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I haven’t read the book, so if I were to wear this I’d be a phony too, but I guess that would be okay in context.

Costiness=$24 Buy it at Print Liberation [via Coty]


Post image for “Poison Tree” William Blake inspired t-shirt design by The Affair

Very nice as usual from The Affair team, and as well as it being a cool design it makes you look well read too.

Costiness=£29.90 Buy it at The Affair (save £3 / $5 with the code SERVECOLD)

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Post image for “Macbeth” is another literary tee from The Affair

The Affair make some of the finest tees I’ve ever had the pleasure of wearing, so really all you have to do is pick your favourite design and throw your wallet at the screen. This latest design is inspired by one of Shakespeare’s most famous work, Macbeth.


Post image for “Punishment” a t-shirt inspired by Dostoyevsky at The Affair

Excellent work as usual from The Affair, they consistently have great designs and I think have have one of the best quality blanks out there. Does anyone else think that the model looks as if he could be Cesc Fabregas’ bearded older brother?

Costiness=£29.90 Buy it at the Affair


Literary tees from Truffle Shuffle

by Chris_S on April 21, 2012

'Wuthering Heights' by Emily Bronte

I’m an English Literature graduate. It was a couple of years ago that I graduated, admittedly, but you’ll find that almost all bloggers on the internet are those who took an unhealthy obsession with books to the extent that they paid thousands of pounds to be taught it in tertiary education. And so this post is for all those who spent three, four or more years of their life reading 5 full novels a week and writing about them.

Truffle Shuffle have a brand of tees called ‘Out of Print’, which are based on some of the best novels in history. They’re beautiful, retro designs, slightly aged for that dog-eared effect that you get from the best-loved paperbacks in your collection (no word on whether the t-shirts come with the fusty old book smell though). I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t crave these shirts – and badly.

The one problem? Cost. At £27.99 a shirt, it’s something that a guy who took a non-vocational degree has to press his nose up to the glass for and save his pennies over the weeks. But save up I will, and end up splurging my cash on one. The question is which one to go for: ‘Animal Farm’, ‘The Great Gatsby’, ‘Catch-22′ or ‘A Clockwork Orange’? (PS. Truffle Shuffle, what’s up with not putting ‘Wuthering Heights’ on a guy’s tee? We like Bronte too!)


animal farm t-shirt

Never read Animal Farm, probably never will, probably missing out on a great book. However, at least you guys won’t have to suffer me analysing it.

Costiness=£25 (save £4 with the coupon code fourlegsgood) Buy it at The Affair


Miles To Go Fall Line Released in Three Hours

by Andy on September 21, 2011

Miles To Go Fall line

Man, don’t titles like that make the t-shirt world sound exciting?

Greg is dropping a colossal range of 27 new items, all of which are influenced by the world of literature. There are some really stunning pieces in ther, well done to you, Sir!

Miles To Go


the affair coupon code

With The Affair‘s tees usually coming with a bit of a premium price tag (and good reason for it, the one they sent me is gorgeous) getting their shirts at almost a third off is very welcome indeed, knocking £7.50 off the price of each shirt. Use the coupon code GOODBYESUMMER to receive the discount between now and next Wednesday.


aldous huxley brave new world t-shirt

I’ve never read the book, I probably never will read the book (after reading about t-shirts all day I’m not too inclined to look at more words), so the reference is completely lost on me, but gosh darn it that is a great t-shirt.

Costiness=£25 Buy it at The Affair


the outside t-shirt inspired by albert camus

That, my friends, is a good looking t-shirt.

You might scoff a bit at the £25/$40 price tag, but I can assure you that The Affair make some of the finest shirts you’ll ever wear, I have been very impressed by the shirt that they sent me. To soften the blow of that price a bit you can also use the coupon code meursault to save yourself £4/$7 on the price of The Outsider.


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