top 10 Barack Obama T-Shirts by Barack Obama Shirts (the shirts are all from Zazzle, so it’s possible that the list is just one store promoting itself)
  • Obama T-Shirt Roundup by The T-Shirt Blog
  • The Best Obama T-shirts on the Web by T-Shirts Around the Internet
  • 7 Tees for After Obama’s Inauguration Week by Buy Tees
  • 10 Obama tees to celebrate the new President of the US by 10tees
  • Coolest Obama T-Shirts by T-Shirt Magazine
  • Coolest Obama T-Shirts Pt. 2 by T-Shirt Magazine
  • ’08 Presidential Campaign T-Shirts by T-Shirt Magazine
  • 9 Barack Obama Tees by Coty Gonzales
  • skull-tshirts-list

    Skull T-shirts

  • Top Ten Skull T-Shirts by Pop Culture Tees
  • Top Ten Skull and Bones T-shirts To Get You In the Halloween Mood by Tcritic
  • Skull T-Shirts by T-Shirt Magazine
  • celebrity-tshirts-rachel-bilson

    Celebrities wearing t-shirts

  • 23 Celebrities wearing a variety of t-shirts! by Hide Your Arms
  • Celebri-tee Spotting: from Kim Kardashian to Miley Cyrus by T-Shirt Magazine
  • Celebri-tee Spotting by T-Shirt Magazine
  • star-wars-tshirt-list

    Star Wars T-Shirts

  • top ten star wars t-shirts by Tcritic
  • Ultimate Star Wars T-shirt Stack by OMG Tees
  • 10 Star Wars tees every fanboy should have by 10tees
  • 10 Star Wars tees to feel the force around you by 10tees
  • Star Wars Tees by T-Shirt Magazine
  • 202 Star Wars T-shirts by Hide Your Arms
  • robot-tshirts-list

    Robot T-Shirts

  • 101 Robot T-Shirts [Lists] by Hide Your Arms
  • Robots ! 50 robot tees by Hide Your Arms
  • 45 more robot tees by Hide Your Arms
  • 10 stylish tees to robotize yourself by 10tees
  • colour-tshirts-list

    Colour Specific T-Shirt Lists

  • Carolina Blue T-Shirts by T-Shirt Magazine
  • You want a Yellow Tee? Well here’s a bunch of ‘em from T-Shirt Magazine
  • Some Beautiful Brown T-Shirts by T-Shirt Magazine
  • Red Tees by T-Shirt Magazine
  • We’ve Got the Blues (guess what colour these tees are?) by T-Shirt Magazine
  • Black and White Tees by T-Shirt Magazine
  • Go Green! by T-Shirt Magazine
  • Pink Tees by T-Shirt Magazine
  • Green Tees by T-Shirt Magazine
  • A Plethora of Purple Tees by T-Shirt Magazine
  • Orange You Glad These Tees Exist? (that’d be a list of orange tees) by T-Shirt Magazine
  • seasonal-tshirts-list

    Seasonal T-Shirt Lists

  • 10 tees about Ghosts, ready for Halloween by 10tees
  • 10 tees with FANGS and TEETH that will make you bite Halloween night by 10tees
  • Political Halloween Tees by T-Shirt Magazine
  • 10 tees about Ghosts, ready for Halloween by 10tees
  • Thanksgiving Tees by T-Shirt Magazine
  • Father Themed T-Shirts by T-Shirt Magazine
  • Mom Would Love These Tees! by T-Shirt Magazine
  • Black History Tees for when Black History Month rolls around again, thanks to T-Shirt Magazine
  • Some t-shirts for Mother’s Day by T-Shirt Magazine
  • Fourth of July/Patriotic Tees by T-Shirt Magazine
  • Your Dad Will Love These Tees (pair this one up with the Father’s Day list for an unbeatable combo!) by T-Shirt Magazine
  • In the mood for love? Here’s some Valentine’s Day Tees from T-Shirt Magazine
  • Super Bowl Tees by T-Shirt Magazine
  • New Year’s T-Shirts by T-Shirt Magazine
  • Christmas Tees by T-Shirt Magazine
  • September 11th Tees by T-Shirt Magazine
  • valentines-tshirt-lists

    Valentine’s Day T-Shirts

  • Valentine’s Day T-shirt Round Up by the US Spreadshirt Blog
  • 14 Tees That You Should Wear on Valentine’s Day by Hide Your Arms
  • 14 Tees That You Shouldn’t Wear on Valentines by Hide Your Arms
  • Valentine T-Shirts Kinda Suck by Buy Tees
  • videogame-tshirts-list

    Videogame t-shirt collections

  • The Ultimate Wii Tii Shirts List by OMG Tees
  • 10 tees to show off your videogamer pride by10tees
  • Top 11 Space Invaders Tees by Thunderfrogs at Pop Culture Tees
  • Thunderfrogs Top 10 Mario T-shirts – And More!
  • Gamer Tees by T-Shirt Magazine
  • New Super Mario Bros. + 10 Mario Inspired Tees by Coty Gonzales
  • zombies-tshirts-list

    Collections of Zombie T-Shirts

  • 10 zombie tees to dress up your reanimated corpse by 10tees
  • Thunderfrogs Top 10 Zombie T-shirts (And 1 Zombie Wallet)
  • 30 Frighteningly Fantastic Zombie T Shirts by Color Overload
  • mj-tshirts-list

    Michael Jackson Tribute T-Shirts (Even though I still feel like these shirts are largely opportunism to make money off a man’s death)

  • MJ // 1958 – 2009 by Pop Culture Tees (a list of Michael Jackson T-Shirts)
  • KING OF POP by Geno’s Chinese Language tee blog (another list of Michael Jackson tees)
  • 15 Michael Jackson Tribute T-Shirts by Coty Gonzales
  • Michael Jackson: King of Pop T-Shirts by Shirtspotting
  • 10 More Michael Jackson Tribute Shirts by Coty Gonzales
  • Other Random Collections

  • Men’s T-Shirts – 20 Hot Brands by Color Overload
  • 7 Creative Ways to Promote Your T-Shirt Store Online by Pop Culture Tees
  • T-Shirt Directory Jan 2008 by OMG Tees
  • Top 12 Places to Submit Your T-Shirt Ideas by OMG Tees
  • The Ultimate Lego Tee List by OMG Tees
  • Top 12 Bike Shirts by OMG Tees
  • Top list of recycled t-shirt sites by Buy Tees
  • 10 Amazing T Shirt Designer Portfolios by Color Overload
  • 10 Places to Find Hilarious T Shirts by Color Overload
  • 10 Coolest Chuck Norris T Shirts
  • 10 tees to unleash your japanese soul by 10tees
  • 10 hairy tees to satisfy your need for mustache and beard by 10tees
  • 10 LEGO tees to show your love for bricks by 10tees
  • 10 funny tees about strange creatures by 10tees
  • 10 Tasty Tees about food to make you feel hungry by 10tees
  • 10 type tees to say it BIG by 10tees
  • 10 tees with great HUGE hands designs by 10tees
  • 10 funny I-do-something tees by 10tees (such as ‘I heart NY’)
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  • 10 fake clothes tees will make you feel classy by 10tees (tuxedo t-shirts ahoy!)
  • 10 funny tees about strange creatures by 10tees
  • A list of all the t-shirts worn by Murdoch in the A-Team but no links for where to buy the tees, sadly.
  • A Guide to Daily T-Shirt Sites on the Internet by Cottonable
  •’s – Most inspirational T-shirt artists
  • New? big cartel stores to put on your watch list by Taddict
  • My Top Fav Big Cartel Stores by Taddict
  • 10 reasons why you should have a t-shirt collection by Taddict
  • Top 5 Giraffe tee (complete with giraffe-based facts!) by Thunderfrogs
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  • Sunny T-Shirts (tees that feature the sun in some way) by T-Shirt Magazine
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  • Copy Cats: More Cowbell (yeah, there are an awful lot of ‘more cowbell’ tees around) by T-Shirt Magazine
  • Top 10 Tentacle Tees by T-Shirt Magazine
  • A collection of Pirate T-Shirts by T-Shirt Magazine
  • A collection of War T-Shirts by T-Shirt Magazine
  • A collection of Money Themed T-Shirts by T-Shirt Magazine
  • Artsy T-Shirts (whatever that means) by T-Shirt Magazine
  • T-Shirts for people that like Fairy Tales by T-Shirt Magazines
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  • 10 Great Tees from 10 Great Webcomics by Hide Your Arms
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  • Tees for a Cause by T-Shirt Magazine
  • Universi-tees (go team!) by T-Shirt Magazine
  • All Over Tees by T-Shirt Magazine
  • Cartoon Tees by T-Shirt Magazine
  • Tees for the Summer (an odd concept but I’ll go with it) by T-Shirt Magazine
  • Cool photo tees by T-Shirt Magazine
  • Some of the Worst Tees Ever (I don’t think they’re actually that bad) by T-Shirt Magazine
  • NBA Finals Tees by T-Shirt Magazine
  • Military Tees by T-Shirt Magazine
  • Cool For School? by T-Shirt Magazine
  • Best Plain Tees by T-Shirt Magazine
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  • 100 Anthropomorphic tees (1-50) by Hide Your Arms
  • 100 Anthropomorphic tees (51-100) by Hide Your Arms
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  • Special Feature (Top Ten Experimental Jetset Parody Shirts) by T-shirt Connoisseur
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  • Updates: 11th July 2009

