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Local Advancers’ Summer Collection

by Andy on August 25, 2011

ships wheel t-shirt local advancers I see Local Advancers coming up in my Facebook feed way more than I want to, I understand that Peter wants to hype his brand and is justifiably excited about it, but I don’t need and hourly countdown (slight exaggeration) to the release of a seven item collection. I shouldn’t bee too down on him though, clearly it works since his popularity on social networks usually outweighs mine, possible proof that you need to be loud as well as proud about what you do to get people to listen to you.

Solid release, there’s a lot of strong images here that lend themselves well to tee designs and make for a very wearable collection, colour me impressed (whatever that means).

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peter takis

Of course, I don’t really hate Peter Takis, the 16 (sixteen!) year old founder of Local Advancers, I hate myself, because he reminds me the when I was 16 I hadn’t got an awful lot done, I hadn’t even started writing about t-shirts, let alone selling them. He’s even written a damned book (a book!), and just opened a website to help encourage young people like him get into business (into business!).

If you wanted to be reminded of your own failure and lack of motivation check out this interview that Pop Culture Tees conducted with Peter.


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