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Logo Tee by Melon Kid [Reviews]

by Andy on April 13, 2009


I’m really behind with the reviews, these pictures were taken back in England and there’s still quite a lot more where that came from, so this week may end up being a little heavy on the reviews, and they might get a little bit emo since they force me to keep looking at my garden back in England.


Melon Kid are a Spanish company with an obviously very cute mascot, but don’t let that colour what you expect all their designs to look like, because there are a wide variety of people designing for MK, and some of the other tees are well worth a gander.

The quality level seemed top notch (though obviously I haven’t had an opportunity to give this tee a proper test run), I’m pretty sure that the tee itself is custom made, not from one of the more famous blank manufacturers, and it had a few nice little touches that you’ll be able to see in the gallery, like the tag on the bottom hem, and a slightly different fabric to the usual around the neck.

You can’t actually buy this tee in the lime green anymore, but it is available in the slightly less retina-burning colour of dark red for the piffling amount of €9.99.

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Franco Shade are FRSH

by Andy on March 20, 2009

Web tee_drag_white_final_a

When I saw the promo image at the top for Franco Shade I got a little bit excited, things died down a bit when I saw their new spring line because I think that it’s a bit logo text heavy, but that’s their thing so I’m cool with it, and I do like the style, and maybe you will too.

Loads more shots in the gallery


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