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    by Osoyou
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    by i am bored
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    101 Robot T-Shirts [Lists]

    by Andy on June 19, 2009


    With the release of what is almost certain to be the greatest movie of all time today in the UK and across the world over the next week, I thought it would be an excellent opportunity for me to hunt down some robot t-shirts, especially as the previous robot-themed lists have are two of Hide Your Arm’s most popular articles to date. I must admit that I was a total child for the first Transformers live-action movie, even though I realise that in many, many ways it is utterly terrible, but I still smiled throughout the whole thing because it was goddamn awesome. Robots, fighting, and Megan Fox, what more could I possibly want? I’m pretty sure that you could rob my house whilst that film is on TV and I’d only realise you were doing it once you unplugged the Blu-Ray player. I guess you could say I’m a little excited about Revenge of the Fallen being released, which is why I went a little robot crazy and compiled this huge robot tee loving list. Enjoy!

    *Update* If you’re in the mood for lists of t-shirts, check out this post: The Ultimate List of T-Shirt Lists!


    1. Robots in Disguise by getslapt – $15 – Available from getsplapt


    2. Terratag x Hokkusai’s Great Wave – £19.99 – Available from Urban Retro


    3. Paintbot by digisin – $19.49 – Available at MySoti


    4. Robotic Tacos – $18 – Available from Foe Paws Apparel [previously featured here]


    5. Robotrock (Gundam x The Clash ‘London Calling’ Album Cover) – $20 – Available from Chop Shop [previously featured here]


    6. Robot SMASH – $16 – Available from Raygun Robyn


    7. Mighty Robot – £24.99 – Available from Rimo-To [previously featured here]


    8. How awesome would it be if the Dinobots were in one of the movies? – $20 – Available from 80s Tees


    9. RoboShake – $17.95 – Available from Nerdy Shirts [men’s small only, more options for the ladies]


    10. Robots wish they could do the human – $15 – Available from Threadless


    11. The Robot Blues – $20 – Available from Always Urban


    12. Run R2! – $17.95 – Available from Split Reason


    13. Robot Leg by Digisin – $19.49 – Available from MySoti


    14. Krushbot – Available from Zero Boutique


    15. Terror Bot T-Shirt – $19.99 – Available from Jinx!


    16. Atomic Robot Smash – $28 – Available from Raygun Robyn


    17. You Complete Me – $11 – Available from BustedTees


    18. Mr. Roboto – £25 – Available from Drop Dead Clothing


    19. Johnny 5 – $21.90 (CAD) – Copyright infringeingly available from Wordans


    20. Ocu-Cop by Mediocre Design – $25 – Available at MySoti


    21. The DaVinci Hax – $18.95 – Available from


    22. Mr. Roboto Goes Sightseeing – $18 – Not available from Threadless [sold out but too awesome to skip over]


    23. Robo Power – $30 – Available from Epic Props


    24. Torchbot 3000 – $17.95 – Available at Fuzzy Ink [robots and mustaches, what more could a hipster want?]


    25. Helbotica (a robot made of Helvetica characters) – $20 – Available at Chop Shop Store


    26. Terratag Hizashi White – £19.99 – Available at Urban Retro [previously featured here]


    27. New World Order – $15 – Available at Threadless


    28. Robot Decapitation – $19.99 – Available from Stabb


    29. Robots in Disguise – $17.99 – Available from Jinx!


    30. Toi Robot – $20 – Available from Toi


    31. Flaming Robot Destroy – $28 – Available from Raygun Robyn


    32. Dtoid Kamikaze – $15.95 – Available from Split Reason [ shirt]


    33. Dead Robot by Mediocre Designs – $25 – Available at MySoti


    34. Primordial Duel – $20 – Available at Design By Humans


    35. Panda 2K – $15 – Available at Threadless [in women’s sizes, at time of writing]


    36. Robot Gorilla Suit – $19 – Available from Springleap


    37. J-5 is Alive – Available from Slowshirts [actually, no, sorry, it’s sold out]


    38. Sunbot – $22 – Available from Enclothe


    39. Duh Zombie – $19.95 – Available from Split Reason


    40. Klaatu – $17.95 – Available from Jinx! [was Klaatu a robot or an alien? Or an alien robot? Or a robot alien?]


    41. Skull Cahote – $12 – Available from Alphabet Arm


    42. Prepare For Robots – $18 – Available from Robit Studios


    43. Make Love Not War by Paul Burgess – $18 – Available from Threadless


    44. Robots No Follow – $20 – Available from Chop Shop


    45. Funkbotics (if you look hard enough you can see that it looks cool) – £25 – Available from Funkrush


    46. AL Robot – $49 – Available from Tookata People


    47. Roskel – $20 – Available from One Way North


    48. Sleeping Robot – $20 – Available from Ha Ha Press


    49. Humans are Dead – $17.99 – Available from Jinx!


    50. The 209 (Robocop) – $22 – Available from Mini Cassette Tees


    51. Horsebot – $19 – Available from Enclothe


    52. Robot Chasing Horses – $15 – Available from Robot Shirts (who only have one robot-based design)


    53. Recycle – £20 – Available from Funkrush


    54. Shoot the Baddies by Olly Moss – $18 – Available from Threadless


    55. Big Robot – €16.90 – Available from RDTS


    56. Brobot – $19.49 – Available from MySoti


    57. weRobot – $20 – Available from Chop Shop


    58. Robot Attack – $19 – Available from Design by Humans


    59. Glasgow Robot Riot – £15 – Available from My Robot Overlord


    60. Androids Dream of Electric Sheep – $17.99 – Available from Jinx!6


    61. Grandpa! – €22 – Available from Conkershop


    62. Tofu Robot – $24 – Available from Spicy Brown


    63. Obey Your Robot Overlords – £15 – Available from My Robot Overlord


    64. Robot by digisin – $19.49 – Available from MySoti


    65. R2 Manual by Reece Ward – £14.73 – Available from RedBubble


    66. I taut I taw a torm-trooper by Reece Ward – £14.73 – Available from redbubble


    67. Modern Science by Travis Pitts – $20 – Available from Kindercore


    68. Kid-Robot by Studio8Worx – $25 – Available from designbyhumans


    69. Halftone-Robot by Old30Bastard – $20 – Available from designbyhumans


    70. H1-N1 – $17 – Available from Loiter Ink


    71. Deconstructo-Bot – $12 – Available from Suburban Hijinx


    72. Bear vs Robot – $21 – Available from Bear Annihilator


    73. Don’t Be A Robot – $10 – Available from Out Loud Clothing


    74. Giants – $10 – Available from Scale the Summit


    75. Robots Like Art Too – £15 – Available from Bang Bang T-Shirts


    76. Wind-Up – £15.21 – Available from redbubble


    77. R21DT – $18 – Available from Single Second


    78. Cruelbot – $24.90 – Available from E.T’s Tees


    79. Diamond Geezer – £20 – Available from Funkrush


    80. The Robotanist – $19.99 – Available from Uneetee


    81. Chaos came from the Ocean – $19 – Available (for women only at the moment) from designbyhumans


    82. Robotz – $11.99 – Available from the Appreciation Post


    83. Bedo Bot – $19.95 – Available from Bedo Shirts


    84. Nouveau Mechanica – $21 – Available from Enclothe


    85. Giant Squid Eating a Robot – £12 – Available from Lhome


    86. Robots Are a Nerds Best Friend – $13 – Available from Crazy Go Lucky


    87. Roboticus Carpalium – $12.48 – Available from thinker Clothing (featured on The Big Bang Theory… obviously)


    88. Robots by luchaworkshop – $20 – Available in womens small or large from Etsy


    89. Robot by happyfamily – $16 – Available from Etsy


    90. Robots In Disguise by jamjamtees – $12.99 – Available from Etsy


    91. Robot Attack by rainbowswirlz – $25 – Available from Etsy


    92. Wise Robots by binarywinter – $24 – Available from Etsy


    93. Robot Philosopher by ScreamPrinting – $19.95 – Available from Etsy


    94. Robotech Valkyrie – $24 – Available from Etsy


    95. Robot Brain by dylanS – $21 – Available from Etsy


    96. That robot owl from that one movie…. [that’s seriously what it’s called] – $14 – Available from Etsy


    97. Astroborg by spaghettikiss – $20 – Available from Etsy


    98. Do the Robot – $9.99 – Available from 80sTees


    99. Optimus Prime 84 – $24 – Available from 80sTees


    100. Optimus Prime says ‘Stay In School’ – $20 – Available from 80sTees


    101. What Would Optimus Prime Do? – $20 – Available from 80sTees

    This post took around 15 hours to compile, if you could take a few seconds to tweet about the post, stumble it, bookmark it on delicious, digg it, possibly even mention it in a blog post, I would be incredibly grateful, not only because it would send more visitors to my site, but also because it would help to support the brands featured, many of whom are pretty small and need all the exposure they can get.

    Bookmark this on Delicious


    I’m the top tee blogger?

    by Andy on February 3, 2009

    It's Windy!

    I’ll admit, this post is astoundingly self-indulgent, but when someone produces a list that puts you (meaning me) squarely at the top, you know I’m going to mention it!

    OMG Tees, who are no strangers to putting together lists, have been doing some internet-spider-magic and have cooked up a list of the top t-shirt blogs. Happily, Hide Your Arms is perched at the top of that list, something I’m very proud of, though I can’t help but feel that something about their methodology is a bit off as Teees is in the top ten despite being pretty much dead and has been for a long time, which is a pity since Nico was one of the first people in the tee blogging scene I got to know. Also, my position is probably so high because frequency of posts is a factor in the algorithm, and I was posting a lot towards the end of last summer.

    Still, it’s nice to be on top!


    Wearing my Twitter Shirt by -nathan

    I’ve been using the micro-blogging social-networking site Twitter since March last year, and whilst the service was pretty popular when I joined, it went from strength to strength throughout the year and is now more popular than ever. People use it for many different reason, personally, I like to use it for asking quick questions about the tee world and the internet in general, getting to know people I’ve met through Hide Your Arms that I wouldn’t necessarily send an e-mail to, and as an archive for my Facebook status updates (I’m weird like that). Oh, and to get pearls of wisdom from Shaq.

    It can also be used as a very powerful marketing tool, I’m not too into that aspect, although I will post a link when I write an article I’m particularly proud of or think is interesting. I’ve kept the group of people I follow fairly limited, people that actually interest me (rather than adding everyone I possibly can to make my follower numbers more impressive), and amongst the people I follow are quite a lot of people from the tee world, or “Teeple” as I have ever-so cutely named them (because Twitter users are “tweeple“). I thought it might be cool if I listed them so that those of you who are new to twitter, or and old-hand wanting to follow some interesting people, could get more value out of the service. I’ll provide short bios on a few accounts, but I think the best thing would be for you to check out each profile and decide whether to follow them yourself, they are listed in the order I began following them, from the latest at the top, to the earliest at the bottom.

    click here to see the list


    I have no idea where you need to go to buy vintage t-shirts, it simply isn’t my area of expertise, and I wouldn’t want to tell you to go to ‘noreallythesearevintageteeswehaven’’ when I woudn’t be able to guarantee the authenticity of the tees or whether you were getting ripped off.

    Luckily for me, and even more luckily for you, the Defunkd crew are very experienced with vintage tees, seeing as they used to sell them, and now blog about them. They’ve written up a guide of 20 great places to buy genuine vintage t-shirts on eBay which you’ll probably want to check out if you’re in to mood for buying old clothes.


    10 Great Tips from 10 Great Brands

    by Andy on December 7, 2008

    Coty Gonzales has been keeping an eye on interviews with top indie brands recently, and has written up a blog post of 10 tips that he’s gleamed from those interviews all about what it takes to be successful in the tee industry.

    Check it out here

    { 1 comment }

    Where to buy great t-shirts in London

    by Andy on September 5, 2008


    When I was down in London recently I was doing some shopping and naturally I wanted to see what the capital had to offer in terms of t-shirts. I’d done a little research before my trip, and found a few cool places, but I couldn’t find exactly what I was after. I figured that if I’m searching for that kind of info on the internet, then other people probably are too, so I thought it might be a good idea to make a list of clothing stores in London.

    Upper Playground

    Address: 31 Kingly Street, London, W1 (Google Maps Link)
    Upper Playground have six retail stores, five of them are on the West Coast of the U.S., and luckily for us, one of them is in London.


    Address: 19 Fouberts Place, W1F 7PZ (Google Maps Link)
    If you’re going to Upper Playground, you may as well pop around the corner and head down Fouberts Place, where you’ll find Demo. It’s a fairly small shop, but it’s a veritable aladdin’s cave of top notch streetwear. Demo also happens to be the only place in the UK where I’ve seen Imaginary Foundation on sale, so its well worth a vist. Oh, and they have XLarge too.

    Super Superficial

    Address: 17 Fouberts Place, W1F 7QD and Kingly Court
    I don’t know why Super Superficial‘s only retail shops are within a couple of minutes walk of each other, but as long as they keep producing such great designs and offering Graniph-style discounts for buying more than one tee then I’ll be paying them a visit. If you want to pick between the two, I’d pick the Kingly Court shop, it feels a little larger, and I like the way they’ve fitted it out, but I assume they both offer the same range of designs.


    Address: 42 Carnaby Street, W1F 7DY (Google Maps Link)
    Howies are a Welsh brand (who are astoundingly frank and open in their ‘about us‘ section) that produce really cool, simple tee designs. They started out life as a skate/bike brand, so you see a lot of those themes running through the shirts. Oh, and they’re eco-friendly too!

    Chateau Roux

    [Picture credit: Super Indellible] Address: 17 Newburgh Street, W1F 7RZ (Google Maps Link)
    Chateau Roux are a pretty young brand (launched May 2006), but they’ve managed to get pretty big, pretty fast, and opening their first store earlier this year is strong testament to that. I wonder what kind of packaging they use when you buy a tee there, because when you get one in the post its a pretty special occasion.

    Lazy Oaf

    Address: Kingly Court (Google Maps Link)
    Lazy Oaf had a face-lift recently, and boy does it look cool. The LO shop sells all kinds of things, clothing, jewelry, and stationary to name a few, all of which have sprung from the creative mind of Gemma Shiel.


    Address: 188 Brick Lane, E1 6SA (Google Maps Link)
    We’re moving away from the Carnaby area now, and heading to the land of Terratag, the guys who are all about Gundam, Graff, and Girls. They have a flagship store on Brick Lane (though they are stocked in a number of other locations across London and the rest of the UK) that shows off both their clothing lines and printed art.

    Your Eyes Lie


    [Can’t find a picture of the store, sorry guys] Address: Unit 6b, Camden Lock, NW1 8AL (Google Maps Link)
    Your Eyes Lie is a brand run by a British and Thai designer that make some pretty darned awesome black and white tees, though they have started branching into the world of colours.

    Concrete Hermit


    [more pictures here] Address: 5a Club Row, London, E1 6JX (Google Maps Link)
    Just a stone’s throw from Brick Lane, Concrete Hermit have a brilliant gallery/store that is well worth a visit. I’ve done a full review of the store that can be found here, but the short version is that they sell art and tees done by the artists that they feature in the gallery.


    [Picture credit: northerncontinent] Address: 8 Earlham Street, WC2H 9RY (Google Maps Link) & 117 Clerkenwell Road, EC1R 5BY (Google Maps Link)
    Technically, Magma is actually a design bookstore, but considering they sell some 2k by Gingham tees I think I can shoehorn one of my favourite London stores into this list. I can almost guarantee that if I ever enter this store I’ll be walking out with a red plastic bag that has T magazine (or something else achingly cool) in it.


    Address: 7 Upper James Street, W1F 9DF (Google Maps Link)
    Hideout deals with higher-end streetwear labels such as Supreme, Billionaire Boys Club, and Neighborhood, so expect to leave this store with a far lighter wallet than you went in with.

    Slam City Skates

    Address: 16 Neal’s Yard, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9DP (Google Maps Link)
    As you’d imagine from the name, Slam City Skates is heaven for skaters, but a lot of their clothing is friendly to those of us that have the balance of a top-heavy pin stood on a piece of rope between the Grand Canyon in a high-wind (… I can’t skate).

    I’m sure that I’m missing loads of great stores off, but since I don’t go to London all that much I haven’t had a lot of opportunity to go exploring, so if you know of a shop that should be on this list when I’m next down in the big smoke then leave a comment and I’ll add it to the list (after a thorough vetting process of me deciding whether its cool or not).


    Surprisingly, I’m not staying at the Ritz

    by Andy on August 17, 2008


    Hey guys, just so you didn’t think I’d gone MIA I thought I’d better tell you that I’m down in the land of M.I.A, London (or as we Northerners call it, ‘that London’), for a couple of days, so no posts until Tuesday. If there’s no posts by Wednesday, panic and form search parties, I must be found!

    I have updated the blog list yet again (160 sites now), so instead of reading new stuff on here, why not read stuff from the latest three additions:

    Tspotter – t-shirts worn by celebrities
    TSHIRTBLOG.RU – A t-shirt blog, from Russia, obviously.
    Life On A Shirt – The blog of Spreadshirt US supremo Jana Eggers



    I’ve done another update on the t-shirt blog list, and its now up to 155 blogs. I was hoping to accompany this post with a picture of HYA running on a new iPhone, but since it didn’t get delivered you’re being treated to a picture of the shiitake mushrooms that I’ve been growing for the past few weeks (but am afraid to crop because I know nothing about mushrooms).

    Check out the list of 155 t-shirt blogs.



    If you’re starting out in the tee game, and you’ve got ideas but don’t know how to get them onto your computer screen, then A Better Tomorrow (the German design contest and streetwear store) are here to help you. Andre (which is so much cooler than my way of spelling our name) has compiled a list of t-shirt design tutorials that should be able to getting you on track to creating a design that will be horribly mocked by people in Threadless submission critiques.

    Google translate has actually done a pretty good job of converting this from ABTs native German, so it doesn’t read like an abstract poem.

    Shirt design tutorials on the A Better Tomorrow Blog


    The tee blog list grows… 149 sites now

    by Andy on June 28, 2008

    Just a quick note one this overcast and cloudy weekend that I’ve completed the latest updates to the tee blog list and it has now swollen like my belly after a visit to a hinese buffet and has reached a rather collossal 149 sites. I’ve also made it clearer which of the blogs are dead and which are extensions of t-shirt companies by putting [Dead] and/or [Corporate] next to their name.



    A whole load of t-shirt blogs

    Remember last year when I wrote an article called 65 t-shirt blogs, and I said that I didn’t think I would have found and written about all of them? Well, I was right, very right. I’ve managed to find 133 t-shirt blogs, and websites related to t-shirts that I think are of interest enough to be included in this list, and put together the second edition of the great big t-shirt blog list. The original 65 blogs are underneath the 71 latest editions and haven’t really been touched. With the new sites I’ve also included how frequently they’re updated so that you know whether you’re visiting a ghost ship of a blog before clicking through. Remember, this list isn’t in any kind of order, so if you write a tee blog and find yourself listed low down, don’t worry, that doesn’t mean anything, its just how I happened to write the list.

    Any blogs that I’ve missed off the list and been notified about at a later date are going to be added right at the bottom of the list, at the moment there are 27 additions.

    1. BLOKK
    Update Frequency: A couple of times a week – active
    Bio: Blokk is a Russian language blog, but they often let the pictures do the talking, so don’t let that language barrier stop you giving it a look.

    2. Crucial Headache [Dead]
    Update Frequency: Couple of times a month – currently MIA for 1 month
    Bio:This guy only writes about t-shirts he owns, usually vintage band ones, and whilst posts are relatively few and far between they are usually really long posts and quite a good read.

    3. Tee Blast [Dead]
    Update Frequency:N/A
    Bio: I’m sure this used to be a blog, but now just redirects to a parked domain page, it might pop back up in the future, who knows!

    4. T-Shirt Gumbo
    Update Frequency: About four times a month – active
    Bio: Not my particular cup of tea, but if you’re into ‘funny’ shirts then this could be the blog for you.

    5. Aaron’s T-Shirt Review
    Update Frequency: About 3 times a month – variable but active
    Bio: Almost all the links might be affiliate-based, but its still a pretty good read, and in a more traditional website format than a regular blog.

    6. Fat Seagull
    Update Frequency:Daily – active
    Bio: Very much an underrated blog from the UK, one of my favourites in the the t-shirt world, lots of great streetwear tees.

    7. threadspot
    Update Frequency: Sporadic, it probably averages out to 1 post a week – active
    Bio: Well written blog, with a lean towards funny tees.

    8. No Bleach [Dead]
    Update Frequency: Last updated July 2007 – Dead
    Bio: Whilst this site may not have been updated for a long time, there are 12 pages of archives to look over.

    9. T-Shirt Casserole
    Update Frequency: About 4/5 times a month – active
    Bio: Their description says “t-shirts from anywhere.” Anywhere, as long as its CafePress, apparently. This is pretty old in blog terms so expect a nice big archive.

    10. 辣椒网志
    Update Frequency: 4/5 times a month – active
    Bio: It’s all written in Chinese, so I can’t tell you if its a good read, but the author does pick good brands.
    Link (Google translated to English)

    11. You Design It – Blog [Corporate]
    Update Frequency: Daily
    Bio: Promotional blog for a custom printing company called You Design It.

    12. Thy Goodies [Dead]
    Update Frequency: Two a month, with frequent breaks, no posts for last two months, dead?
    Bio: Hard to describe, sometimes just a picture of a tee serves as a recommendation, sometimes its a long article about a category of clothing (retro, gothic, etc.), judge for yourself.

    13. Chewing Glass Tees [Dead]
    Update Frequency: Daily until going MIA two months ago
    Bio: Mostly funny tee recommendations, with good commentary.

    14. Threadless Watch [Dead]
    Update Frequency: It isn’t, MIA since November 2006- Dead
    Bio: This site used to provide decent coverage of Threadless, but has stopped updating without notice or explanation.

    15. My Daily T [Dead]
    Update Frequency: Not exactly daily, MIA since February – Dead
    Bio: Affiliate-based t-shirt recommendations (usually of tees for television shows) with little commentary.

    16. T
    Update Frequency: Due to it’s nature, its quite hard to tell, but no new tees have been added since January – probably active
    Bio: This is more of a t-shirt directory than a blog (though there is an RSS feed), and people vote for which tees they think are good.

    17. T-Shirt Advocate
    Update Frequency: Every few days, had a couple of weeks off, but I’d presume it will be back – active
    Bio: Slick looking blog with really quality posts and brands.

    18. Rumplo
    Update Frequency: Lots of tees every day – very active
    Bio: This isn’t a blog, but needs to be included in almost any t-shirt list. Rumplo is a place where people post cool tees and they get commented on and faved, its a young site but already popular so there are lots of tees to look at.

    19. Got Apparel Official Blog [Corporate]
    Update Frequency: Dependent upon whether there is company news, 1 post a week generally
    Bio: Promotional blog for an apparel company, all posts are related to company developments, sales and promotions.

    20. DAPT Blog [Dead] [Corporate]
    Update Frequency: Varies, MIA for 2 months
    Bio: Promotional blog for a company that is snappily named ‘Design and Print T-shirts’.

    21. T-Shirt Jihad Blog [Corporate]
    Update Frequency: Weekly – active
    Bio: The company blog for T-Shirt Jihad, a company that recognise that the term ‘jihad’ doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with war and terrorism. The blog mostly covers political issues and is rarely self-promotional.

    22. GymTops
    Update Frequency: Every few days – active
    Bio: A slick looking blog all about clothing for, by, and about mixed martial artists.

    23. Chaunt
    Update Frequency: Irregular (and the blogger knows it!) – active
    Bio: It’s unfortunate that posting is irregular because the blogger is a damn good writer.

    24. TShirt Review
    Update Frequency: Every couple of days – active
    Bio: This well-written blog that uncovers brands that you don’t see much of in the t-blogosphere. One thing that makes me uneasy about them is that you can pay them to review your company.

    25. Blog T-shirt [Dead]
    Update Frequency: Irregular, MIA for a couple of months – possibly dead
    Bio: This blog, which I think is written by someone for whom English isn’t their first language, seems to be for a guy to show off his t-shirt designs (which are available through Spreadshirt), but he seems to have given up just a few weeks into the project.

    26. The T-shirt Review
    Update Frequency: Daily- active
    Bio: Well written and well designed, what’s not to like!

    27. Jay’s Van Tribe Blog [Corporate]
    Update Frequency: Weekly
    Bio: Whilst this blog is mostly serves promotional purposes for a Spreadshirt-based t-shirt label, it does cover other ground away from their own brand.

    28. Thunderfrogs
    Update Frequency: Near daily – active
    Bio: In what might be one of the most bizarre pairings I’ve ever come across, Thuderfrogs blogs about t-shirts and horse racing. Now that is a niche!

    29. Shirts on Sale
    Update Frequency: Daily
    Bio: “Current updates on tshirt sales from printers like Uneetee, Shirt.Woot, Shirtaday & other graphic boutique teeshirt printers as well as the best t-shirt coupons.”

    30. Contrast Shop Blog [Corporate] [Dead]
    Update Frequency: Very irregular, MIA for 3 months – possibly dead
    Bio: Full Disclosure: I used to write this blog but quit a while back. Naturally, it’s well written, and serves as promotion for Contrast Shop, but did cover some other tee related chatter as well.

    31. Assault Apparel’s Blog [Corporate]
    Update Frequency: Daily – active
    Bio: This blog serves as promotion for Assault Apparel, but the writer also makes a lot of effort to help others making their way in the tee business by writing tutorials for designers and providing other valuable information.

    Update Frequency: It was frequent until going MIA a month ago, though the write did explain that they were sorry for the absence and hope to be back soon.
    Bio: Well written blog that ticks all the boxes in my opinion, hopefully the writer will indeed be back soon.

    33. TV Teez [Dead]
    Update Frequency: Irregular, possibly dead, only 3 posts written
    Bio: I like the idea of a blog written about t-shirts that are about and from TV shows, but when you’ve written 3 posts in 3 months then things aren’t looking so good.

    34. Buy This T-shirt
    Update Frequency: Multiple posts daily – active
    Bio: Just pictures of good tees (excellent product picks), that’s how I like it.

    35. Indie Clothing Blog
    Update Frequency: Posts every few days until last month when they stopped without notice
    Bio: It may well be an uninspired name, but the design is great and it is well written with news, interviews and product picks from across the indie clothing spectrum.

    36. T-Shirt Rater
    Update Frequency: Regular posts every few days – active
    Bio: “The funny T-shirt blog”, so I guess you know what kind of designs you’re in for if you click through!

    37. T-shirt Guy’s T-shirt Blog
    Update Frequency: Regular, at least once a week – active
    Bio: Nice commentary, nice (non-arty) product picks.

    38. Black T-shirt |Blog
    Update Frequency: Almost daily – active
    Bio: When I found a blog called ‘Black T-shirt blog’ I figured that all the tees would be black. Wrong! They like all the colours of the rainbow, and they also seem to like text tees too.

    39. Talk About T-shirts [Dead]
    Update Frequency: Daily, then weekly, now MIA – presumably dead
    Bio: Only four posts, so clearly the author got tired of the subject rather quickly, and didn’t really know what direction to take the blog in (startup guide? designer resource? product picks?)

    40. Tee vs Tee
    Update Frequency: New tees frequently added
    Bio: This site presents you with two tees, you pick your favourite of the two, and then you repeat the process. The best performing tees get onto a leaderboard. *Only the leaderboard is available at the moment, I’m not sure if the interactive part of the site is going to come back.

    41. T*Fodder
    Update Frequency: Hard to tell, still probably active
    Bio: Another site which aims to rate and rank tees using user voting. Looks pretty slick, too.

    42. T-shirt Rank
    Update Frequency: Dependent upon users – active
    Bio: Another ranking site, this one uses a chart format, a tee gets voted for, it moves up the chart, voted down, and it moves down. It’s a pretty old school looking site with tees that I probably wouldn’t (they’re mostly ‘funny’ and offensive) wear.

    43. T-shirt Countdown Chart
    Update Frequency: Dependent upon users – active
    Bio: Pretty much exactly the same as T-shirt rank except a nicer looking site with better tees on its chart.

    44. FUSShop Blog [Corporate]
    Update Frequency: Almost daily – active
    Bio: FUSShop sell very cool clothes, books and prints from an impressive array of artists ans labels, and their blog is a pretty high-calibre affair too.

    45. Taddict
    Update Frequency: Daily – active
    Bio: “T-shirt culture blog – t-shirt sales, coupon codes, news & reviews, and t-shirt artist spotlights.”

    46. Tee Burst
    Update Frequency: Hourly, based upon RSS feeds from news sources – active
    Bio: Full disclosure: I own Tee Burst. Tee Burst is a site that automatically grabs t-shirt related news, videos and pictures from a number of sources and then conveniantly displays them all in the same place.

    47. tshirt groove
    Update Frequency: Daily – active
    Bio: More funny tee product picks for you to peruse.

    48. In TShirts
    Update Frequency: Daily until it stopped a couple of weeks ago
    Bio: Cafepress-loving t-shirt blog.

    49. Great Gear News
    Update Frequency: New posts every few days – active
    Bio: “New designs and products from independent artists and designers. HOT off the presses! Unique place to find new and unusual gifts for yourself or anyone in your life.” Another CafePress lover.

    50. Find A Tee
    Update Frequency: Hard to tell, no dates on posts – probably active
    Bio: “A growing directory of hand-picked t-shirt links.” Another CafePress lover

    51. 1001 Camisetas
    Update Frequency: Multiple posts daily – active
    Bio: This Spanish-language blog know a good tee when they find it, muy bueno!

    52. Color Overload
    Update Frequency: New posts every few days – active
    Bio: “Cool T Shirts, Cool Shoes, Cool Hats and Much More!” an excellent and well-written blog, although I’m not a huge fan of the front-page layout.

    53. Tee User
    Update Frequency: Who knows? – Possibly dead, possibly active
    Bio: This was and still is a t-shirt blog, but all the posts seem to have disappeared.

    54. Best Losers
    Update Frequency: Frequent, near daily – active
    Bio: This blog highlights all the great entries to the Shirt.Woot design competition that don’t get picked, and let’s you know if the artists make them available for sale at another website.

    55. Pop Culture Tees
    Update Frequency: Near daily – active
    Bio: The tees don’t seem to always be related to pop culture, but they are frequently related to awesome. The blog has a great design too.

    56. Banned T-shirts
    Update Frequency: Slightly more frequent than weekly – active
    Bio: “Banned and Controversial T-Shirts – News and updates on t-shirts that have been banned as well as user contributed stories on reactions to t-shirts they have worn in public.”

    57. T-shirt contests
    Update Frequency: Whenever they find a contest, weekly on average – active
    Bio: This blog is called ‘t-shirt contests’, do I really need to tell you what you’d find if you clicked through?

    58. T-shirt Guru
    Update Frequency: Multiple posts every day
    Bio: Product picks in a wide variety of styles with very little commentary.

    59. Fresh Dressed
    Update Frequency: Weekly – active
    Bio: This German-language blog has good style, and talks about more than just t-shirts.

    60. Camisetas En Blog
    Update Frequency: Weekly – active
    Bio: A cool Spanish-language blog with some great product picks.

    61. Three Hundred and Sixty Five Shirts
    Update Frequency: Daily although that might change now that the project has reached its conclusion – active?
    Bio: The author of this blog wanted to wear a different t-shirt every day for an entire year, and raise money for alzheimer’s research in the process. A few days ago he reached day 365, good on him!

    62. Sinbotones
    Update Frequency: Posts every few days – active
    Bio: This Spanish-language blog covers t-shirt news and product picks. They really seem to like the work that comes out of design competitions.

    63. Compradiccion
    Update Frequency: Daily – active
    Bio: This Spanish-language shopping blog covers more than just tees, but the shirts they pick are pretty decent.

    64. ShirtFind
    Update Frequency: Multiple posts daily
    Bio: This young blog makes some great products picks, they could do with jazzing up their own design a bit though.

    65. Tee Feeds
    Update Frequency: Hourly – active
    Bio: Tee Feeds, which is based upon the same technology as Tee Burst, conveniently brings together the headlines from 25 top t-shirt blogs (HYA is one of them, thanks!).

    66. Defunkd: The vintage aficionado [Corporate-ish]
    Update Frequency: New posts every few days
    Bio: This blog only deals in vintage tees, not tees that look vintage, actual vintage tees. Defunkd also sell genuine vintage tees through an eBay store.

    67. Tee Zine
    Update Frequency: 10 posts in April, 1 in May, 1 in June – dying?
    Bio: This blog may look as if its going to die an early death, but its well written and has some great product picks.

    68. Indsday
    Update Frequency: Posts not date marked – probably active
    Bio: This resource site is all about helping out indie folks with their crafty endeavours.

    69. Dobizo
    Update Frequency: Near daily – active
    Bio: Dobizo will give you all the information you need to get your clothing line started.

    70. Wear Him Blog [Dead]
    Update Frequency: Weekly until December 2007 – dead… but may well rise again
    Bio: This t-shirt blog caters exclusively to Christian t-shirts.

    71. Your Ingredient
    Update Frequency: Daily, I think – active
    Bio: This clothing blog has a penchant for surf and skate style and covers more than just tees.

    That is the end of the newest additions to the list, the following 65 blogs are from the original list I wrote in November last year, but I have updated the information to keep it in line with the newest additions.

    72. Hide Your Arms – Strictly speaking, a hoodie site, but I love tees too much to ignore them. (

    73. Addicteed – Streetwear-style designs rule the roost here. (

    74. Fantastic Blognanza – Also a clothing line, but they rarely put their own stuff onto their blog. (

    75. Funky Duds – (

    76. Indie Threads – Also a social network. (

    77. Spreadshirt US – Blog from the mass-customisation company, Spreadshirt, with industry insights and tips for their shop owners. ( [Corporate]

    78. Spreadshirt UK – Similar topics to the US blog. ( [Corporate]

    79. T-shirts Around the Internet – A blog about t-shirts… around.. the Internet. (

    80. T-shirt Junkies – “A new T-shirt fix. Everyday” Last updated July 27th 2007.

    81.Tee Shirt Blog – French language blog, but we can all enjoy the pictures! (

    82. The Daily Tee – A tee every day, even on weekends. (

    83. Tjunction – A blog all about coupon codes, deals and bargains from online clothes stores. (

    84. Troundup – Great tee picks. (

    85. Preshrunk – Not updated as much as I’d like, but always great tee choices. (

    86. Tcritic – More popular than me, boo hoo hoo. (

    87. Teejunkie – Long abandoned sadly, but the archives still provide a wealth of information. (

    88. TEEES – Has been a bit quiet recently, but Nico has a great eye for designs. (

    89. iloveyourtshirt – They have a regular edited blog, and a user-submitted one of tee pictures with their purchase links. (

    90. shirt2 – Blog and store directory (

    91. shirtspotting – German language tee blog, good selections. (

    92. T-Shirt Island – Rangga’s thoughts on the tee industry, also covers tee news. (

    93. Tshirt Freak – Blog written by prolific tee designer, Olli Rudi. ((

    94. Shirt Snob – One for the ladies. (

    95. Death By Tshirt – Some excellent tee choices make this blog worth checking out. (

    96. Indigo Clothing Blog – Light-hearted corporate blog. ( [Corporate]

    97. Tee Galleree – Great tee picks, shame about the standard looking wordpress template. (

    98. Selekkt – Higher-end looking designs that aren’t necessarily at higher-end prices, they’ve got the eye for great designs. (

    99. Tee Lovers – Cool picks.

    100. The dog house – These guys know good design. (

    101. ThreadBanger – Telling you how to go DIY with your tees (and other garments) (

    102. ThreadChat – Last updated in June, mainly focused at marketing your t-shirt store. (

    103. communiteeuk – They always list the location of the brands they’re looking at, which is unusual. (

    104. compete – tee – tion – Taking niche-ness to the next level by only blogging about t-shirt design competitions. (

    105. loves threadless – So, guess what these guys write about? (

    106. HipHipUK – Sporadic industry thoughts, and tee picks from Adam.. (

    107. embassy of tees – A rather varied selection, in both style and quality. (

    108. militant geek – Tees for geeks, presumably picked by a geek. (

    109. shirtlog – offers the unusual option of shopping by colour. (

    110. so many shirts and only one body – A selection of shirts that beats the expectations laid down by the domain name. (

    111. t-shirt watch – According to Alexa, this might be the most popular tee blog. Good if you want to see various celebs wearing tees. (

    112. omg tees – Solid tee picks. (

    113. the t-shirt blog – Topical tees aren’t really my thing, but this blog seems to love them. (

    114. tshirt enterpreneur online – This site could help you get your line off the ground. (

    115. t-shirt alert – An Aussie-centric tee blog, bonza!

    116. T-shirt times – Not been updated for a while, seemed to get it’s stories from wire services. ( [Dead]

    117. A Better Tomorrow Blog – German-language blog about the ABT store. ( [Corporate]

    118. planeta t-shirts – Spanish-language tee blog. (

    119. Kyle tompkins T-Shirt Diary – Actually just a category from a personal blog, which makes it rather more readable in my opinion. (

    120. calamitee! – Currently AWOL, but I’m sure it exists. ( [Dead]

    121. she knows best – Lifestyle tips for guys, presumably from a woman? (

    122. shirtgods – Fairly geeky shirts. (

    123. t-shirt fiend – Solid selection of topical and funny tees. (

    124. t-shirt anarchy – Not available at the moment, but I’m pretty sure this is a tee blog. (

    125. tschitoushop – It’s all French, I have no idea what’s going on! (

    126. viste adecuadamente – Spanish-language, they know what they’re talking about. (

    127. we love tshirt – Very, very cool logo. (

    128. t shirt surgery – “the deconstruction & reconstruction of t-shirts” (

    129. T-shirt – Coupons… for t-shirt shops… duh. (

    130. Custom T-Shirt talk – Lots of industry chatter, which is more fun than it sounds. (

    131. Mr-TShirt Blog – A distinct lack of pitying of fools on this blog. (

    132. Everyday T-shirt – Seems to be a blog made up of designs by the blogger him/herself. (

    133. The Secret Life of Tees – This guy knows good tees, when he updates. (

    *Blogs Added Since the Original Post Date*
    134. Divine Blog [Corporate-ish]
    Update Frequency: Weekly – active
    Bio: This is the blog of Bill Pyle’s Divine Clothing Co. but he also talks about other t-shirt brands that he likes the look of.

    135. That Other Shirt Blog
    Update Frequency: Updated every couple of days – active
    Bio: This blog has more of an industry focus, usually looking at Print On Demand companies, especially Spreadshirt USA/EU.

    136. Scribtee Blog [Corporate]
    Update Frequency: Weekly – active
    Bio: Scribtee is a t-shirt design competition, and this is its companion blog. Alongside self-promotion, they also interview designers and write about other tee sites that they like.

    137. ShirtCity Blog [Corporate]
    Update Frequency: Weekly – active
    Bio: ShirtCity are a German print on demand company, and this is their blog. They seem to talk about ShirtCity related business and football, but its all in German so I could easily be wrong.

    138. ShirtCity USA Blog [Corporate]
    Update Frequency: Weekly – active
    Bio: ShirtCity also have an American presence, and they have a blog too. It’s mostly them showing off their tee of the week, but its pretty entertaining.

    139. T-Shirt Magazine
    Update Frequency: Weekly – active
    Bio: These guys take the magazine format seriously, the site is updated every Friday (and only on a Friday) with fresh content. That content ranges from tutorials and information for tee designers and producers, label profiles, and product picks on a variety of subjects.

    Update Frequency: Daily – active
    Bio: This is technically a blog, but its also kind of a shop. The owner writes a post about a genuine vintage tee he owns or has been donated to him, he then sells it off at a fair price (usually $7), and gives $1 from each sale to charity.

    141. Emptees
    Update Frequency: N/A – very active
    Bio: Emptees is a community of t-shirt lovers and designers, these guys will tell you straight if your design sucks, and help you out if you have a question about the industry.

    142. I [heart] Tees
    Update Frequency: Daily – active
    Bio: This is a Facebook page does weekly giveaways, lists shops, blogs (not as many as this list though!), and also has galleries of t-shirts.

    143. WizeGuyzTees [Corporate]
    Update Frequency: Weekly – active
    Bio: This blog is a half for the WizeGuys tee brand, and half writing about other brands that the owner, Dutch Schultz, likes.

    144. Make Smile Happen [Corporate?]
    Update Frequency: Variable between daily and weekly – active
    Bio: I say ‘corporate?’ because Make Smile Happen is the same as No Star Clothing’s tagline, but I don’t know if there’s a real association between the two. T-shirts, art and music are covered on this blog.

    145. The T-shirt site
    Update Frequency: A new post every few days – active
    Bio: Lot’s of fun t-shirt picks with minimal comment on this site.

    146. Solo Pienso En Camisetas
    Update Frequency: Variable, pretty much daily – active
    Bio: This blog is in Spanish (as if the title didn’t tell you that already) and has lots of great picks from some impressive brands.

    147. Buy Tees
    Update Frequency: Daily – active
    Bio:“ is a brand new online fashion magazine featuring t-shirt reviews and news. Published by Paul Baines (a UK tee shirt designer and musician) and his partner Christina Odell (an avid fashion buyer and writer).

    The Buy Tees philosophy is to provide a forum for independent designers and screenprinters and their creative clothing designs, plus all the latest bargain offers, articles and advice, resources and links for buyers, t-shirt designers and tee lovers alike.”

    148. Crown Dozen
    Update Frequency: Near daily – active
    Bio: C12 don’t just cover clothes, they chat about music and art too, but they do have a lot of love for tees.

    149. T-Shirt Slayer
    Update Frequency: No date stamps on the front page, but I’m fairly sure its active
    Bio: This is less of a blog and more of a gallery of t-shirts and jackets worn by metal (music, not actual metal) fans.

    *July 13th Update:

    150. The District Blog [corporate]
    Update Frequency: Weekly at least, sometimes daily – active
    Bio: Technically, this is a corporate blog, since its by the people who run District Cotton, but in reality they hardly promote themselves on it at all. Posts are typically dedicated to industry issues, social issues, and other tees and brands that they like.

    151. Five Shirts a Week
    Update Frequency: Intended to be weekly, but misses that target every so often (with apologies though) – active
    Bio: This blog showcases five designs the author likes like (that are available from Spreadshirt) each week, with a few art related posts thrown in too.

    152. Tuesday Teez [corporate?]
    Update Frequency: A post every Tuesday – active
    Bio: This blog showcases new designs from a group of companies on a weekly basis, with a picture and short commentary.

    153. 1 T-Shirts World
    Update Frequency: More than a post a day – active
    Bio: The blogger, Cici Soul, has found 102 online stores that have been deemed awesome, and is doing write-ups on them. I’m not sure what happens after shop 102 though.

    154. Camisetas Brutales
    Update Frequency: Daily – active
    Bio: This blog is en Espanol, but usually writes about English-language stores, so even if you can’t understand what they’re talking about, you can enjoy the product and store recommendations.

    155. Blog De Camisetas
    Update Frequency: Pretty much weekly – active
    Bio: I’m making myself look a bit stupid here, but I can’t decide if its in Spanish or Porutguese, I would presume its in Portuguese since its a Brazilian blog, but then it looks Spanish to me, so I can’t tell. Anyway, the blogger seems to write about items that aren’t on any other blogs, so its all a bit different to the usual.

    156. Get Shirty
    Update Frequency: There are no date stamps, but I think its daily – active
    Bio: This blog was just started this month, but it has solid tee picks and a nice minimalist design, although unusually you have to click through to find the links to any of the tees.

    157. Streetness
    Update frequency: Hard to tell since this blog is very young, but it is active
    Bio: From what I can tell (the author e-mailed me before he even started the blog and it has only 3 posts at the time of writing) this blog is going to feature streetwear picks and news, as well as showcasing the authors latest purchases.

    *August 14th Update

    158. Tspotter
    Update Frequency: Daily, then weekly, then MIA from July 31st
    Bio: This blog focuses on celebrities wearing t-shirts (web traffic gold!), and where you can buy those shirts. The commentary is pretty funny too.

    Update Frequency: Daily
    Bio: Even the Russians are getting in on the tee blogging act, and whilst I have no idea what they’re talking about, I can thell that they’re picking some good brand and tees.

    160. Life On A Shirt
    Update Frequency:Varies, weekly to monthly (she’s a busy woman!)
    Bio: This is the blog of Spreadshirt US CEO Jana Eggers. It doesn’t get updated all that often, but it certainly is interesting stuff.


    Lists: Ten Great Videos About T-shirts

    by Andy on April 8, 2008

    After seeing rather a lot of sub-par t-shirt videos being posted to YouTube (and therefore my new baby, TeeBurst), I felt that I needed to raise my spirits by finding some videos that were actually worth a few minutes of your time.

    1. Justice – D.A.N.C.E: I thought I’d kick off the list with one of my favourite French DJ duos of the moment, Justice, and their amazing music video for D.A.N.C.E which features loads of clever CGI’d tees. I’m amazed that no one has ever released these designs as I’m sure they’d be popular with more than just fans of Justice.

    2. The Most T-shirts Ever Worn At Once: There are two videos on YouTube claiming to hold the record for most t-shirts ever worn, one posted by an American radio station, and this one posted by the Guinness Book of World Records… I know who I’m going with (that and the 155 tees to 244 tees discrepancy).

    3. How To Fold A T-Shirt: I think this video is proof that I am so manly, I actually need to watch a video to teach me how to fold a shirt! In reality I actually watched it several times before nailing the technique completely, and it has turned into a great space saver for my ever-growing collection of t-shirts.

    4. How to Screenprint T-Shirts by Make Magazine: There are lots of tutorials out there showing you how to make your own t-shirts, but Make‘s video (with some help from Etsy) is a bit more professional than most out there.

    5. How To Stencil Your Own T-Shirts: If you want to design your own tees but aren’t ready to take the leap into screenprinting, the Threadbanger crew have you well covered with this great instructional video about how to stencil your own t-shirts.

    6. The human flipbook: Already HYA featured, but still worth another viewing. How this is promotion for a sandwich shop I don’t know, but it is cool!

    Lip Dub – Flagpole Sitta by Harvey Danger from amandalynferri on Vimeo.

    7. Connected Ventures Lip Dub: I’m stretching a bit with this one, but I couldn’t really have a list of videos without putting in a lip dub, could I? Here, the Connected Ventures crew (the people behind BustedTees and defunker & some other non-tee related sites) lip dub to HarveyDanger’s “Flagpole Sitta,” and trust me, it’s awesome, and kinda makes me wish that I worked in a cool office.

    8. Spreadshirt’s Hands Per Piece: A very, very cool video from the Spreadshirt team showing just how many people are involved with the production of a tee from Spreadshirt. Its reassuring to see how much effort goes into the creation of one of their garments, considering when people usually think of POD services they imagine them to be a rather soulless process.

    9. T-Shirt Folding Machine: If #3 was too much effort for you then this t-shirt folding machine might be for you (providing you aren’t too lazy to make one). This is a pretty cool promo by All-Tribes too.

    10. Origami T-Shirt: Here’s a video showing you how to make an origami t-shirt out of a £5 note. May I suggest that you try this with a regular piece of paper first?Do you know of any other cool t-shirt related videos? Post ‘em if you got ‘em.

    { 1 comment }

    20 High Quality costume tees from Rumplo

    by Andy on April 4, 2008


    The Rumplo crew have put together a blog post that has twenty high quality costume tees. I’m usually not a fan of costume tees since they’re a bit too novelty for my tastes, but some of these are actually pretty cool, especially since most aren’t really for costumes, more like visual tricks (like the one in the pic).

    Rumplo Costume tee blog post

    { 1 comment }

    This link is damn old, ancient in internet terms, but its new to me, so… its new!

    Internet Duct Tape, whose posts are more accustomed to tech than tees, wrote a list back in December 2006 (soooo old!) of, you guessed it, 107 t-shirts for geeks that do not suck. Personally, I think a few of them do suck, but there’s still a few geeky gems in there that I think are still on sale after all this time.

    107 T-shirts for Geeks that do not suck @ Internet Duct Tape [via Teeburst]


    14 Tees That You Should Wear on Valentines

    by Andy on February 6, 2008

    If you’ve got a date for Valentine’s Day (not me… sigh) then you’ve got to be very careful about what you wear. I guess if you guys are taking your girl to a fancy restaurant then t-shirts might not necessarily be part of your dress code, but some of you might be taking the more casual approach, in which case one of these tees might be right up your alley. As usual for my lists, they aren’t in any particular order, and I know there’s a lot more romantic tees out there but I really thought it would be best to keep this list to the appropriate figure of 14 items. Affiliate links are marked with a *.

    puppet in love by threadless

    1. Only a few left at time of writing but a damned nice design. $15 Link*


    2. Come on, it’s Ralph! $17.99 Link*

    infinite love t-shirt by nuda tees

    3. Here’s one for those of you that love math, and really, who doesn’t love math? $12 Link

    free hugs t-shirt by snorg tees

    4. Admittedly, this one is kinda on the edge, perhaps best worn if you haven’t got a date but are just desperate for a sweet embrace from a stranger. $13.95 Link*


    5. As they say “nothing says friendship and commitment like a t-shirt …seriously, nothing.” $10 Link

    secret kisses glow in the dark t-shirt by diesel sweeties

    6. This is probably the best use of glow-in-the-dark ink that I’ve ever seen, a heart shaped speech-bubble during the day, a not-as-cheesy-as-you’d-expect line at night. $18 Link


    7. A cactus and a balloon; if they really love each other, I’m sure they can work it out. $15 Link*


    8. Great idea from the La Fraise team, and they’d probably look pretty good as single tees too (more designs for couples are in their shop). €22 Mens/Womens

    let’s bee friends by snorg tees

    9. Clearly, I’m a sucker for tees based upon anything that has come out of the mouth of Ralph Wiggum! $14.95 Link*

    heartis tee by penny arcade

    10. A heart made out of tetris pieces? Awesome! $17.99 Link


    11. Since most of the tees I’ve picked tend to be a bit cutesy, I thought I’d rock it up a bit with this detailed design from FFee Clothing. $25 Link


    12. A really great idea from the ThinkGeek crew, the closer the two tees are the more hearts light up. Unfortunately these are sold out until about March/April, but I just had to put them on the list. $24.99 (each) Link


    13. Simple, but pretty funny, it could do with some ThinkGeek trickery to make it change depending on your mood though. $12 Link


    14. It just wouldn’t be a decent list if I didn’t give the emo kids some love with this design from Rob Dobi’s Fullbleed. $16 Link

    Now go out there and make some magic happen!


    Lists: 65 T-shirt Blogs

    by Andy on November 12, 2007



    I don’t think that anyone has yet managed to nail down just how many t-shirt blogs there are, and even though I try and keep tabs on these kinds of things I know I’ve missed some off. If you know of any that aren’t on this list please include them in the comments so that I can add them. There are no guarantee’s of quality in this list, some of the blogs do rely a bit too much on affiliate links in their tee picks for my liking, but give most of them are worth a look in my opinion.

    [click to continue…]

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